An entrance to make a choice
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Having a lot of information and plans we need a good sense to detect what`s should be closed, what should be open. Sometimes it is not an obvious thing from our feelings. Curious, how to do it in easy way! One simple thing is really helpful, it is good sleeping.

When we sleep, our neuro network works in deep silence, without thoughts formulated by words. Eyes became shining and so, in good mood, we can decide what to do in positive way.

The second thing to have access to our decision centre is meditation.

It works the similar way as sleeping. I prefer meditation with tea, just because I like  simple tea ceremonies and can meditate to all accessories, movements, the colour of tea, the taste.

Now it is the season of pepny blossoming. I love it, ahh, I wish it could blossom the whole year!

So the meditation now are with flowers. So refresh it is, to browse along each petal, to enjoy mathematically right lines.

Just one thing about meditation: don`t use e-book as you see on my picture. I shouldn`t do it too!


Waiting the moment when lady-bugs will growth to fly
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People have own preferencies about what moments feel easy, full of energy, and what moments are hard to live. The most complicated thing for me is to wait. I am waiting now.

The 3-stage Sustainable Development project delayed, so I have to sit and observe how people will behave to check how to arrange future project better way. It is not easy, because I must put half-ready project vision beck to deep subconsciousness in order not to be burdened by it. So the project is put deep down. I am waiting, having my time to change several things for future life. For example I feel this is the moment to construct new paradigm for normal living for the next periog, about 5 years. The same way I become vegetarian and yogin 8 years ago. Time to change the whole system for the next to prepare restruction carefully in sustainable ecological way.

I am living normal life, no mind mapping, easy.  I am not exciting about such style, but this is the nesessity of time as I can see it.

When lady-bugs will fly, I will know what to do.

Full picture vs “The Fool Day”
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Today is 1 of April and I really afraid of that day. Sometimes I want to lock my door and don`t allow any information bother me, but suddenly I realise an interesting thing: the lie works if a picture shows just a part of something, or if people don`t compare different parts with each others. For example I`ve just received one 1-April joke:

How to determine is it real or not?

That picture is wide so you can see how several details don`t fit each others: the front foots are much more heavy and mighty in compare with  the back foots and that one thing proovs the picture is Photoshoped. Real animal can`t be so poor designed and never growth to an adult being so rickety.

Let`s try to reveal how a false picture could work. 

A piece of a picture turns neuronetwork to make an automatic process, a mechanical work in order to make picture more complete in a particular life context.

That process works normally as a part of everyday human life, to put prepared information in deep subconsciousness and to integrate it with other information in it.

People who made "jokes" (unfortunately not so funny and innocence), construct a piece of information with sharp datas, soliciting emotions of an audience. A hint here, a description there, then unexpectable information in strange manner.

So the process to make people involved by emotions, opinions, try to reveal is it true or not, try to compare the new information with previous expectations and knowledge, also expectations to know something secret today… everything turns neuronetwork to work in the context.

The more focus people have to new piece of information, the more they becomes involved.


Because it is not so easy for many people to be focused on something. Focus depends on many reasons with less personal control so it becomes easily manipulated.

"The fool day" is just an allistration how it comes in normal life.

When somebody want to manipulate by lie, he or she make a kind of emotional tension and show just a part of a picture with just several details to attract one single glance.

So the process will starts mechanically and people became involved besides of own will.

Manipulations in many kinds focuses on that method. People easily make "forced choice", sometimes just for fun, then vote just for fun, then the real neuronetwork starts to work, so we have the exectly life we have.

I don`t like the way how it comes.

So I prefer to check such special constructed tesion and to keep the wide picture strong to avoid artificially prepared forced choices.


To sum up, observing the wider picture and how details fits each others you can understand is it right or false.

Now you can wonder why I am posting the analysis with such a pictures.

Actually I forgot today is 1 of April and made post how I have started with my media keyboard.  Then I received the picture with half-tiger and realized, I should pay some attention about the "Fool Day" otherwise everything will be taken as a joke.

So, hello 1st of April, I made my contribution, and let normal life goes on.


Raising new harvest: the way ideas come
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 March 2014 at 01:15 AM Comments(1)

Sometimes it take so much time to understand if a process comes normally or not. Many time things are covered by the nature of time needs to growth. It is so similar to my small green house then I want to share it with you now.

This is my small green house. It works good to growth a little micro-green grasses. The first time I use it it was a strange effect of witnessing the way the seeds becomes plants. It was seeds-then nothing-nothing… and once I openet the cover and found something inside! It was so exciting after 3 days.

That time it was obvious some seeds comes to green quicly, some seeds are not. Even at the beginning it was the visible evidencies what seeds  are healthy and strong.

After the next 3 days it becomes so green and beautiful so I forgot the first  dayes of uncertain with doubts if I watered it normally or did something  wrong.

Even not every seed became green grass full of juices, just have a glance how many of seeds are green now!

Now I realize, it doesn`t matter how many became green. it will be enough and healthy even if several doesn`t growth. So it will be much more place to the strong.

Just one glance to the side of the green house. They made it smart: this is no needs in earth or fertilazers. Just water and grid with different size of cells for different seeds. Sun and water is enough.

It was a special moment when I harvested it the first time. From the beginning it was a kind of sadness to take grasses from such a beautiful lively green house. it was a moment I was ready to let grasses growth as it is just for the pleasure to see it.

Then I realized: such micro-grasses can`t be green all time. The technology of the process is to harvest it otherwise it becomes yellow and old.

So I did it.

It was so sharp contrast between full-grown grass and the view of snows from my window.

The pleasant feeling on my finger tips when I gently pull the grasses from the cells.

I realized this is the right way of things. Seedds become grass, grass became ready, and then a vegetarian come and make a beautiful fresh meal from the grasses which grown from the seeds.

The beautiful process, just in time.

And you can see the beautiful (and testy!) result.

it turns me to think about natural speed of processes, how it starts and goes on.

What is a differencies between things seems similar
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Sometimes I found words so powerful and clear so I have no wish to speak about by myself.

Spring, summer
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Life is a chain of changes. However everyone likes to be linked with essential things which don`t change, as we hope.

I love it
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Wind of Changes
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I feel how changes come.

This is the first time of 2014 year I started ink drawings, with so great pleasure so I restricted myself from spend all night with it.

Such things is the method of thinking about things we can`t point directly.

Many of such drawings of the past year tell more then everything I can tell by myself. Looking so light and simple it is a lot of information inside for those who will be able to read it. Also for myself.

How it flows? Preparing everything in Bamboo cabinet, the green place for Ink and meditations.

Then I was starting Ink drawing with one impulse and then allow it to grow, to show itself, to reveal the message.

My brush was dancing. My ink became a powerline from nothing to something.

Curves and lines, ink strokes soft, hard, dry, watered…

Revealing the image, revealing the message.

Than I was able to see it. To read.

It seems changes are coming.

Next time I will compare my previous images with today so it will be obvious.

What is it? Freedom. The top of a rock and full view to the sea and sky, the best position to a Capricorn, isn`t it?

So this is it.

Last night I created new shedle for that year, with full explanation of projects I will do till my Greece holiday.

So this is the new start, again, with new things coming, with fresh vision, vith energy, desire and hope.

Happy new Art year, Anna!


Happy New Lunar Year!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 30 January 2014 at 05:14 PM No comments

Today is the great Asian celebration of New Year - the Year of Horse!

Congratulations for everyone, health, happyness, prosperity, new tasks, new achievements and insights!

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