ActiveBase Art`s Holidays: Hello from Paradise
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Hello everybody, after so hard working year I`ve got my holidays at Corfu as I am doing during last 9 years. For a month I have been just relaxing, absorbing perfection of the nature, enjoying my dear friends.


For sure I am doing some project work:


You know, the happiness is to do what you love in the place you love, being surrounded by people you love. Wish you to be happy at any moment of your life!


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World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-7
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Our world became global, with global common interests. That`s why it`s so important to understand our similarities to make people working forward for better future. Antifragility layes in our culture which make us different from animals. Two great ancient cultural centres, China and Greece, looking so different, have the same wisdom in proverbs:



(more China-Greece here )

We are far away from the tradition to be tought by proverbs and storytalles because we developed more effective and efficient formats to transmit information. However when we want Antifragility in the times of changes it requires look to the roots and chech the best tools. Antifragile tools providing by culture is one of the best access to subconsciousness collective. Being one of the chief drivers of our history, that engine of culture can bring us one of the most persuadive language. Wisdom from proverbs has got power of natural law, because it bases on long run statistics. Statistically proverbs are working, so why don`t use that perfect language for our today needs?

夜长梦多  The longer you wait, the more unexpected developments may occur   | 夜长梦多

It means, procrastination in wrong time make circumstances worse, the longer you wait, it became even worse.

Οποιος δεν έχει μυαλό έχει πόδια  - He who has no brains has     legs 

It means on the extra trouble one     incurs when not thinking through his actions beforehand.

This is statistically proved truth. The price of stupidity is high. Much more high then we tend to count. More, for one`s stupidity many others are paying, from own accounts. Today the world became so fast changing, and so drastically, so noone could allow yourself to accept other`s procrastination and pay for other`s mistakes by own.

No resources to waste any more.

No time to recovery.

Price of procrastination and stupid mistakes became incredibly high, and predators are near to check the moment to take advantages. All of then put the world in great danger. That`s the reason to accumulate all of our strength now and to use all available tools to harness the situation. Not for somabody abstract, but for ourselves. That`s why I am developing new effective and efficient tools to support social changes in global scale in Antifragile style.

Small tools make great changes in our world. Post-industrial information works in strange ways more efective and efficient then other tools. That`s why simply sharing the pictures you make waves more then if you try to persuade friends come to Climate meeting. Increase number of people who share Climate motivators, frequently just for fun, of because they love cats,  of because of just boredom, and the information will works above all of expectations. That`s new way of positive changes we can do by ourselves and benefit in global scale. That`s how we can make own future better, because we are all here, on blue pale spot, on our Earth, and there is no planet B or plan B. So let`s do whatever we can.

New tools allow us to save our time and energy making the same effect. Let`s use it!


World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-6
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Welcome to classical, friends! The rule of our brain is: writing makes brain developed. Both of abcient civilization know it!


Matched Wallpapers:


More here

World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-5
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Hello everybody, while I am working  with Climate Change 2015 prototyping and make about 800 GB video, I would like to present you the next pictures to the World Culture seria:


Here there are matched wallpapers:


Proverbs are supporting each others to underline how it`s important to catch your chance in time and develop it into something more.



Flowers may bloom again, but a person never has the chance to be young again. So don’t waste your time   

Όταν κάνεις ότι μπορείς, κάνεις ότι πρέπει  When you do what you can,    you do what you must

That`s exectly what I am doing now, with my everyday sea trips,  with all of the equipment, cameras, with tools for drawing, painting, notes, MindMaps, then running to make video out of the sea. Time is treasure. Nature, or God, gives us so many chances, but we should be well trained with skills, and well prepared to catch it. To have extra energy to fulfill curiosity also. For example yesterday I swam with all equipment to my stone to make additional video of hidden rocks, and suddenly I found something very very strange in the sea, inside a stone? so squized my planes and spent 2 hours extra to investigate it and to make all video proves. Really strange thing. I will write more when I check everything, and it was exectly the chance to be taken, although I was deadly tired, with time limits, sea was near stormy and my mask with breathing tube was nearly broken somehow.

No matter, I did it!

Now, having about 800 Gb video matherials, I am taking my time to make this post, then run to work because new tasks appear, new chances come and time is precious.Still at Corfu, Greece, with my last couple of days.

Wish you to catch your chances and to develop it into something which will support your endeavours and change the world in better place. Be victorious, be Antifragile!


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World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-4
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Hello dear friends, while I am staying at Corfu prototyping my Climate Change and Nature-Close projects, I make more notes about similarities between China and Greece in cultural field.

Let`s see matched Chinese proverb:

That two proverbs forms a pairing phrases, each describes different part of the theme.
  Κάλλιο γαϊδουρόδενε, παρά γαϊδουρογύρευε  English equivalent: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure 

苦口 - a good medicine tastes bitter    

If we use both proverbs in Antifragile way like that: as real medicine tasts bitter it is good to invest your time and attention, and money as well, to take care about prevention. It works perfectly for body needs, and for mental or emotional fields also. In addition both proverbs are perfectly fit to the art of management, in every business activity, as well as in any aim. When you think about prevention it means you have a good mental model of future possible issues so you are the person who could choose the best way among anothers. It means, that moment your neo-cortex, the pure Human part of the brain, works. HUman brain can make differential choices, as opposite animal part of the brain which just follow emotions in instinctive way never make model of possible future. In out times of great changes it deadly dangerous, because everything are in changes and no instinct could cover so different situations in so fast growing dificulties. So Antifragility represented in cultural field by proverb advises us to think and make human choice instead of fragile animal. Not an easy task for everyone! But you know, real medicine really tastes bitter.

You can found another posts about similarities between China and Greece in cultural field here

Here there are matched Wallpapers, click for full size 1280 x 1024

Here about Greek proverb:

Having some motivators and wallpapers it make some trends into deep subconsciousness so it works for you. Be Antifragile, be successful, share good cultural influence via social network, win!

World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-3
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I`ve found more and more curious similarities between Greek and China proverbs. Some of them are literary the same, some speaks about the same subject in similar words:

We all live in times when printed matherials are the normal part of our life.

We can read a lot in different forms, but have you ever imagine how it`s important to nourish mind with special structures of words which provides by books only?

Yes, this is the essense. Today mobile phones provoke people to turn a lot of communication into oral style. For horizontal integration between people it is good. But oral speach has special structure easy to be received by recognizing similar words, that`s why it is temporary and can`t provide us with important structured information. That`s why it needs to pay attention and ust for own sake to keep reading books  better then simply one-time reading texts. Mind structure and the ability to develop input information into something profitable or changing, or thought provoking is the best treasures books keep. It doesn`t matter how much TV provides us with images, mind structure of human brain requires structured words.

Η βιβλιοθήκη είναι το φαρμακείο του μυαλού A     library is a repository of medicine for the mind



是随的花园 A book is like a garden carried in the pocket



Here it is a beautiful Wallpaper for Chinese proverb:


Both great centres of civilization provides us with Antifragility carefully preserved in proverbs so let`s use it for our own.

You can found more Greek-Chinese proverbs here

And here it is the Wallpaper for Greek proverb, click to download full size 1920 X 1080.

World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-2
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Hello everybody, today I am glad to continue share of wonderful results of cross-cultural approach. Similarities between so distand cultures is so amazing so we can literary touch the essense of Antifragility which is the core of every culture.

China is the great source of core ideas which formed  the whole East region.  Greek civilization is the core of European mentality.

Integration was caused by Alexander the Great when he linked East and West by his endeavour to built global empire. From the other side, Shi Huandi, the first Chinese Emperor, the builder of Great Chinese Wall, gathered small kingdoms stucked in constant wars and based the fundamental of great nation for today.

Great deeds starts from one dreamer who has an idea of integration by his or her birth. That idea being inside burnt mind and demand all actions to fit it. I perfectly know it by own experience. Big dreamers who has strong vision could be a source to drive historical processes. Being driven by individuals with strong personality, that global integration feeds from deepest stream of collective subconsciousness, Antifragile core of each nation. Both of the heroes mentioned above had good education and structurized minds. This is the most important thing to remain vision among difficulties during it`s realization.

We all needs that source of power for our short and long run. Pictures with PG Cat is the carriers of the message to keep you integrated with the richest fountain of pure energy and wisdom which could help you to keep your ideas strong and encourage people who join you. Vosual information which is near our eyes feed our internal courage, because human are visual creatures and images is the exect language of our best ideas and actions.

Enjoy it, share it, let it nourish your for the best. When others claim simple life of copy-pasting is good enough, allow yourself to be in distance from the mainstream and polish yourself into powerful Personality which is the world driver of changes. Keep your dreams, make your impact, enjoy amazing gifts of mind, move Earth for better tomorrow. Be the heir of both great civilizations, be a Hero.


Άνθρωπος αγράμματος, ξύλο απελέκητο  The illiterate person is     like an uncarved piece of wood 




Jade must be carved and polished before it becomes an ornament, man must be educated before he can achieve great things 

Click to download full size Chinese Wallpaper:

The beautiful wallpaper for Greek proverb is below. Download more Greek and Chinese proverbs here

Wish you to be Antifragile, be a leader of new Integration, be bold and achieve great aims!

World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-1
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Hello everybody, while I am doing my Climate Change prototypes, I founded about 150 Greek proverbs for Pg Cat`s World Culture project. I was wondered founding the same proverbs in Chinese and Greek culture:

Chinese proverb is the same:

The point is, some ideas in general format are rooted deeply in our common subconsciousness collective.

Μένα σμπάρο, δυο τρυγώνια        一石二

One shot, two birds

May be in different words, the core ideas is represented with so similarity so it seems right to put Greek and Chinese proverbs here together. I founded some similar proverbs in Greek and Korean culture also.

Here it is the Wallpapers for both proverbs. So interesting was to do it, in different styles, to keep in touch with Antifragility of knowledge and experience represented in distant place. I guess, the same proverbs illustrating the possibility to make things in more effective and efficient way exists in many other countries. It seems knowledge distributes globally.

Wish you the best, wish you to be Antifragile!


Chinese proverb wallpaper click to full size download


Greek proverb Wallpaper:

Climate Change project in progress: moving to Corfu, Greece
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To make some light colors to the line of "Pope Francis: The Encyclical" motivators here it is something new. I and PG Cat are moving to Corfu, Greece. I will be doing some researchs, prototypes and special paintings, and PG Cat will be glad to meet his friends in Liapades Bay.

Everything`s going on and on in good speed, planes to investments and more Climate activities is structurising well day by day. Froo time to time I will post something actual about my work. Climate activity is also important: I will produce special motivators and wallpapers dedicate to movements of clean energy in many countries.  You can find all of the Pope Francis: The Encyclical seria is here

Just to remember, I am doing catamaran project as it`s described here   It means, my Climate Change art work and researchs to create new investments possibilities for many countries is the first part of Catamaran, and public PG Cat`s Climate work is the second part.

Both are carefully designed with many MindMaps in order to serve global needs. OMG, a lot of mind Maps to keep each wing of the Catamaran growing healthy ti the Paris 2015.

Keeping fidelity to my World Culture project which now contains many Chinese wise proverbs, I am adding relevant Greek proverbs as I will spend so much time at Corfu.

Use world culture to gain your own Antifragility and success. Stay with me. Wish you the best!

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