Preparing to my 5-th Corfu holidays
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Hello everybody, I`ve painted 44 big paintings in last 3 months, it`s twice I do in an year. Good job! Two paintings (on the top of Lifecycle of Adizes system) haven`t finished yet because I  am  tired too much and need to refresh my mind. So I am preparing to my Corfu holidays.

The month I spend in Greece is the best of the year because I so like the sea being able to swim for hours, slipping on rocks, jumping to green waters… But 2 days before is a hard period because I desire to bring all of my projects with me, it`s impossible, so I bring half. Transitional day is full of mass, everything is out my trunk and needs to be systematize before I will try to put it inside. What things is important? What`s unimportant? Important but heavy too much?

First of all everything for my painting is important! Ok, not everything. Last year I tryed to bring all to big painting but it was really too much. So I prepare all for watercolour painting, graphics, also painting in Chinese style includes stone for ink and additional brushes… paper too… So crazy Greec to open an art shop for Chinese calligraphy doesn`t exist, so my ink, paper and everything I have to carry by myself.

Let`s look what is the number one category of things for my Corfu trip:

- Flippers for snorkeling, I have one short and one long. Thanks god last year I dropped in Liapades my mask and breathing  tube and my Greec friends took care for it so I have less to carry today.

- 2 format sketch-books for water colours and my portable set with brushes etc. Not so portable, I guess, but less then I usually use at home.

- My project book because I have a list tasks to work.

- My technical support which is really heavy! It includes laptop with additional battery, iPhone and iPad mini with all wires and additional batteries too, ebook and wires for it, pleer for swimming and pleer for dancing, with special earphones each, and wires for it, also cell phone… One camera for quick work and one big to make high quality pictures and films…my god I am scaring  right now, writing the list! Really too much. Get out big camera. Oh I plan to shoot some films to my future work… ok, get it back. Two HDD is too much so get one out.

Get out embroidery. It`s just about 300 gramm but  I should belive to make my life easy getting it out.

Books by Dr.Adizes I have in e-format so everything will be OK.

The book "Far from the Tree" by Andrew Solomon (you can see it on the top of the picture below, with gold field and black baby figure on the cove) is really heavy one. I need it to plane my future project about self identity, and like the book in paper with my marks for work… but it weights so much. I will buy it at AppStore and work with it in e-format.

Then I observe a disaster coused by my trunk. Too much clothes, saree, tops, t-shirts, shorts, too many things! Get it out seems a good decision.

Dresses is too heavy, get it out. Saree is too long, get it out too.

Socks, my pills and some special things is small, but my tea set… Oh my god, the tea set is important. Greecs always louth at me because of my tea. But I don`t drink alchogol, any kind of it, also Coca-cola and the same poison is out of my taste, so what could I drink? Water at Corfu isn`t the best in the world, it has too much minerals and changes the tea taste so I need  my tea set and portable filters for it.

I love Chinese tea, tea ceremony made me calm and I love all things about it, from special shape teapot to different tea cups. And the test of tea, especially milk Oolong, is somehow important for me. So I bring everything although all Greecs will have fun about.

Also I prepare my chopsticks. It`s really comfortable to eat and more elegant. Last year Greecs wondered how I cope with eat. That year I take several chopsticks as a present to make suffer those friends who louthed at me too much. 8-)

Audiobooks… Portable dinamics… I scared about my list. Too many things. So I am going to see what I can get out the trunk!

See you tomorrow with my new year Corfu adventure, pics of beautifil sea, the best in the world, and also my projects because I get it with me.

Now I am running to deal with the trunk!

Beauty of Shadows, Colours and Shapes
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Beauty hides under the veils of simple everyday life. Colours and shapes shows itself but this is the art to see it, to breath, to undestand, to express… A place people just use to have a rest could be points of wonders.

My last summer I first time realized the deep red, magenta and brown colous of the tree near my morning table in Cricketer taverna, Liapades beach hotel, Corfu. I was really surprized with it but also shocked why I didn`t realize it before.It seemed impossible.

I spent several hours investigating and painting the tree, and saw how it ordinary brown skin dropped and opened the rich colous inside. It was normal brown before that season and became wonderful only that 2012 summer… And the changes flashed the extra brightness of shapes of the two trees.

Hidden things became visible, small changes became into great symphomy of shadows, shapes, sunlights, conquering space up and up…

The same experience was at the the bottom of the trees. Lilac, magenta and red coloures made visible the efforts of the tree to overcome stones. It was exciting.

Of course I painted it. Started from left hand sketch to right I tasted the beauty moment by moment.

Originally I started with colours but wasn`t able to stop and then made ink painting desiring to feel all angles and stretch of branches and how it dance in open space up and up.

After I scetched it I felt myself easy so started to make several details.

Actually  forced myself to continue while my soul wanted to dance with sunlights far away from the place. This is the dilemma of artists: while our bodies make art process, soul is far away and we could feel a little bit confused with it.

...When I finished it I was so full of sences…

... so I had to run to the sea and spend several hours in it to collect parts of myself.

Several hous inside blue and green lights, liquid lights and sounds, inside perfection of that reality.

Colours, Black and White
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Winter comes to us with minus 15-20 degrees, I practice black ink paintings and suddenly realize how black shadows covers fine colours.

If you see small stones and pebels at Lapades it seems grey, white, shadows of black. But as you feel it more it reveals very fine beauty of violet, pink, rose, also blue…

Many colours layes just near my foots, gentle veils above stone`s structure… Being pastel it changed when sun turns more.

As water hugs stones, colours becames bright. So living beauty.



Stone by stone; step by step, wave by wave
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 November 2012 at 04:36 PM Comments(1)

Sometmes a road we have s a long one. As long as we feel the target it remains interesting, but it takes a lot of efforts to overcome it. All steps is important as all stones in a wall.

Ones I was attracted by fine beauty of dancing shadows and stones and then started to paint it - just on the road. Left hand to make scetch with right shape and angles: then change the hand to colour it. It was not easy to put into memory every stone… I mean to make an effort to do it!

Brave Greecs-drivers! smile smile They tryed to understand what could do a tourist sitting on the road because here it was nothing interesting for them. With stone faces (except several Greecs I knew before) they stratched necks to have a glance. It was so funny, but the wall has so many stones so I had to pay all attention to it. Actually it was an exhousting exercise because I don`t like to concentrate to many small different objects. It occupies my memory with thousands small characteristics input simultaneously and I feel tired with it. But that time I wanted to understand how that wall live, all stones, tht`s why I literary said hello and how are you to everything.

It wasn`t easy, sun was going just above my head. I concentrated to stones and directions, and shape, and gaps between it. As I understand one piece it seemed it opened more operative memory and suddenly I realized something new straight on the place I starred an hour. For example the brics inside round "window" in the wall surprized me much, because I didn`t realized it before.

One of the exciting things of the wall was the fact it flows to the seashore. It seemed every brick, every stone wanted to gain green water, it`s so symbolically important to Capricorns so I wanted to realize everything at all… but it was more venicles here and there so I desided to finish the picture in another place.

One of the most interesting things was the road and bottom of the wall has the angle about 25-30 degee, but the upper part of the wall was strictly horizontal. I spent half an hour to investigate how it was constucted. So small things invisible to many people could keep a secret.

As it was nearly 1:00 PM the shadows became darker and I felt a desire to run to green waters. Last glance:

Running down and down, feeling how dry the stones is…

Back to the paradise!

That was stone by stone, step by step and then wave by wave we gain our results, sometimes producing it, sometimes making a road to things simply being not far away.





Caramel mountings, clouds and stars
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This is a little bit strange automn, it started snowing, then raining, then it was cold, snow and rain again and now it is a little bit cold. It becames dark at 5 PM, and then I turne to recall my summer with stars, green waters and stones.

This picture I did at Corfu from my balcony, mounting view. It was so georgeous to see how it bacomes soft pink and red at sunrise, grey-sand-mist at the daytime and blue in everning.

It was the first time I painted mountings after my Shanghai trip. Differencies between two mountings was obvious but it was something light similar between it, covered by environment, very light sence of similarity, something on perriferal side of a brain we can`t catch at the moment.

I made a bed on the balcony to enjoy nights with all stars on the sky, with felings open, and sometimes moon was my guest. This is important to have right place to sleep, even the room was beautiful it was much more better to have a chance to see night sky and mountings breathing in the dark, especially at 4 AM when everyone falled to sleep and it was no light and no people and no sounds around.

Tha target was to catch the moment of sweetness of the daytime, when tha air became like a caramel and vanilla, and the sea sounded not far away, unvisible because of several big trees, and the mountings seemed so close to me.

No camera could feel it…

but the scetch can save the feelings of the place better then words.

Caramel mountings from sweet place, near the green-blue-green waters of dreams.

Twenty days inside changings of automn
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 October 2012 at 08:51 PM No comments

As I see it`s about 20 days I didn`t write here. That time I was changing my interior, got out old heavy expensive furniture and stand new light modern and functional; and i wasn`t able to paint because of chaos everywhere, and try not to scream remembering late summer days.

Automn is depressive time for me, although I value the beautiful colours of nature, thoughts about coldness and cabbage-clothes influences me more. So the memory about sun and the sea becames something like another-life experience and it was not about me because I stuck here and have to welcome winter. That time I forget things burned out in my mind…

Lighting flow of shadows and gentle lines of leafs of the trees; joyful changes of sun spots during the day, positive dark blue colour of evernings, gray shadows in full moon night, and warm beauty of green freshness inside emerald seawaves. Remembering colours, remembering movement I feel better for a while, so…

Dancing live shadows…

Trees as it could be in Rivendell:

Don`t see the surface of the picture. Try to feel moving ligths and sun spots and dance of the trees, up and up, deadly slow dance in flow of nature changes…

Colours lives just above the surface of things, lives by it`s own life, fulfill thirst of the stones:

Hours of silent observing, among human life boiled around without touching my world of living energy i fell…

Painting is not the reason but this is the way to feel better things people usually don`t pay attention. Rithm of the place is the first music, puls of the energy is the first source so with so slow human senses I have to paint it, have to catch many-dimentions peception by hands.

Winter is the time I can remember better because of sence deprivation and dark, may be I`ll paint it in manner i`ve never used before, who knows?

Funny pictures from my meal
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Today I have a little bit sadness mood, 1 week out of sea, it`s raiining then shining and raining again so I deside to check my Corfu pictures to have a rest. That seria is about the food.



That visit to Corfu I tryed to forget the law "Never play with food". It suddenly started when I realized that after having my dinner (greec salad) I still have 6 olive bones. That season I took my chinese chopsticks because it more elegant and more comfortable to eat that way. So I could make something interesting with 6 olive bones without using hands directly. I made a flover on a napkin and left it without a mind, but  it took an attention. Next day I did something else the same way, using an olive bones and a little pieces of salad and then the game started.

Kostas - the peson took care of me in dinner time was glad to see the pictures and  turned me to idea to create something more for him. So all of my GreecSaladPictures that season deducates to Kostas smile

It was about 6 different pictures becames moe and more interesting before I deside to make a photo. Actually I desided only when I created a Mermaid and fount her interesting enough to put into memory. It was a windy day when Kostas offer me my usual Geec Salad and extra italians food. When I saw the makarony I realized a fish tail hiding in it and then use it as a matherial. So you can see her: Kerkia Mermaid for Kostas, was built from salad leaves, makaroni, olive bones, cucumber, small feta cheese pieces and tomato sause (i used it as a glue because it was strong wind blowed up everything).

Two flowers in Kerkira the Mermaid picture is out of my rules to use only matherials existing on plate but it was so lovely to use it!

As I started with biggest and complicated pictures it was a challenge how to support differencies with the same food details. Next time I made a fish:

From time to time I was tired or hungry and ate everything from my plate so it was no matherial for Kostas`s pictures. That one it smaller and was made on napkin:

As I have som exta dishes it turned me to made something new. For example as I starred to sause I realized an elefant inside and did it:

That pictue the extras was a pepper, so the peaces was suitable for red sharp figures. You can see I used onion rings too:

That one is the last picture I made in my last dinner of the season. It was a kind of sad I feel all time I need to leave Corfu so I made a simple flower from tomatos, cabbages strings, watermelon bones, small peaces of cucumber, carrot and olive bones. 

If I will play that game next season it will be pictures too, so Kostas could see it more then one time smile



Dancing Shadows Time
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That season at Corfu I made several detailed sketches I`d never done before. The environment was so harmony organized that I was catched with a beauty of moment and started to draw instead swimming.

That place is the view from my favourite table in Crickete Taverna belongs to our hotel. Sitting here many hours, observing how the road floats down to the seashore, how shadows changes. Suddenly I realized the beauty of dancing performed by the shadows of trees, dancing of light and forms and blue spots.

Afte several hous shadows become dark and deep as if it was tired from movements.

SO beautiful scene turned me to thing I usially avoid: to paint architecture. It was the fist time I did it, and I started to be involved in a process of understanding how natural and humancould be put together to perform living shadow dance.

Departure night
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At 6.20 it will be the bus pick me to the airport and in the middle of the day I`ll be in Moscow. Sitting in darkness, catching internet connection I recall the colours of sea:

This is the view from my favourite stone to Liapades beach Gefira.  I brought y camera with me when I swimming and make the pics of green crystal water far away from the beach, among stones. Several stones was sharp, another - smoothed by waters, someties i was near falling into waves, but anyway I catch the pictures!

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