Wallpapers from Corfu - download for free!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 05 October 2010 at 09:49 PM No comments

Hello everybody! I`ve prepared my pictures from Corfu for 1024 x 1280 Wallpapers. Mainly it represents the place I lived and several - a view from the aeroplane I flew.

It`s 25 Wallpapers in rar archive you can Download here




   Enjoy it!


My Odisseus Trip (Corfu, 20 of July)
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I was extremely lazy at Corfu and so didn`t write several important things. One of them was my crazy swimming on 20 of July. I started from #1 point - it`s Hefira beach. I swam with snorkelling set (mask, flippers, tube).

All trip  took from 11.30 to 17.30.

Point #2 is my favorite rock, so friendly it is that I can`s defy it`s hospitality. I spent hours lying on it`s surface,  listening breath of the sea and heart of the mountings. I`ll write about my spiritual sence later and now only notice - that rock is important and I always come to see it. After who knows what a time I continued my swimming trip.

Point #3 is rocks aroung "La Grotta" bar. If you have a glance to it fron the road up on the mountings it is beautiful place. Nature made something like installation of an artist fron wild rocks, blue-green sea and trees. But fron the sea and under water I saw it wasn`t so exciting. Rocks was unpleasant, sea was poor of life and remind me something like natural waterpool. On the side tha bar  knocked senseless with an ugly music, something like trance rock. It seemed so unnatural then I decided to leave that place. It was no pleasure to swim to Paleokastritsa or be back with the same way. And I made a crazy decision to swim across open water - from point #3 to #4 - Limni beach. I did such trip for the first time so it was a bit crazy… considering my flippers was near break. But I felt the moment exectly for it and then did it. During that swimming I worried about motor boats and mad guy with scooter, it they would scud near me and i have no time to dip. By such thoughts I tryed to swim more quickly and was ot of breath so clearly understand how people could… No, I don`t like to think about. The great lesson was not to be out of breath.

After the crazy swimmimg I gained Limni beach in point #4. It was paradise exactly!

White chalk stones and wild rocks formed fantastic place. I love it from the first view, not only because it was the final point of swimming. It was an essence of sea beauty includes rounds and smooth lines with sharp royalty  of the rocks. Who knows how many time i spent here, may be 2 or 3 hours. It was sweet time of swimming, diving and lying on the hot white stones on the beach and also on sharp rocks in the sea. My bikini came to harm by the sharp stones but it was nothing. Body was safe even I climbed higher to the stones and lay on the sharp sprouts on stones. The same way yogins can lie on nails. If you are in harmony never could make a damage. So I was in harmony here.

Under the sea there is  white chalk stones and  the   bottom of the sea itself is a smooth chalk couch. Many small creatures lives here, crabs in shells, small fishes…

And then I felt the moment to leave such paradice and be back. My tagret was point #5 -  small unnamed beach in the rocks situated exectly opposite my favourite stone #2. I love that place and spent here many time, sometines to sunset. Then I force myself to come back, to point #1 and did it. It was my great trip of that visit Corfu. Hopes next year I will do it again… and again! And then may be I will expand my swimmings to all the island. Why not? smile smile smile

I`ve seen an octopus here, in Liapades! :)
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It was beautiful. Not bigger then 50 cm in diameter (it screw up hands), it was soft and beautiful. Not so bright colors but something like that:

I have meet it in 50 meters from the beach line, not more then 3 m depth. I was surprised how gracefully it is, how elegantly it curl it`s hands and it`s color.

Drawing a leave of ivy
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 10 July 2010 at 12:38 AM Comments(1)

Corfu is the place ideal suits me. So I could make paintings, sketches, draw everything.

Here it is beautiful nature admires me for the arts. A small objects has it`s own cham and I have a relaxation to draw it.

It is interesting to study the nature so close as I can do here. There is no time for it in my life in the big city so this place turns me to understand new simple things.

So that`s result! I like to draw it and then to understand more and more in nature and both in the art. So during such study I feel better my future projects in paintings etc.



It`s the first week on Corfu that year
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 10 July 2010 at 12:20 AM Comments(1)

Wow, I am happy in that lovely place. This is my 2 time here and I hope to stay here every summer.

The sea is a bit cold but I adjust for it and swim every day with flippers far away. The best place for me for work and relaxation. Geat-great-great! smile smile smile

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