Cat`s Habits
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 November 2010 at 01:22 AM Comments(1)

I am sure: if you love cats you have to accept everything. One of it is the habit to occupy all places as soon as it possible. My cat Misha did it every time I tryed to work, to read a book or to visit my bathroom…

Oh my God! 8-)


Actually he wasn`t happy I disturbed him. It was a present for both of us. With an innocent face he lied here and was so kind to let me to make a picture and even to use the place as I need:

Aspecially he loved modems and scanners smile

Cats have a traditional pose for such deeds. You can see a cat from Liapades sitting… Well, you see what`s the place smile

If you can`t disturb a cat, you should call your boss and ask for a day out of work smile smile smile


Shakti - the creation power
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 September 2010 at 04:21 PM Comments(1)

"Shakti" is a part of a big painting I will do. Now it consist from several sketches and this is one of them.

This is not easy to explain in couple words why I chose that field to paint, may be I will write an article. But several definitions could show the main idea. (From Wiki): "Shakti rom Sanskrit shak - "to be able," meaning sacred force or empowerment, is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe in Hinduism. Shakti is the concept, or personification, of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as ‘The Great Divine Mother’ in Hinduism. On the earthly plane, Shakti most actively manifests through female embodiment and fertility, though it is also present in males in its potential, unmanifest form.

Not only is the Shakti responsible for creation, it is also the agent of all change. Shakti is cosmic existence as well as liberation, its most significant form being the Kundalini Shakti, a mysterious psychospiritual force.Shakti exists in a state of svātantrya, dependence on no-one, being interdependent with the entire universe.

Cat-yoga by Annamain
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 14 June 2010 at 01:36 PM No comments

Hey-hey, I have started a new funny project I called Cats-yoga! smile  Now I have made several pictures about yoga`s asanas as it could been made by cats.

Later I will write a coulpe words about the character I create, Misha the Cat. Now I only like to draw it by fine brush and black ink. The process make me in meditative mood because I like to work with calligraphy style, brushes and black ink. So pleasant peaceful thing.

The final period close to graduation work
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 June 2010 at 08:38 PM Comments(1)

Tht week was awful. A lot of students i saw the first time appear on the horizon of my life with their unfinished graduation works.

Most of them have no ideas about the deadline, graduation work`s structure and my own free time. Actually I have no free time. They found me on Skype at any time, includes 7:00 PM up to 4:00 AM. Thanks God for Skype and typing, it is the best thing for professors like me to make an advice. God bless advisors, God bless professors, and let our students to make better works.

P.S. I am going to hate mibile phone. students calls me too and it is much more noisy and annoying that anything else.

P.P.S. God bless Skype. I love it!

My life with the Persian Cat, part 1
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 May 2010 at 06:15 PM Comments(1)

Hi everybody, now I have finished my lectures and I`m thinking about 2 issues: to have a rest or to walk. Actually I am too tired for everything. Until my decision hasn`t been ready i would like to have a fun.

This picture is about my life with Misha, my persian cat. Every owner of cat could understand  what i mean

Hard week night
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 May 2010 at 01:57 PM No comments

Wow, it was hard week! Thanks god I was able to check student`s works successfully and eventually had a short free time for my paintings etc. 

As you see it was tonight, mostly near 3-4 AM. If you think it is really my free time you are not right. The day before yesterday on of my graduate students caught me in Skype and told the toughtful story about himself. He had no possibilities to write the graduatuon work before and want to send me the plan only today. He hope he could do all work in holyday sunday-monday and then send it to me (at 5:00 AM I guess). Another student said about his stress because of 2-weeks old doughter. One of girls sent me the work without title list, without theme and even her name. Next 3 students did the same so I had no ideas what kind of work it was and who were the happy authors. Students… Students! The pleasure to i involve in development process and pain of it.

OK, OK, I was the same in my time! (thanks God it will never come back).

For this reason today I overslept everything and therefore cancel my holyday plans, stay at home doing boring homework and trying to plan my activity for the next week. Also I prepared some matherials for the next works, paintings, projects and plans to seize the world. Double-sides brain can calculate many tasks in one time (if I sleep right time).  So this is no time for training jim :-( . And I have the free time for  work with colors, my own pleasure. grin grin grin

Body`s Best Time
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 May 2010 at 06:16 PM Comments(1)

Scientists and adepts of yoga tell us about biorhithmics and cycles of sleeping and wake. I`ve read a huge amount of researchs and several time several times have been trying to live as healthy as I read. It was pleasant life but… absolutely against my nature.  First of all the best of my rest is 8:00 PM.

The right life means to stand up at 7 AM, have a good breakfest, after work have a walk and then go to sleep before 11-12 PM. I would like to have a short sleeping at 11 AM and 8 PM, no breakfest and work to all night. I would like to meet sunrises and then do yoga…  Even to do yoga before sunrise as recommended by specialists! But normally my nature rebells against any sport at 10-11 AM. They say the morning is the most active time for our bodies. They say an active morning is the best time to do a brain work, to meet people etc. But I would like unhurried hours to drink green tea with honey and nuts before 11 AM slipping. No bustling and no meetings. No sport or phone calls. It is my slow time for invite myself into a new day. Somethins as you slowly go in cool water of ocean.

Students during exam: Professor`s Report
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 April 2010 at 12:07 AM Comments(1)

This is the practice of American courts to invite an artist to make pictures. Speciality of artist`s view is attention to small details. Yesterday I tried such practice and found it really fresh and fun. Here it is several sketches from the exam. 

When students take their questions we, members of exam committee, have about an hour to check documents, chatting or do nothing.

I invest that time as perfect as I could… I suppose smile

From time to time students draw teaches (mainly unloved ones).Here it is may be the first time professor made pictures of student.   

You could see a courage in the eyes… a kind of courage.

smile  smile  smile

My work
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 April 2010 at 02:42 AM Comments(2)

Night time is the best to make some sketches about the life.

This is the hot period in institute`s life. Students prepares to exams and graduation. As the Head of management department i have to check many things: texts of graduation works etc. I am so tired of it! Sometimes i feel myself crazy about such work but it is the disadvantage of teacher`s life. I try to be patient, tolerant and enjoy my karma as well. smile smile smile

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