Cyber War

Great Movie Language: to move projects, to move life
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 14 April 2014 at 11:09 AM No comments

In my project work I want to do something special. It needs different skills and thinking styles. So today I start to learn the movie language in new Indian saga "Mahabharata". I love the old saga (60 serias) and it seemed so hard to surpass it. However I found the new one exellent done and feel happy about it. Congratulations to the creators of new "Mahabharat"!

The reason why I am investigating the Title song is to feel deeply the idea of the film director who create new vision of ancient saga. Different life lines, different characters, different passions in one great struggle - all of it I want to know in details for my  projects (especially to "CyberWar, Section I" ) and also for the next activities.

During my previous film directing education I had no such brilliant example to study the cinema language so I feel myself very happy ane exciting to do it now. The movements of energy and absolutely correct story telling together made me pay attention to every single frame. I wished to have more time for it! 8-)

Well, back to the plan.

Today I have to finish my study of the Title song video, take several lectures of Irrational Behaviour course, pass several quizes in Sustainable Development course and force myself to go for a walk. The time to make writing is over, I have to post and go on, go on, go on.

I`ve started preparation to CyberWar-1 film
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Too long time passes while I think about CyberWar-1 YouTube film. It`s many anothers activities, also I didn`t understand clearly what and how. Many things seems completely new, many just complicated. Now I am starting.

I don`t know how many time it will take from me. Also Cyberwas-Section I isn`t revealed now. This is my first Social Project dedicates to my active position to help society to overcome several modern problems. I am sure, such project is the first in the world. Not just because I use specially invented technigues to paint. But because I was the witness of several events and investigated it personally in details while I painted it. All of my skills in science, self development and arts was involved in that process.


21 paintings was done in one month, April 2013.

No words more about. I can`t claim an obligation to show the result in particular time. Who knows, may be other important things will divert me. May be new project will come. May be I will do another film first just to try several ideas how to direct the movie better way.


May be I will compose own music. Who knows. Let it to existence.


Right now, standing in front of future Sustainable Development Art projects I realized the CyberWar was the proem to it. That`s why I feel things comes right way in right time. So important it is.


...and now I finished with the pictures and wanna to sleep.

What is CyberWar: the Story and the Purpose
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 July 2013 at 10:06 PM No comments

That season I was a witness of one crime. When the situation was revealed it was too late for both victims. But I investigated what is the matter of the situation carefully and found a shoking statistics about it.

Such crime costs USA about $ 50 MILLIONS per year according to official reports I read. So many victims! Such a huge loss, and it`s just a money loss, because it`s difficult to count anothers.

The same situation is in another countries. But I am sure the way to make loss less really exists.

It was the reason I used my art to make awareness which is also education process and also social, cultural and art event. Investigating cases and structures of the crime, I founded that official methods can`t prevent it. Actually to prevent such crimes is the same to prevent AIDS - to make people educated well both logically and emotionally. Education is our weapon. When I realized it I postponed all of my current projects and dedicated 5 weeks to CyberWar only. I made 19 big paintings in April and 3 additional in May, so it was 21 paintings in 5 weeks. It is more then I did in a year. It was hard work both physically, mentally and emotionally.

But the aim was prevention, prophylaxy.  Hopes I gained it.

Now you should wonder why I think the art can be effective.

After my reseaches I have strong logical reasons for it.

First of all, Art touches a common heart of human,  our Emotional Intelligence and deep Subconsciousness. So the impact of an Art message could be placed to people so deep and make so long memory as no one official document could produce. When Art objects constructed correctly (be sure I do it correct) the message will be clear, understandable and long working.

The second reason is long term influence of the Art, which is important to cover a  period of time needs to make people aware and so prevent crimes, as in the case of CyberWar project. Such long terms supports what exactly an Art object represents. If it represents the significant problem of human history Art became a voluable part of it, carefullly treasured and well supported by media. Look at the history of Arts, and you will wonder how art historians investigated a smallest circumstance of life which inspired an artist to paint the object. All sketches, small drawings - everything becomes a witness of the real life process, real experience. That`s why Arts is one of the stones of human history, represents collective subconsciousness and events.

The third reason is media process. Look how many films about paintings, both fiction and documental. BBC and National Geographic are the best examples how to make people educated using both mass media and art resourses. I discovered it being a big fan of BBC and NG in all of it`s activities, especially in environmental and science subjects. Look how it makes people educated in simple but so effective way. It`s the great job. I am proud being a witness of how they do it. It`s not really easy, be sure. So…

The forth reason to make the project was my duty as I know it. Being born to be an Artist I spent many years to be educated in many fields, from math to literature, from medicine to martial arts,  from management science to psycholgy. It took all of my time from my 5 y.o. and I was persistant in every part of it. Not an easy thing. A hard thing actually,  with many losses, and it cost… oh yes. Martial arts cost me 2 teeth, once I had a strong kick on the low right rib and was unable to breath normally about a week. So painful it was because of nerve-knot. (So I know the place of such nerve-knot and how to cure it and several times was able to use that knowledge to help my friends). This is just one example. I am trying to say, all of my knowledge and experience is required. No one was a time loss. That`s why being a witness I asked myself what is the reason for it and what I can do to save many people from such process, as statistics shows me the process is dangerously growth every year. My CyberWar project is my answer. It was born from pain and real experience in real time while everything happens. It made it unique evidence, not just an inspiration. Also I made several investigations in psychology to learn what`s the internal reasons and how it work. My knowledge is the answer for why. And I want to make the knowledge as a weapon to protect, to help, to resolve.

In addition to it, I have several advantages in Arts which could be the reason for the CyberWar project to be well spreaded and the message well known. I have 2 strong advantages in arts technically. One is my innovative technigue I call AB Painting. The second is the style and philosophy covering it.  That two advantages produce not only a particular view of my paintings but an additional interest.

As I said before, CyberWar project consists of 2 sections.  Section-I is already finished and dedicated to one part of the crime pointed against persons with English language background, more for US, UK, Australian and Europeans. Actually I have 2 additional painting to Section-I. One is about the second victim, but it has a portret sameness and now I think about should I reveal it or not. The second painting exists just in my mind in order to finish the message of the seria in positive way, which is important to educational process. I will finish it in September.

 Section-II pointed on common CyberWar in wich everyone is vulnerable and I had the plan for painting, but didn`t finish it yet. Because the Section-I is much more important. Also it will shows should I put my own experience in Section-II or not.

Why I tell about it now?

Because the time to open the Project is not today. That`s why all paintings in my 2013 Gallery is shadowed.

Today, in Independance Day of US, which I respect, I want to claim my position.


The treasure of nowadays is correct information. It makes us protected, independant and safe. It can help us to grow without common mistakes using education and knowledge as a power.

So I do my duty and my mission to help and support education and knowledge with all of my power, my possibilities and experience I have right now.

Thank you for being with me.



Japanese Strategist Miyamoto Musasi
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Now I reread the great book "Miyamoto Musashi" by  . Miyamoto Musashi is the great Japanese strategist, swords master who invented his school of swords with new idea to use both swords simultaneously.

I like that book although it`s a fiction book, because it`s a lot of details, very well organized and full of interesting characters to analize human behaviour. Use two swords simultaneously was natural idea to Chinese mortial arts, for example our Wing Chun short swords, but for Japan it was a revolutionary idea.

Somebody from a publish house printed that book in Russian was so stupid to change the title of the book, because here it`s a few people only who knows the name of the hero. So the book was titled "10 Swordsmen" and I was wondered all time I read it why they use that title, it`s a couple times to all book to call as a "10 swordsmen" 10 best students of one swords school… Nevetheless this is the cover of the book.

Miyamoto Musasi is the hero of middle ages in Japan, also an author of 2 books. I like the movie about him too, because it`s very well done to feel the spirit. The movie consists of 3 parts.

It`s just a note to myself to remember several things I want to actualize. 

CyberWar Art Project: Being in and out
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Ok, hello everybody, I am here with you, partly in present  - partly in future. Actually I am doing 2 projects one time, one of them is CyberWar, and the second is about Adizes`s leadership development (see it in my next post)

Both projects are healthy, CyberWar Sections 1-2 now contains 24 art objects from 40. Art about Dr.Adizes`s leadership is in good heaalth too and contains 4 finished painting about life Cycle curve and about 17 in sketches. I friquently think about how it could be good to be an Indian demigod and have additional 4 hands! Because multiprocessor neuronet could calclete and generate several processes simultaneously as I usually do, but just one pair of my hands have to create the final product.

Oh my god, I am tired and want to swim in the sea! But if I did so I had no wish to work. That`s why I have no sea in order to be more effective that time, sucrified my deepest desire to my best duty.

Ok, this is the frament from CyberWar Section 1, I can`t show the result until September but as usual you can see such confidential parts of the painting, being a witness of the process online. Hopes you found it curious!

CyberWar: the Hidden History
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 May 2013 at 01:00 AM No comments

My CyberWar project will be presented widely later so I shoudn`t reveal it`s purpose and particular arts. But here it is a mosaic, fragments to show how the process is going on and on, each day.

CyberWar Art project covers two areas of our activity vulnerable to CyberWar - personal and public fields. That`s why I include many human figures represents human senses and desires in both sections. We all needs love, understanding, warm, friendly hugs ans passion. Everything concerns human personality is vulnerabl in Cyber War. So have a glance what is it - things voluable for each of us all times, tomorrow, today and past.

CyberWar Art Project: 19 from 40 made in April
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 02 May 2013 at 08:14 PM No comments

Today is the right time to make list of tasks to the May. During April I did 19 art objects for CyberWas project, mostly in big size. Actually it`s 17 for Section 1 and 2 for Section 2, so I prefer to reccognize it as a good result.

Also I did i painting to Dr. Ichak Adizes , having my plan to make about 20 painting deducates to his great system of management. I will start it for tomorrow because my imagination don`t allow me to sleep well until I do it at least 2-4 painting. So when Dr.Adizes will be here in Moscow it could be interesting to him to see the System visualized.

Also I did 1 painting deducates to my late grandma, Riva Chudnovsky, I`ll show it next post. I will continue that historical paintings later so it was the moment to point on it, observing her last gift to me - a candle to Shabbat. So it was the painting about Shabbat. So it is 21 painting during April. Really good result shows how productive I can be being concentrating to several concepts simultaneously and having no gaps in the process.

..And I made an additional planing to several subjects will starts just after my CyberWar project so I feel myself satisfied and full of driving force til my holidays smile

It`s a kind of feelings as you prepare to drive a spaceship, being unlimited in speed and space. So grate pleasant feeling to feel my wings flattering to winds, heopes winds of changes. I prepare everything well so now should have a rest, reading old good science-fiction, after new good 3D IronMan-3 film.



CyberWar Art Project: Next Step is ready
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 April 2013 at 04:19 PM No comments

OK, Now I have 14 AB objects ready to CyberWar Art project, 12 paintings for Section 1 and 2 for Section 2. Also I did 2 additional paintings deducates to another subjects… Multiple choice is the way multiple brai works! smile

Actually I feel a kind of pressure inside when I avoid to gain additional goals while I have a small rest from the general project. Making multiple choice that was means my subconsciousness work together with consciousness, making additional projects done in my mind before I have a time to realize it alive. It was a pain when many years ago I tryed to act as many people do - to do just one thing one time. But our brain has more, much more natural possibilities! As an additional project`s finished in my mind I feel a pause in current work, have a break and then, feeling refreshed, start to do the ready just from subconsciousness new one.

Sometimes I think about how it could be to see how exactly such processes works on MRT or something like that. May be I`ll be offered to take part in science brain investigation, it will be interesting for sure. Because as I feel something is ready I never do detailed sketches, or write a text without corrections. And without noisy thoughts too. Just clear crystal mind and my movement. Just move in divine balance, doesn`t matter whatever it is - painting, drawinf, ink sketches or text writing. No thoughts. Only movement of fingers and hands. Only keep breathing (sometimes I stop breath for 1-2 min). And feel divine equilibrium whet everything goes pretty perfect and just in time.

This divinity I feel in my painting. Nothing desturb me. Nothing could interrupt or make mass. Everything works in the same divine order as gravitation make things drops obeying beautiful natural order, represents by formulas.

How I love it!

Among all things in the worls, just three is always divine perfect: painting, dancing and sea.

CyberWar Art Project: From the Core to Periphery and Back
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 April 2013 at 10:54 AM No comments

Doing such big project I feel myself a kind of total, broadminded, sometimes enlighting by so many things comes together. One flash moment it was several nodes of the project I saw inside. It`s amazing. But how to produce it?..

A work alone so one pair of hands and obviously one head make me an annoying limitation in possibilities. While I`ve just started to make one, I feel several anothers much more better then in the sketches with planing. That`s why I have to organize my mind in the best way human mind could work. Thanks god it is a natural way too so I have no headache after it! smile

Seriously our brain possibilities it much more then we acustom to use. Using just a little bit more I can gain all results I want. It needs to keep mind control, of course, because of the nature of the project. Also health control so I do yoga and try to walk every day. Also a thing I call "project development controle". Because actually I have 3 current projects in my mind and the nature of my way to think is to allow it to manifestate itself any time. That`s why among CyberWar art objects I do anothers. Yesterday it was painting deducated to my late grandma, it needs to be polished and than I`ll publish it.

So many things raises while I am flying, excited by broadmind possibilities! So I can`t avoid to paint it. It seems to make my work harder, because needs time. But actually it makes me feel freedom of choice.

Oh such freedom! I breath it. I love it! I fly and swim in it!

How I am happy being able to express every thing in so different wayes!


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