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Climate Summit 2014: Go Ahead, Innovate, scale-up, cooperate.
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I was preparing for being the part of the global UN projects from last year, summer 2013, and now it`s going on. Now I`ve just make some quotes to mark the start and what is the base for my work.

May 2014: Abu Dhabi Ascent Links Prospects for Greater Prosperity to Action on Climate Change.


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said:

"I challenge you to bring to the Summit bold pledges. Innovate, scale-up, cooperate and deliver concrete action that will close the emissions gap and put us on track for an ambitious legal agreement through the UNFCCC process.”


 "Abu Dhabi, 5 May—Leaders from governments, businesses and civil society organizations meeting at the Abu Dhabi Ascent explored new approaches and initiatives that can vastly expand climate action. "

"Big Idea 2014: The Year for Climate Action: We can delay no longer. Our hopes of eradicating poverty, achieving the Millennium Development Goals by the year 2015 and implementing an ambitious development agenda beyond 2015 rest on tackling this challenge now. The costs of inaction will only rise…

Private investment is essential to meet the growing demand for energy in the developing world… But we cannot mobilize private resources without a public lever.  Smart public financing can encourage local and international private investments. Investors and companies need to join forces with the public sector."

"At the Abu Dhabi Ascent, representatives from governments, business and civil society are looking at the possibilities for engagement in nine action areas that are ripe for climate action. They include energy,  cities and transport, finance, resilience, agriculture and short-lived climate pollutants. ... It gives you a chance to experience the wealth of opportunity that exists so you can leave here ready to join others in acting,” the Secretary-General told the participants."  (This entry was posted in News and tagged on by .)

(Picture from the site )

From that UN activities it is clear the links between global processes, international movement, private investments and public sector.

If you are wondering why I started it, I will explain it in my next posts.

Stay with me to be a witness what`s going on.


Tired and Free
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Today I finished one long document. It finalized the story of last several months, full of struggle and activities. it is not easy to be involved in group dynamic. it was a lot of cases among people so many times I sweared to work alone as usual to keep my effective and efficient work style. Not the first phase is in the past.

I collected all evidencies in quotes and dates to allow people to see the system picture as it was and as I saw it. I wasn`t pleased with this job, especially the final document growth into 38 pages. But it was a nesessity for me to make my usual informational archive. And itis more nesessery for people involved to understand what happened and to witness the border between sustainability and competition.

So, we will move forward soon.

I prepared a big principal MindMap for the next activities. All core things are in it and all negotiations with specialists was made.

Now I am tired and empty in a good meaning of the word. Going for my everning tea, today it`s a new one, with chokolate flavour. Then to sleep.

Peony blossoms, so gentle, so glorious.


Creation and thinking: Fire Style, Water Style
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We all have different styles of thinking and performance. Sometimes we want to act in one style while a situation requires another. How to keep an appropriate mood having another in preset? One of the quick tool to analyze it is the Four Elements Cycle. Water, Fire, Earth and Air represents normal model of project work, also it`s useful to describe personal mind states. 

I can`t show my MindMaps for UN and others projects because of security,  so I have to illustrate the method of Four Elements by intuitive tools like drawings. Let`s have a glance.

My normal creative style is Fire. Today I have to perform water because projects I carry needs waiting to growth. The picture above represents two different mind states and two phases of project work: Water and Earth. This is my current state because I have to wait for more information and for the best time. I needs to collect all ideas in details, from many different fields and think about the way how to put it together. I must be vigilant for additional information and to check gaps in plans. That work requires much more preparation and time. It is hard becuse I still make no paintings and feel myself drought. But it`s required by the matter of new project work.

To compare Water-Earth state with Fire state just have a glance to my last year drawing.

One year ago it was a Fire time. I worked on Cyberwar, Section I Project which represents social processes and crimes in Internet. I was angry and sad all the time. It was the Fire energy. I was full with information and totally involved. It was feeling like a tornado of information and images cought me and made me whirled.

Even my photos seems un focused as if it moved.

It was the time I did 21 big painting in one month.

How? I saw it simultaneously. It wasn`t one by one, it was 10 then 10 plus, and more and more, all in my head. I made my blog posts about step-by-step process so you can see it here

I did yoga accurately in order to controle myself well. And I won. The Section I was completed.

This is the Fire Element. Fire Creative Style.

Although all painting in Cyberwar Section Inow are shadowed because of several reasons, all of it was created just in 5 weeks.

Analyzing the Fire process it needs to mention, Fire state is the visible part of previous Water state.

Now I am on the beginning of new things, even more then in my past, so I need to support Water state and restrict mysrlf from premature actions. I am waiting being busy with all the details.

If you want to act in Fire style but have to wait, of perform in water style, you should take care and keep some balancing training.

For today I utilize my Fire energy in Nordic walking with additional 3 kilos weights on my ankles. It works for good, although I adjusted for 3 kilo and so need to increase additional weights to 4 kilo minimum.

Also I decided to be back to my satin stitch embroidery practice. It requires very small accurate movements so helps me to control body and mind after Nordic walking.

Satin stitch is a nice activity with beautiful results. It`s very close to pencil drawing and develops persistance, accurancy and attention, because every stitch is different and needs to place it right.

I use lotus flowers and water view stitching over my blouse I painted long ago. The picture itself helps me to meditate and make steps from my Fire feeling good.

So this is the tool to check your life, how it`s going on. The Four Elements is one of the best tool to control project work and own mind state, so you can use it for your purpses with my example.

Now I feel Fire and need to make my Nordic walk before i`ll be back and make new MindMap. Thank you for being with me!

Hope the example will be helpful.

Effective Tool to Keep Right Path
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We are living in time of changes. Things right yesterday is not so for today. We are planing our desired future and found it comes not so quickly as other changes. Sometimes it is not clear how to keep own road in our activities in such uncertain atmosphere. So we need some tools to check what`s going on.  The first stage: start it unusually.

During my own experience and coach practice I developed several tools to use mind more effective. Today it is well known, our subconsciousness able to analyze things and make decisions, sometimes better then consciousness. That`s why I use drawings as the powerful tool to download tasks into our natural internal computer and then to check the result. Let`s start the practice.

In today example I am trying to answer the question: how to keep right path as you plan, making steps forward in uncertain situations.

The rule is: don`t plan what to draw. Don`t start as usual. Why? Because you want to know things you don`t know. That`s why I started from sleeve, not from eyes or head.

The direction of movement is significant. I can analyze all details of every drawing as I do during my coach practice. The way of drawing and the style to describe it, both are powerful tools to keep right decisions and to create new tomorrow from yesterday possibilities. That`s why you should draw slowly and make pictures of each stage.

2 stage: Personal Details. 

I realized this is nothing in my hero`s hands. Hands are empty. The gesture is something between dancing and expression of "So what?..". This is wind because long sleeves of the clothes are waving. And the hair style means this is a kind of mission. Sounds interesting… If you try to make the same, you will found a whole ocean of interesting details. Let`s enscript it and make steps forward!

The 3d stage: Environment on the front.

I was surprised about two rocks at the front. It has a good way between and it seems not dangerous. Now I see the clothes are short to allow the hero to travel easily. It means, everything prepared for good work, something in the middle between official and private.

If you draw the environment to your own hero, check your internal impulse. If you want to make it flat and wide, it means your path is more sertain as you feel it. So you should check things which could make you more clear about your decisions and results. 

If you feel it is no road to move your hero forward, it means you should make a pause to relax and then to think about it more. May be the road somewhere not far away.

The 4th stage: One glance to the wide picture.

If you are not so familiar with such experience, you could feel tension with the details. Tension and frustration close the gates from subconsciousness. So you should have a glance to the whole scene at the place you are drawing. In my case this is a special cabinet, the Bamboo Cabinet, with specially designed environment to make me more relaxing. So you can see a small water pool with lilly here, it makes me relaxing more then others. In your practice you can design whatever you want. Just to note, water containers with stones helps a lot (that`s why we are so relaxing being near a lake or at seashore).

The 5th stage: Make colors.

For such tool as decision-make drawings I recommend to use just several common colors. Just to narrow your choice and make the information more easy to read. For example on the picture you can see, I colored the rocks pretty dark. Also the color of the clothes isn`t bright. It seems as a kind of jeans. For me it means the situation is at work and pretty comfortable.

The 6th stage: the most bright details.

Previous picture shows a kind of dull space. But now you can see the halo around the head and hands, the bright band in the hairdress (i usually draw it so it represents my fire style of creation). Also I realized, the way forward is much more bright then the background. My hand draw bright green by itself.

The 7th stage: Adding details.

You can add all details your subconsciousness want to add. It will be significant and so you can decode the information. In my case this is unusually bright details ahead. It means I certainly know much more good in future then I feel now. This is the game our subconsciousness plays, to shadow one thing, to make accent on another. So we should assure ourselves about things we really able to know and ready to keep.

The 8th stage: Compare with previous state.

If you have some experience in such drawing, especially if you have a hero who represents you, it will be significant to compare today result with previous.

That year I did drawings so rare so my previous was 2 months ago. I did it as the same tool, to check my state and restart my internal computer to work on my tasks. If you interesting to learn my method by examples read about all of my drawings here

My previous state described here

Even without description you can compare both states easily. Ths is the gift of visualization: you can catch the perls quickly. So you can see, in my today state it is movement forward in work mood.

The 9th stage: Add texts.

AS I keep old Chinese style it needs some texts on the picture. The size, style of brush strokes, angle and others features of the text should be the part of the picture.

It also fits for modern style so you should add some texts relevant to the pucture you did. Texts could be in different manners: to support the picture, to describe hidden parts (feelings for exampla) or to be in contradiction with the drawing. Let your internal wisdom run the process and observe the result.

In my case this is supporting sentenses, all is on the background. It means I am moving forward well and just needs to keep the same direction and allows seeds of future projects to growth.

Also you can see, I eventually made green grass on the front much more bright and colorful. So the moving is right.


At the conclusion I should say a couple words what I am doing now.

I made about 10 mind maps describing my project for United Nations, in Sustainable development field.

Also I made all preparation to keep my Adizes system project well.

Making today drawins I was checking my own mind state and trying to touch the road one step forward.

I hope you can use the tool I desribed for own purposes. It needs just your will and several simple writing tools. No needs to make a special place or use traditional ink, brushes etc as I do. You can use a pen or a pencil, simple charcoals or aquacolors, whatever you have near you at the moment. You can use standard A4 paper of smallest. In my case it`s special long paper I cut into smallest peaces. But the same way I can use A5 or smallest if I am not at home.

The method works nice in all cases.

Thank you for being with me!

Hugs, Anna

Back to the power
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After so many hours of study, after speaking with people and reading books I feel myself dry. I desire be back to the misterious world which flows through words, beyond words and human communication. Liquig colors and light, movement, power and vibration. I desire it freshness. One glance:

The author of the video combines image and music creating a sublime vision. I enjoy every moment of the movie.

Today I will attend to the week of Arts conference. It will take 5 days. The last glance to their problems to prove my inventions.

Then I will go ahead, eventually make rocket-sky start with the top artproject.

Digging 2 books for some more info
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Preparing ideas to the project work I founded several books with my to-read mark and decided to check it. I was really surprised with both and this is number-one news of the last three days.


I like the manner they made research. The world becomes more complicated and needs much more interfield, interdisciplinary approachs to be underctanded. When the authors started with questioning, it is the same as to found points to measure voltage. I`ve finished the book and found   myself with the vision of the subject like channels and points for acupuncture. Invisible connections between so different parts of human body seems so similar with connections demonstrated in the book.

The principle how different things could be logically connected and so informative, and the art of right questioning are well proved in the book. Also I was pleased to read about economics in so pleasant style.  Good book. Also easy to read, 2 days.

The second book "SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes And Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance"

After the firsf book "Freakonomics" the new "SuperFreaconomics" is expectABLE GOOD. I was surprised and intrigues with Annica-Zelda experiment which make light to human behaviour more then several others books. I would like to add it into management course to show how things works.
It would be nice to read more about experiments with monkeys and Intellectual Venture lab, but I guess it`s enough matherials in internet.

So the book is really good, wonderfully easy to read and so short so I would like to read number three book one day.

So, what`s the conclusion? I founded several pros and cons toward current points for sustainable development. Most of them is scientific, but I am far away from making conclusions by popular reading in so complicated subject as Earth science. 

The books give examples of question development which can be useful for complicated processes. I am gratitude for it. Now both books are behind and after a short holiday it should be the next steps of the project work.

I`ve received my Sustainable Development course certificate
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I`ve received my certificate, with note "You earned 100.0%" in my Coursera profile.

I am happy! smile))))))

Thinking Globally, keeping Sustainability
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Today I am thinking about my global project concerns Millenium development Goals by UN and Sustainable Development goals. Touching energy of future such way it is so important to feel sustainability in all details. For me one of the most usual sustainable processes is tea ceremony. I have several sets for it and create new occasionally. Today I use my new tea set in jade green colors.

Small pleasures of tea cerelomy with appropriate tea brings me calm when I am trembling with the winds of ideas floating around. I use Milk Oolong because it`s milk fragrance made me peaceful and transparent.

Today we have cold rainy weeather, with wind, and my home is cold too… I would like to sleep all the day if I could.

But ideas knock into reality through  structures I can maintain by my traning in natural science. It made me more tension so it doesn`t allow to make smooth creation process.

I use my tea ceremony to overcome it.

This is Buddhist`s sculpture in Indonesian style which prey to my tea in jade-like cup.

On the second tea set you can see Sarasvati - Hindu goddess of Knowledge and education which is very close to me because of my professional field.

I love the essense of Hindu philosophy: many particular aspects gathers in one cluster which represents by many hands of Hundu`s gods. For example Sarasvati represents education so she carries all tools for classical education in her hands.

The beautiful statue, full of harmony. And I add the match tea cup to thet tea set.

The tea cup is from China, I bought it in my 3-d Shanghai trip. The technigue to finish the ceramics of the tea cup is very unusual. It reminds me old stones in Buddhists temples of China and Japan.

So, now I`ve finished my tea ceremony, finished some project planing and mind mapping, also some presentational pictures. Should I go to running in rain?

I guess I should force myself for it. Let`s see will I successful in it of I allow my laziness to win in such small things while big things has already done?


The Global Soup: Sustainable and Social Inclusive
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Sometimes the best ideas comes occasilnally while we are relaxing. For example Einstein had many ideas in shower. Small things frequently  turn to bigger ideas so I have my own sustainable practice to follow the life flow in order to see what`s new it brings. Several days I was thinking about global project with social inclusive and so it came smile .

When I`d finished several important things such as SD exam so had my quality time to relax discussing ideas with friends from all over the globe. My Fb friend from India had mentioned his wish…and the project started.

Anna: Do you know how to cook, Larry?

Larry Cooper: my mother taught me…yes…but I want to cook borscht!! I will try to cook borscht someday. With beetroot, cabbage, carrot and dill, beans and potatoes!

Anna: Borscht ? The red russian soup?

Larry: Yes, yes!

Anna: Wow! WOW!!!

I was wondering! My friend from India interested to cook Russian (Ukranian) dish calls "borsch" which my Grandma, Riva Chudnovsky, cooked so frequently! My god, I remembered how my grand ma did it, how my mom do it, I remembered even I am hungry and I haven`t eaten the borsch for ages!

Larry: it’s just the right time to have borscht now!!

Anna: i`ll run and check my fridge! seems some ingredients are available!

 I asked Larry to wait for 5 min, run to my refregerator and checked products. It was a miracle the beetroots was here, ready to use! Because beetroots is the most important thing to borsch, and a rare bird in my fridge. I was enlightened with the idea to cook borsch immedeately, using Instagram and Facebook to share images online!

On the first picture (above) you can see the beetroot and carrot, ready to be cleaned, and the pan with water and other products from the fridge. I`d published it and people started to comment: with cauliflower and Brussels sprouts it is not the RIGHT TRUE borsch, because it needs cabbage. But I had no cabbage at the moment! I was very lucky to have beetroot and one carrot for it! smile

My friend Maria Chudina asked me if the red product in the plate is meat.  She teased me because I am vegetarian so I was forced to make justification it was not meat, it was tomato slices I freezed.

I used the shredder to cut the betroot and carrot into small pieces. While the frozen cauliflower and Brussels sprouts boiled in the pan, I prepared beetroot and carrot to stew.

Here it is!

Put beetroot and carrot in a griddle with warm oil and stew it. Then put some spices and at the the last 5 min put tomatoes.

The most triumphal moment was I shown the image of spices I use.

Anna: beetroot is ready to fry it with some masala.

Larry: Masala ?? you use masala? very indian ...

Anna: kitchen king,  garam and several others

Larry: seriously!! Even we get kitchen king in India. MDH, oh my goodness!!

Yessss!!!! This is Indian masalas - tradition Indian spices. I use it everyday. At that moment new people come to my Facebook to participate the project which became much more global as we expected from the beginning!

Saneet Chakradeo: Try ‘Garam Masala’ instead of Sambar smile

Anna: Hi Saneet , thank you! I will put it! Just check how it`s hot!

I`ve already put Sambar, but I wanted to use the advice and so put Garam masala too. The soup became more global and more Indian because of hot spices inside!


More people from all over the world participated in the one single soup!

Raven Moondancer: Sounds interesting and yummy, Indian/Russian fusion food.

Maria Chudina:

Tatyana Shurtz: What do you mean: we support it from India?

Anna Chudnovsky: Hi Tatyana , it started an hour ago when my FB friend from India told me he wanted to cook Russian borsch. Then I realized I didn`t eat it for ages, so I started to cook immedeately the light vegetarian version of it from food I have in my fridge right now. My Indian friends comment the process so the Borsch becomes international with Indian`s support

Tatyana Shurtz: Oh, I gotcha, THEY support it, ok. Cool idea..))

So spices were put to the stewed beetroots with carrots and tomatoes and stew a little bit more.

It took time to make pictures and run to the laptop to write the experience on Facebook so once it was risk to overcook the soup. I took the beetroot and Co and put it into the pan with boiled green soup ingredients. Everything becomes red which is the main feature of BORSCH, from my point of vegetarian view smile .

In the small jar at the centre top you can see some tomato sauce, it`s without any additional salt etc, just tomato to put it to the pan after stewed beetroot.

 I like some acidic taste so I added several lemon slices into the pan. At the jar on the right you can see laurel leaf to add it in the pan to enrich the soup. My grandma joked, the person who found a laurel leaf in his or her plate will receive a mail so I like it.

At the plate on the left you can see cut green herbs like parsley. It should be added at the end.

My best cook critic, Natalya Vilyaeva: Something to make the angels weep!

Anna Chudnovsky: Angels? It`s so small amount of the soup to invite all of them!  So tasty so hot because of the masalas, I will cry from happiness! 8-)))))

Natalya Heinze:  ??? ????? ? ?????!
Ilona Mikhailenko: ???????????  ???????, ????????? ?? ????! ??? ???????, ??????, ?????????. ??, ????,  ???????!!!))) ????? ??????????? ?????????? ?????????! ? ??????????!

...So the BORSCH was cooked. As unexpected experience: it was great! Many people participated the effort on facebook and Instagram, making comments. Started from India and Russia the soup became much more global than we even expected.

Noha El Sheikh:  Post the recipe so that the globalization reaches Egypt

Nick Horslen: Yummy!! smile
Ari Yahya: Looks good!!! Share me ur recipe!

Cheryl Springer: Global soup! Nice idea Anna Chudnovsky!

Anita Venter: Looks good! you must patent this global recipe wink

Anna Chudnovsky: Anita , I am doing it, all in one post of thet great unexpectable experience! Let`s share it, we definitely are the first in the world!

So what we are meeting in such experience?

We all are here from over the globe to share one personal experience online, just the time it happened. How wonderful is it!

This the Integration process much more powerful and prospective then we can see from the first glance.

I will describe some analysis in the next post, with recipe of course!

Now I would like to express my gratitude!

 Dear friends, thank you to join our unexpected adventure!

We are the first in the world doing it so don`t hesitate to share the post on your Facebook pages to celebrate our union when 5 continents made the one Global Soup!


I mark as my Sustainable development course friends (SD friend), Adizes system friends (Adizes Sys friend), my student I tought management in intstitute (my student), real life and Facebook friends (FB Friend). So you can see, most of us are spreading all over the world but we can meet each others doing things in real time, in real world.

So this is our list:

Larry Cooper, India , who shared with me his wish and so suddenly caused the process (Sus Development friend)

Natalya Vilyaeva, Russia who is my best adviser in cooking (Sus Development friend)

Raven Moondancer , USA (Sus Development friend)

Noha El Sheikh, Egipt  (Sus Development friend)

Cheril Springer, Guyana  (Sus Development friend)

Ari Yahya, Malasia (Sus Development friend)

Anita Venter, South Africa (Sus Development friend)

Ilia Alomia, Ecuador (Sus Development friend)

Saneet Chakradeo, India (Sus Development friend)

Aditi Bhonagiri, India (Sus Development friend)

Emy Eman Tunisia, Tunisia (Sus Development friend)

Nick Horslen, UK (Sus Development friend)

Maria Chudina, Russia (FB Friend)

Miren Olano, France (FB Friend)

Giuseppe DI Palmo II , Italy (Sus Development friend)

Chigeira De la Rosa, Dominican (Sus Development friend)

Natalia Heinze, Germany (FB Friend)

Kasia Krasucka, Europe (Sus Development friend)

Lesego Mosetlheng, Botswana (Sus Development friend)

Liuba Trubitsina-Sukhanova, Russia (my student)

Ilona Mikhailenko, Ukraine (FB Friend)

Tatyana Shurtz , USA (FB Friend)

Sholpan Maralbayeva, Kazakhstan (Adizes Sys friend)

Sílvia Palaia, Brazil (Adizes Sys friend)

Olga Lopatina, Russia (Adizes Sys friend)

Ira Moskvicheva, Israel stud (FB Friend)

Natalya Mozhenkova , Russia (Adizes Sys friend)

Igor Chudnovsky, Australia (FB Friend)

Julia Bartnikiewicz, Poland (FB Friend)

Di Mp, USA (Adizes Sys friend)

Melanie Drury, Australia (Sus Development friend)

Tony Toledo, Philippines  (Sus Development friend)

My special thanks to FreeCat who powered the site with his mighty technogical goetic ritual


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