Sustainable Development

What are you doing right now?
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 25 February 2014 at 12:23 PM No comments

Hello everybody, it was so busy week so I didn`t write posts. Freecat the Wise, the best in the world IT specialist, spent his time doing upgrade to the blog. As a true cat he demonstrated his result (see previous post). He chose the most terrible cat so people could think I am crazy!..

 I was in shock too seing the roared hungry cat right on the first page of my blog!

Describing my past week I can say it was a tension to put my ideas in framework of future organization we want to create.

Also I was doing my coursera work watching lectures, answering quizes.

This is the first time I take care to make quizes to gain best result.

While spring is near, the weather was changing all the time so my head wanted to be stupid and made a kind of strike.

But I was persistant and did everything! smile

However I forgot to spell the word "quiz" for the picture it have a sense: such "quize" associates with "squeeze" feelings of last week. So let it be a kind of remembrance for the last week of winter.

Seriously, this is the first time I agree to move my painting plans to another month. Because many things call for my attention immideately.

I feel myself dry without painting, not so good but I can`t just do it part time. It should be as a sea, without narrow banks, so I can be far away from here, far away from anxiety, in pure creation.

Although I didn`t make paintings I spent my time planing what it will be that year and now choose the framework and the first project for it.

Now this is the time to be back to my new student life and to learn what is it for the Sustainable Development course, Week 6.

I`ve attended to Sustainable Development course by Prof.Jeffrey Sachs
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Hello everybody, that week I did many additional things to current projects and even more. My work in management and other subjects, business experience, group leadership and others comes together naturally.

So I am going to develop that way.  It is funny to feel myself as a student again. A diferent kind of education I like, just needs to understand internal logic how to learn better in the course framework. I attended to the Fcebook closed group of classmates, everyone is a skillful specialist and we all together develop ourselves. I have several projects to do with the group for the sake of sustainable development and did several efforts in that field. For example once I founded myse;f thinking about the group activities systematically so I did a mind map to the group how to develop it.

So many things. This is snow outdoor. I have to go and start painting just after I finish to make my conspect and my 3d Quizze.

“Green power” and Sustainable development
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Now I am preparing new plans to the year and check some metherials from places and events I attended. One of them is documentary from my 15 of January  visit to the expert discussion "Green Growth" and Sustainable development, Gaidar Forum, 15 of January 2014.

Energy is the source of life. Sustainable development is thing everyone wants.


Sometimes it`s a local task, for example sustainable development of myself, my family and perhaps a couple of my friends and my pets.


Sometimes this term covers a country.

For sure everyone wants own country to be stable and developed in a sustainable way.


Some people think about the sustainable development  to the whole planet.

About one year ago, I have the exectly date in my diary when I realized it first time, I had an idea to work with United Nations.

Now without any moves from my side, without a plan and agenda I am nearly it.


It starts from the report of Jeffrey Sachs  on the Green Growth section.

After the event, last week I suddenly found "Sustainable Development" course on Coursera  .


It was too much to feel it as a eventuality, so I attended to it.

The course is by Prof.Jeffrey Sachs.


Why I didn`t wondered?..


So about today.

Many students all over the world attend to that course. It`‘s great. And we realized we are strong enough to do something together. We run the group at Facebook from the students of the course to have the environment with the same background.


Two Different Ways to combine Business and Arts
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All round tables and expert discussions I’ve attended at Gaidar Forum were really interesting. I made a brief conspect using mind maps, now it will take some time to reflect on each of these events. Now I’m thinking about different approaches to solve problems that were discussed.  For example the problem how to integrage Business and Arts.

It seems the are two ways to carry out this integration.

First is to educate artists in business language so arts and design will be the part of  business. It’s a natural combination, and everyone likes to see user-friendly designed tools and make business processes more creative while they are using creative techniques from arts. From outside to inside, from an idea to a product. I did it in my business practice and later, in my lectures.

The second way is vice versa, from inside to outside. A business process bases on ruls, similar to the laws of nature. We can use our senses to feel such rules and how they change from one level into another,  and how the whole situation changes. Sometimes to encorporate new vision, new philosophy is needed. This is not a final product, but a kind of media which will produce energy. Energy and will are two starting powers for business. Business as a materialization of ideas. Then as result appear products or something else. It’s travelling from one mind state to another in order to find something new to nourish current activity. Or to choose one decision out our several. Something beyond words, powerful, thought provoking. 

This way needs another kind of art. I am currently on this way, wondering what insights will be revealed.

I am going to 2014 Gaidar`s Forum - sustainable development in the context of global transformations
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Hello everybody,

The reason I am trying to do as many things as it possible is the nature of time. The river of time never stops. Yesterday it was like a single lake without waves. Today it seems as a fast stream. Tomorrow it will be a huge flow of things comes somultaneously.

When a project is MindMapping and put into subconsciousness processor it will be developing during the period another things calls to attention.
I prepared everything to the new start with new gallery "LifeCycle Energy Dance", made Mind Mapping for 3 films, and started with new deeds to develop all of it.
Canvas prepared.
Frames prepared.
Colours - prepared.
Everything for filming - prepared.
Let`s go!..
But not at all.
... Now I was called to deducate a week for my family and to help my friends by my professional knowledge.
Yesterday I was invited to join 2014 Gaidar`s Forum  . This event is one of the major annual international scientific conferences in the field of economy in Russia. I will join it tomorrow for 4 days with all of my professional skills - as a scientist, journalist, also as an active member of society. As an Artist who can mirror the modern days situation in arts.
. In 2014 the Forum will take place on January 15-18 and will be dedicated to one of the most important modern challenges –  sustainable development. The conference "Russia and the World:  Sustainable Development" will focus on such top-priority issues as economic growth in the context of global transformations, its potential and effective management, risks associated with innovative entrepreneurship, new industrialization, contradictions of resource-based economies and controversial effects of modernization for the country’s socio-political and economic development.
I am really interesting to see everything through the prism of Adizes system.
It`s a pity to confess the delay with painting and filming I desire to do immideately.
It is happiness to be possible to do things important to the present moment.
Anna has many possibilities to keep an eye many things, just she wishes to have a little bit more hands to do everything in one time.
It is possible also, I hope.
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