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Happy Spring PG Cat`s Wallpaper
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 March 2015 at 10:38 AM No comments

Spring`s coming! That`s great! Many countries have a special day to celebrate spring, such a Female day 8 of March. So this is brand new, very fresh wallpaper with
Chinese proverb for that project : 爱不是占有,是欣赏 – Love is not about possession, it’s all about appreciation.


Download the Spring wallpaper directly

Having such an evidencce with a long-long history we are sure, the same problems existed long before, and the cure still remains helpful. Appreciation means stability, isn`t it? we can`t appreciate things which destroy our feelings of future and now. So, to have appreciation, it needs to gain sustainability of any kind. Sustainable development in local, personal scale is always the same all over the world: to make some insurance to keep power we are generating to  use it then for constructive purposes.


Sometimes I read blames, female tend to stability too much and it might stop progress. Literary, that`s a stupid statement based on fear and ignorance.

It`s just point, the areas of stability between male and female could be rather different. So, it needs to investigate what`s the areas and to learn how to live your life without making a damage to another. That`s a simple natural task animals are doing, living in different ecological niches, with different food sources. If you found you are so different, move apart. If you found you strength from that differencies, keep be together.

The point is, everyone need stability to growth, even to live, more, then unstable situation which are driving the progress.

It could be stable for 51% nesessity points of life everyone want: at least stable menue, stable good products, stable place to work and have a rest. That`s not a luxury, that`s the basics!

Then you have a good ensurance to keep your line in 49% of unstable situation. And when you have a really strong resources, includes intellectual and health, you can move history ahead, make progress etc. That`s only way. Just a simpliest math. Found essential 51% , minimum, to be the chief stakeholder of your own life. Found what`s really important things you should keep strong, and gain sustainability in it. Take care to make that sourses of energy clean and fresh, that`s iportant to make your own energy renewal.

Then, if you are able, you can move progress. Even if you choose to move chaos, it needs own stability. So, I wish you to have an exciting spring and found really important things you put on your appreciation board as the best source of your energy.

Appreciation is the feeling indicates, you gain so good level of stability, as a good bakc account, so you can drop your fears and competition for the energy sources, relax, and then move ahead.

So, appreciation will come without fear, so the main energy sources will be available to use that energy. This is the same as we are facing today with climate change: the basic need to understand how to use energy in more effective and efficient way in long run.

Download so many wallpapers from PG Cat here



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Japanese music everning: Sounds of Silence
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Being full-size artist, attended in early age of 5, I tend to be crazy. Being a scientist, I tend to be too much logical. That two wings need to be controled, well harnessed and managed to fly. The same way as a bird catch wind streams, I catch ideas, colors, sounds. It needs to be very stable at the centre to rule all of it. Not an easy thing.

It can`t be achieved by simple pressure or another partial strategy.

It needs to be flown as sounds of Shakuhachi fluite which came from China to Japan with Buddhism. (Unfortunately, I am not able to learn it by myself, but I enjoy it by records and live concerts.)

That pictures was taken from one of them, in Tea Club. The person with Shakuhachi is the fluite master who did for me my Bansuri fluite.

He plays classical Shakuhachi music, both ancient and modern, wrote by monks, performed y many people who are close to Buddhism, in many places from markets to concert stages.

That music, with lots of sounds of nature, sometimes arhitmic, sometimes so transparent so it barely listened, this is one of the best illustration of natural growth of ideas.

 I saw the strange metal instrument the first time. It sounds like very fine melody of space and rain, strange combination of self-resonance and clapping. Gentle and clear it fulfills all the space of the club, and I can remember it as clear as it is performing right now. Amazing. It flows me away of my concentration on neessity results. Sometimes I can forget it. Such music is like a fresh shower for my mind, forced to be too much attached to make every detail of the big plan in time.

Thanks to the performers who got us such a pleasure.

The master of fluites is my friend who is constantly posting his new fluites and records with his music, welcome to listen it, welcome to touch, welcome to try.

Sustainability is wisdom, wisdom is sustainability
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 February 2015 at 11:37 AM No comments

If we ask ourselves, what is really sustainable things produced  by mankind, you can see: it is culture, wisdom carefully preserved in proverbs, arts. All of this things became stronger with time passing. Click the picture below:

Today I would like present you Chinese proverb about education: "Jade must be carved and polished before it becomes an ornament, man must be educated before he can achieve great things"
from the new Wallpaper seria: "Sustainability, Culture, Wisdom" which is created to return treasures of human civilization in our everyday life.


In Chinese:


We are living at the edge of changes, in turbulence. It requires to make out unsustainable, wrong things which produce mess and waste. Also it requires to nourish right things which are the base for sustainable development. It is important, the first time in human history we are trying to manage our limited resourses in wise way. We are seeking sustainable solutions, to control waste, to found smart decisions,  pioneering solutions, to build new nechnologies, to overcome the dark size of our nature.

It is strange to see, how blessing of Internet technology leads people to debt about importance of education. It is unsustainable to think, that downloading texts and copypasting concerns education. HUman brain have to proceed a question to produce own decisions and it changes it`s structure for better, professional shape that way only.

That seria of wallpapers with the New Sustainable Hero PG Cat in light modern languige of graphics reminds us about great things which are so important to help us every day, to help us to overcome past and to build the better future we want for ourselves, to our close and distant curcle.

Let`s download 1920x1080 wallpaper here

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2015 Happy wallpaper for Growth
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 February 2015 at 11:19 AM No comments

Hello everybody, today I would like to present you the second concepf of happiness: growth. Click the image to download:

Everything changes. All living processes aregoing in two directions, up and down. We are changing with time, having our aims gained and overcoming challenges on the roads we choose. Everything is in dynamics, even if we want to stabilize it, sometimes to freeze. So the most important thing is to keep positive gradient of changes, to keep growth. When you have done an aim it is good to have prepared another, sometimes just to keep moving, sometimes to make transition to the next, higher level which was prepared by everything you have done.

Sometimes circumstances around comes into configuration exceptionally good for new deeds. This is the lucky chance. So you will take it as well as you are prepared. This is the definition of happy growth and growth of happiness: o keep positive dynamics being stable. That wallpaper was made from bamboo colors of green, with bamboo symbols, because bamboo is the most quickly grown plant which is also resistable to weather changes and keep green all of the time.

So that green screen represents a kind of a complimantary team with the first wallpaper in red. Green and red as symbols of prosperity. I wish you the best, download the wallpaper from here

Keep calm and move ahead smile

2015 Happy Wallpaper
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 February 2015 at 11:41 AM No comments

Hello everybody! Do you know the meaning of red color in most human cultural all over the globe& it is the same:  from ancient times, red color recognized as color of life, joy, happiness, energy, new start. At the first several days of new year it is good to attach ourselves to it. Click the image below to download:

Here it is a new wallpaper, especially for Happy-New-Year period. Symbols of energy, wisdom and good luck are here: red lanten from Chinese Spring festival, lucky PG Cat with "Happiness" hyerogliph on his neck and on his cap, actually it is  official governer`s cap in old Chinese culture, the symbol of bright career as the result of self-education and development.

We all are living in the times of changes, whatever we think about it. It is no choice better then to educate ourselves and to catch our best chances. That`s why here you can see an old Chinese proverb with very modern sybbol of free sustainable green energy: wind mill.

In new year I wish you to keep the stream and to use it in the best sustainable way.

You can download the full screen wallpaper here

The end of the Lunar Year: developing the Bridge
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 February 2015 at 12:29 PM No comments

Hello everybody, tomorrow will bw new Lunar Year and I am happy to confess, the projectwork is going on in good shedule. Such a relief! At the present stage I am ready to make transition to the new year with new levels of aims and gain all of it.

This is the feeling of spring, new ascendense, blossoming, so special to LUnar new year which calls Spring Festival. A little bit more and all will be ready!

That time I force myself to keep in eye blue sky without clouds and sun which shining. It seems so close to spring and summer so I can hear waves of sea splashing on Liapades seashore. As I filmed is in so many views, I can remember it in details, that`s so sweet so makes me rest during work. Also I am thinking to visit China and South Korea soon, may be also Japan, and my planned visit to UK. Anyway, it will be a remarcable year!

Kepp it going, just keep it moving all the time!

In the reality we have now snows and minus 10 degrees. Not so cold but cold enough. So I am staying in my stidio most of the time, making new arts and films.

The message is clear: it doesn`t matter what`s your surrounding looks like at the present moment, if you keep the vision what it will be naturally soon and what you will do to make your own road ahead.

One day before new year of the Goat which is definitely mine, as I am a Capricorn. I will prepare things for tomorrow when I finish my today tasks. smile

The end of the Lunar Year: creating the Bridge
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 February 2015 at 12:53 PM No comments

Helo everybody. Have you ever imagine how important are our calendar events? It make our 75-years long race divided into natural stages we could count and evaluate. It is important to do it t the end of each natural period to keep moving and get new level in aims to the next period. Now I am creating the Bridge from 2014 creation to 2015.

New level of technology. New level of filming. New level of music. And new level with the same desire of creation. I am creating the bond between the core idea which produce everything, from painting to music, which I am making embodinment, nd the different results which represents it. New level of Climate Change project is starting. This is the bond, this is the bridge which`s started.

The story becames different from last year. I can` tell more now, according to the general plan, so the news will be around the project. It is going on. I have a huge plan which need from me more then yesterday. I hae to educate myself in different fields far away from my yesterday tasks. Several programs I have to learn and use is completely scaring by interface. But it was the same with soft I am using to make my films. I overcame it. I will overcame others the same way. Having the bond with the core idea, keeping the bridge between projects and having support of my friends and universe, I will do it.

One more post before the Lunr New Year comes and new period of life will start. I wish you to use that time, 3 days, between your past and your possible future, to create all bonds and bridges which will support you to gain more, to feel wider, to create new aims and get it. I wish you to bridge yourself for tomorrow you shoose.

This is sustainable way.


Happy Valentine Day! Updated :)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 11 February 2015 at 03:48 PM No comments

Sending Love: Happy Valentine day for everyone!


Every day worth to send you love in any good way you choose.

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Welcome New Lunar Year is Modern style, lol
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 11 February 2015 at 04:26 AM No comments

Dear friends, here it is Happy-New-Lunar-Year greetings in  modern style. Funny, lively, available in two versions (full and mobile), in two languages (English and China).

2015 Chinese New Year Best Wishes (Full version, English) by PG Cat  

For everyone who are in search of something fresh to have fun and make joy to your friends. And after all, for everyone who loves cats! smile

2015 Chinese New Year Best Wishes (Full version in Chinese) by PG Cat  

And two mobile versions:

2015 Chinese New Year Best Wishes (Mobile version, English) by PG Cat    

2015 Chinese New Year Best Wishes (Mobile version in Chinese) by PG Cat  

The new video greetings dedicate to Valentine will be soon. Wish you the best!


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