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New project: Construction in Progress. New office of HSBC bank
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 19 April 2017 at 10:37 AM No comments

 According to BBC news , ‘The headquarters of the personal and business arm of HSBC bank will relocate from London to Birmingham…The bank said about 1,000 jobs will be transferred from the UK capital as part of the move, starting in mid-2017’. It is exciting to see how their building is constructing step by step.

Currently I make pictures and sketches of the growing building of HSBC office:

An elegant shape of the future building:

Currently I have got several sketches and lots of photos I made during last 3 months, observing growing building from Birmingham Library. Some people could think it is not so interesting for an artist, but in fact it is real time important process which is making huge influence to the whole region. With my business experience I am able to feel the energy which comes from ideas to real world, making changes, making impact in short and long run. It is really exciting! I am going to make several paintings based on the real event, documentary pictures and sketches, and also on my feelings of the development.

The progress in construction is visible. Every week they are finishing a particulat part of the building. I am wondering how many changes I will found when I be back in Birmingham after two weeks abroad!


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How the Unknown Stone Object (USO) was put into the pieces of Art
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Unknown Stone Object was discovered inside  cleft of the natural stone laying in the sea far away from the seashore. It was challenging to found it, and more to make the pieces of art. Discover the pictures from the scene:

It was challenging for a number of reasons, includes weather conditions and light. several times I was near to fall down into the sea and lost all of my equipment. Several times my special color, which is visible in X-rays, dried right on my brushes. To keep the enviroment clean was another challenge. I payed great attention to think in advance how to do it and take special care during the whole process.


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Annamain`s Instagram personal account
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 01 March 2017 at 04:49 PM No comments

Hello dear friends, for many days I have been so busy so just fall asleep after finishing the nesessery work. Currently I am on the go, preparing steps for the development, sketching in airplanes etc. I would like to contact with you on Instagram to deliver the most fresh news, click the pic with link to my personal Instagram account:

Unknown Stone Object (USO) Genuine Profile, RAW format. Live Report
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 27 February 2017 at 04:44 AM No comments

I invented a new format of painting especially for the case when something unusual could be discovered. More then 6 years I spent for my search in many places. Eventually it`s succeded!


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ActiveBase Art, Growing potential
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 February 2017 at 10:56 PM No comments

2016 year was remarcable for the whole of my artistic career: I`d found Unknown Stone Object in the Ionian sea and then completed my ActiveBase Art Spectrum with perfect Yelow level. With special color which I`d made visible in X-rays I created the new RAW format painting of Unknown Stone Object.
It was a hard job!

Growing potential is a real power. In Information Era it is important to know how it is developing. My own style, technique, philosophy and finished works represent the whole ActiveBase Art spectrum. I made that digital collage from my 2011-2016 years artworks (from different projects, with fresh USO Genuine Profile at the center).
Pictures form the sea turtle shape. It links to the idea of the earth staying on the shell of great turtle swimming through the space, mobilis in mobile.


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ActiveBase Art: 10 years of development
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 February 2017 at 11:05 PM No comments

It is a long story to invent something new, especially for long run. Projects which suppose to be effective and efficient in both short and long run  take all personal resourses. More then 10 years I was developing new system and made art prototypes for it:


Projects for social good and business:


Representing 7 levels of ActiveBase Art Spectrum:


In the nearest posts I am going to shom my last adventure. The Yellow level of ActiveBase Art Spectrum are fully prototyped with a very strange thing I discovered during my researches. Keep in touch, dear friends, news are coming soon!


Happy birthday Annamain!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 08 January 2017 at 03:58 PM No comments

Hello dear friends, today is my birthday. Many things are going as it was planed, I`m so happy about it. Observing my previous life the is an allegory from three of my 2011-2012 paintings:


Today allegory is:

Through many obstacles, so many tryes, attempts, researches, desire to grow own potential and to open new road for many people in short and long run.

I am glad it happens. It took much more time then expected, but who cares when things eventually take the exect shape? It is the same process as to curve a statue from stone which requires so much care and so much strenght, and the strongest will to gain aims. For today I allow myself to have a short rest and good 8 hours sleeping (however not sure about that one). Happy birthday, Annamain!


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Strong source breaks stones
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 14 December 2016 at 05:55 PM No comments

That year is so significant to everything I am doing so it needs to make a kind of balance sheet to the previous tens of years. I was born with a vision and was developing it despite of vacuum and agressive pressure from outside. In my 14th y.o., 1986, I was drawing Windows World.

I felt it as a world full of windows and different dimentions which are linked to each others. The message was clear for me and I was trying to found a new way to express it. The pictires was cut in different pieces to put different pictures over each others.

If I had felt pens, or just a good colors when I was six, I would try to made the same drawings in six. Unfortunately it was zero to buy: no books, no felt pens, no colors and no brushes. Zero information. Terrible. We had no money also, my parents was PhD Math scientists  wich means they experienced lack of all kind of resources, literary poor. That times my mother sewed for us and made knitting. Our grandmathers helped us with food sending it from 6000 kilometers where they lived, to our snows. 

I was depressive and unhappy for tens of years because of being far forward from the dull reality.

Everyone who observed my pictures was in shock because it was a complete contrary to the majority agreed to be dull.They said I was crazy just because nobody did it like this, nobody used so bright colors and especially the subject. Nobody cut holes in paper. They said I should stop it and became normal.

I stopped to show my art instead.

5 years later they still told me it was against everything. In addition publish houses answered it was not possible to cut holes in published books so I should forget it and be normal like others. "Drop it and relax," they said.

Yes, it was impossible in 1986-90.

Today, in 2016, more then 20 years later it is a normal practice.

Through more then 30 years I tryed more and more to learn what exectly my vision meant and how to express it. A power, yes, because I had it from my birth. The same power as a source which overcomes kilometers of ground and stones to reach the surface, to meet sun.

I had my high education in Physics to study how our world works. With high Math I trained my mind to speak correctly and accurately in the highest pure language for abstract things which describes the roots and essense of our reality.

I studied Kung Fu to learn how human body could accumulate, focuse and control the power. I did self-study of Eastern and Western philosophy and religions to search the truth. Sometimes it was incredible hard to found books. Some of them was given to me just to one night to read. Speaking poetically, it was some kilometers of stones to overcome.

It was many other disciplines to learn and a lot of own researches to make, because time shows I was right with my endeavours.
With time passed I gained more to remain my own source.

In nearest future I intend to make a gate for many other people. Writing this post I would like to confess how important a human path is in general and in all of the details. Analising your own you could found sources and keep in touch with your own power. Analizing my path you could found something helpful for your own.

Keep in touch!


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Seething Power
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 11 December 2016 at 02:48 AM No comments

Have you ever experience such a feeling as great river of power which was locked for a long time is seething, demanding to come into reality? Feeling yourself as a gate for new future, the source of new possibilities? I experienced this feeling from early age and I stiil have it right now.

My 14 years old pictures:

It is hard to be an open gate, having so much, withvision and still have to wait. I am in my new place, in studio, full of plans, with so many ready projects and so much of new information. And I am still waiting for the last details. Small things concentrates around me more slowly then I desire. My studio everything still on the go. I have to lock power inside my mind, boiling, while it is ready to become real in big paintings, right now.

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