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2015 Gallery`s opened!
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2015 Gallery`s opened!

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The Process`s s started: Art Olympia International 2015, Climate Change and PG Cat
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Today is the right time to reveal the beginning of the new story which will lead to great changes perfectly reflecting our time. For that strategy I participated Art Olympia 2015 International Open Art Competition Paris (for all Artists outside of North and South America and Japan) with my official Statement and works designed especially for that case in Fabriary 2015:


My Artist`s Statement:

We are living at the cutting edge of changes.  For the first time in history, human activities are changing the world in global scale. Big companies, governments, communities, cultures, local people and individuals - everyone faces the necessity of the transition from local to global interests. How it could be done? Now it`s time for new solutions! Time to integrate art and science in skillful, respectful collaboration and let them serve the global purposes together.

I am artist since I was 5 years old, also I am Master in Physics, Ph.D.Ecomony, have substantial experiences in business management same as volunteering in social projects.

I`ve developed a new concept of art which allows it to deepen it`s role in s human society. It is global aim,  which can serve for the sake of each country. It fits the UN Millenium development goals. With this power we can allow changes to progress in the most productive, sustainable way.
Two of my paintings was designes as the logical model of Universe: two subsystams, Objective and Subjective interferes with each others.
1 - The Big Picture- Climate Change and PG Cat
2 - The Small picture-PG Cat and ClimateChange
Look at the screen for my Artist Statement and the descriptions of the both of the paintings:

Just to note it briefly the first time, both are created in unusual technigue I developed to represent very new concept of information. (I`ll describe all the details a little bit later).

Now I am near to finish the majority of my innovations, prototyping it and then to collect all of relevant datas into the new direction of Arts as I wrote in my Statement. That`s my historical mission as others founders of new directions did. I am different from them just in one position: all I am doing have a good proved base by science approachs and a good moral position for constructive future in short and long run.

Just now I would like to show how collective subconsciousness work to write the screenplay of human history, and how we could read it by our possibilities.

Look at this. Confused Kitten, the new selebrity of Internet

It is just 8 months old and carry the same idea with the same face expression as my PG Cat. They both was born that Febriary. Confused by life changes PG Cat:

Our future is near.

We can read it. we can embodyment it the way we feel right. And the first people who do it became a historical figures, with names in history.

Historical forecast and back-casting, when we plan our future based on real today events and put our best efforts to make all we want to see, all we take as the right for us and our hairs.

Out-of-subject, subjective art is out-of-date, it lost it`s potential long ago. time to make historical changes for the sake of the best today and the best for tomorrow. Today it is the seeds I carry for the long years of my biography, years of education in science, business and arts, years of practice and communication, 16-hours per day work and insights.

I will make it spread to growth among young people who want changes, who have something new to say concerns the actual knowledge and life, trends, and to businessmen who have their ideas to be historically presented by arts in professional way, in good collaboration.

I want to make a new professional union between Arts, Science and Business to benefit with that new direction in arts every country.

That`s really important: by my global approach I always careDon`t attach me to the geography I am staying now, as well as to the country I was born by a chance.

Don`t apply to me sthereotypes and common roles. I am out all of it.

So now I have to say about things which is stable.

I am the person who cares about global process, I am a World Citizen accumulating the genetics by my body; education, soul search and mind set of East and West. Knowledge and meditation, religions and common sense, theory and pragmatic in practice. With all of my friends from all over the world.

And now, today I have the base to claim it clearly.

This is the way how true arts and Science works.

The process`ve started in official way. Stay with me and be the first who will benefit and win!

Nature-In Project in Progress
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Today I`ve finished some experiments with matherials and effects and start the next stage of my Nature-In project. The special feature of Nature-In is it was started exectly the place was painted and contains all elements of the nature around, includes solt water of the sea, surface of the stone and sun which dried my colors right on my brushes.

Look at the picture:

That rock is in about 500 m from the seashore, I swam to it by my own, with all the things I need to paint the project.

But this is the exect challenge. I wanted the nature comes into my painting, and I wanted me to be souled in that nature, to be melted with that place I love.

A lot of experiments with matherials etc, and it still needs to make some tryes. You can read about the beginning here   while I take my efforts to develop the technigue. Innovations costs a lot. 

Let`s see what it will be!


Pre-born Vision: the way how brain works
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When I took my lectures about brain work, I realize how it`s important to learn such things in time. Human brain has much more mutability then our bodies. Some people are  born with additional fields of brain, and in fact we have more then 5 senses. We have 19 specialized brain fields for perception, includes gravity, angle, pressure etc. We have much more then shows in everyday life.

It explains all of my struggle for my vision I used to have for the most part of my life. Here it is several of my first art works. I did it in my 14-16, the time I had my first kit of faber pens.

It was a gift among grey dull colors of soviet damn reality. I took it by a chance because it was unable to buy in the country closed for any external connection. Terrible years, a half of life of being blind and mute I`d never want to repeat. Ideas which grew in my mind was so different, even opposit to the reality, so it was a challege just to survive looking close to average. Even libraries was limited that time. I took my time in education - the only free zone I can found. I took my music school in violine for 9 years, 6 days per week, then my formal art school education, rather useless, I finished it in 2 years instead of 4. Then I took medical education, includes anathomy, for a 6 months because I wanted to be a neurosurgerist, actually a neuro scientist. I desired to know the truth.

As you can see on the pictures, I made my drawings with gaps. That is the part of my vision: Universe is full of windows and plates, ideas, movements which are existing simultaneously.

If you put all the pictures of that period which I did before my 17 y.o. together, you can see a new picture in the gaps of previous. This is the vision. All ideas exists in one time just in different fields.

Good people explained me how I was wrong, because no such colors in the world and no different worlds, just look around and enjoy shadows of grey as others did.

No way for me to take that life.  I covered all the pictures and stories behind carefully to hide it. Some of them was stolen later.

It was a half-life full of pressure. Not so easy to resist when you are 16 and everyone around are against. That time I developed the exect style I can tell things: you can see the all signs from the beginning:

And here, even in human-like figures:

And here, in portrets I did 10 years later:


It was the same. Something important was the same, hidden in each work, in each vision.

In medical school I realized it will be no development here, then I was back to natural science and won several math competitions, then became a student of Physics. Radio Physics was the only multy-disciplinary field with wide range of Physics included. My target was the same: to learn the truth, how the universe moves and what exectly my vision means.

I realized it being a Physicist by my first education. It is Power Lines and Fields. Black strokes is the power lines with the same message as magnetic power lines represents magnetic fields :

Fields around represents by colors, living, moving active colors I paint, represents the same message as power fieldsin physics, for example Kirlian

Many people threat Kirlian`s photography as an aura. I don`t tuoch that subject because of so many charlatans around it.

But for my senses, ideas is the same matherial thing, they have power lines, fields, they carry information and message. This is the point. All things in nature is meaningful. Look to that Kirlian`s picture of flower.

If I had that knowledge earlier, I would be a happy person. But I received it much later, so my beginning was miserable and sadness, except my painting. All painting has stories behind because I know exectly what it was.

Melting power, changing fields, gigant pressure as the physical processes inside stars, hot plasma:

That picture was about time. I made several poetry to describe more. Time which ruins all artificial and melts all organic and how it connects with information:

That painting names Meditation. The way for different mind to be stable and carry it`s ideas is to stay in the middle. This is why I am Theravada Buddhist. That`s why I keep my mind stable and antifragile. Staying in the middle we can be a witness how ideas comes and passes, make changes, growth, mutate, changes again, being stable by internal natural power.

That memory about things I overcame, and the root things which is so powerful so feed me all of the time of changes, struggle, search of knowledge, keep differencies which is natural and search for others, brothers and sisters, that memory keeps me going on and on. The new direction I am developing will open new areas and new vision for others who can develop it more. If you feel different, keep it with respect and make your own search for the answers.

You can see more in my Root Gallery which is my attachment to the initial power I belongs for

Thank you for being with me!


Sustainability is Antifragile, so use it
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Exectly in time, about how to win in our fast changing times. I am writing so many posts about neuro-network and how to turn it work into specific mode which use changes as a fuel. Today I would like to present you the book by "Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder"  

It is exellent to frame things I am working on and exellent to improve everyone`s capacity to win.

I`ve read it by my Shanghai friend`s recommendation. Among many blah-blah-blah books, full of words, pretending to be sure and helpful, that one is exellent just from the beginning. It postulate the primary role of unpredictable processes and how to use this power. I remember my Physics education about Chaos processes, and my arts bacground which works on the raw power of processes seems as chaos. It works.

It needs to learn how it works. It needs to be operating because we all have  our instinctive and mind capacities for it. All things in the world, all of our technical progress, and our medicine, even the way our bodies work, all of this is the winnng result of risks and antifragile of our system. This is the real sustainability. This is the confession of the raw processes of our world.

Put any crysis into that terms and you can see how it work. You can see how you can handle it in your own private case, which is much more important if we unable to influent large inertial systems, such as political movement. Do things rught aroud you first, then make your curcle wider.

Being a writer of several books, I am happy to know that somebody else already put things into writing form and get into official use the terms which are one of the most important criterias for processing. The term "Antifagile" is really good to operate. I remember,  descriptions in math and physics is not so good. So, here it is the ready-to-operate system of criterias, rather easy to understand and to use, both for personal and business areas. Recommend it for everyone who want to win in our fast changes times.

As it is widely spread, I am happy and feel a kind of relief as somebody did a part of great common job. I am happy reading it right now.

Remaining Feeling of Stars
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Just to remind myself about stars and aims I must not forget among everyday small things. Now,  after a day with gongbi painting study, and one terrible software I must to learn, with all of that smallest things, I am thirsting for stars.

Last month I took some lectures about brain morphology. It provided me with important knowledge how we are different just by our birth, having the same appearance we have our brain so different by structure, so it brings us completely different languages of feelings and different life maps. It explains scientifically many things I have by my own experience, so hard to describe and more hard to be understandable. It even have no words to describe properly. This is about core source of energy.

But all of us could be connected with it by multidisciplinary approach, a combination like in video.

That`s why I am painting. That`s why I am filming and prepare to make own music. That`s why I studied Physics and even now keep in touch with science. And more.

Artists who are investigating and inventing new directions, know it. Scientists, who want to see the horizon and above, know it.

That feeling, more powerful and bright then every another experience, more light then just a clear mind, and more broad minded… that feelings which reconstruct new picture from fragments, new synthesis which had never exists before, and then will be copying by others, the world puzzle with all knowledge, power, movement, colors, excitments, tides and low tides, moon and sun, trees, and all concepts melting in one core idea, beneth all words, above all human concepts, which all are a an outcomes from the core, all of this, it exists.

Music, colors and dancing is just a different aspects of the Core. It exists simultaneously, ethernal.

Everyday small things turns people out of that experience which many of them associate with religious feelings. Human religions is a consequences of the core, that`s why all of it belongs to the core but then run into different aspects. That`s why people should learn more and found the core. It`s shining. It provides us with raw pure power, allowing to create new better decisions in many fields. That`s why it is much more then just a temporary wish, or private opinion, or will for own interest. It exists without any interruption, just our mood doesn`t allow us to keep in touch.

So, when you want your own power back, or need power to provide your ideas into reality, listen stars. Found a music or a video which can bring you that feeling of vision above, touch your spirit and then move ahead, keepint it through everything everyday.

Wish you the best.

Anna who are refreshing by the music ahd now going to run and feel the stars.

Happy New Year 2015!
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Dear friends,

today is the edge between last year and the new one. It shapes our experience into pieces so we can count it and remember clearly.

All things we was doing during last year form steps to the new one.

This time it is good to feel what was exciting and important last year. The same way to catch, what was the new steps we succesfully passed. And remember what efforts we did to gain our aims, what obstacles overcame and may be to feel joy as a winner.

This is important to personl development, to turn out neuronetwork to proceed things in better way. So we are the best supporters for the best future that way.

That place I did my first NatureClose painting as the part of Climate Change 2014 project. It wasn`t so easy to visit that place with all of equilment for painting.

Many uncounted obstacles worked against.

Some things I planed wasn`t so easy as it seemed during planing. Some was changed during the process. Just as a small example, I counted the time in wrong way and sun started to dry colors right on my brush. The shadows worked against, being too dark on the direction of the canvas. And wind was strong that day to blow everything out. One time it happened. Then I founded stones you can see on the picture, and it wasn`t a trivial task as it seems.

Now it is funny to remember how I straggled to catch everything and don`t allow it to be blown or dropped. The obstacles I overcame turned me into new direction of thinking. It will be really interesting!

It is so important to catch the moment of bright aims in nearest future while I must work without a break to finish everything in time.

I am glad to see on that picture what exectly I did.

I wish you, dear friends, to found some pictures which relresents the best moments of your 2014 year and carry the message of future development.

Wish you to keep health, of course! Thank you for being with me!



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