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World Culture Pro: Antifragility in proverbs
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 27 November 2015 at 09:35 PM No comments

In our times of changes everyone needs reminders to prove your choice. We live in the world of information put into pictures, so here it is several Antifragile Infographics:


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Projects require a lot of work. Let`s add some fun!
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OK, I am in Birmingham full with project work. That time it`s great to have some mind relax with humor and to share it among collegues:


Lots of PG cat`s MEME TEMPLATES for your own emotions and thoughts

Hard times require extra-attention and own Antifragile strategy
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We are witnessing how the world boiling. Social institutes in old forms are under the pressure of changes. That time extra-attention became your own duty. It means to save things you believe and to develop better world, keeping own Antifragile strategy. Three universal basics for it:


Meme templates to say what you really want

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Winter`s coming, let`s have some Antifragile fun
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Antifragility growth from our body and mind set. To gain power to make changes it needs to pay attention to our wild nature. Memes with cats remind it.  In fact, cats are the new hero of our times, so everything you  want to say gains more attention with cats, especially with that special one, modern, funny, creative:


More PG Cat`s meme templates for your own thoughts   

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New Ready-to-Use MEMEs to serve your communication
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 October 2015 at 01:47 PM No comments

 In modern informational reality cats are delegated to express people`s opinion in many cases.  We`ve invented new format of memes to serve your communication. Here it is new collection of 31 ready-to-use memes about motivation, job, taxes, politics, sex and cats:

For memes templates:    PG Cat`s Imgur and PG meme templates

Previous posts with PG Cat`s memes: Special seria of Memes for your Antifragile impact and Humor rules! Use memes to make you Antifragile impact

The reason to use cats for memes is strong: people need somebody who can express things in which we are too much involved.  Our civilization bases on emotional controle about everything so it needs somebody nice and funny to allow people to say their opinion in safe way and make that opinion shared by many people. That`s important. For example that collection of ready-to-use memes have several memes about politics in general, cost of life and taxes. Not everyone could say this by own name, but when an appropriate cats are saying this, it became much more ready for shares then just words. The fact of modern reality is, people needs somebody to carry their message. Our special memes are serving that need. Use them, express yourselves.

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Special seria of Memes for your Antifragile impact
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 August 2015 at 12:47 AM No comments

Hello dear friends, today I would like to present you specially designed memes-emoticons in 2 collections and 8 templates. Collection with Chinese-English famous sayings always gain attention:

Meme templates for positive humor:


Meme Templates to express your emotions:


Meme Templates to underline your sceptical opinion:


Meme Templates to express your feelings, and Collection:


Memes is one of the best way to make your Antifragile impact in global scale. Once created Memes start their adventure in social network, because attractive and unusual pictures always have social attention. For any subject, from simpathy to critics for government actions MEMEs work good, just because we are living at the world of images and very short texts.

One of the most important things in exchange of visual information is to gain attention. Ready Memes Collection with Chinese expressions looks great, carry wise words and can be used in many situations. They are attractive and looks great among many other memes so it`s useful for your social activities. Ready collection with English expressions helps to found proper answer to mny subjects, the images is bright, with classical meme`s background so atractive too. Having social attention you can make your impact in the most soft, Antifragile way.

One of the most important things to make your MEME oustanding and shared is to use fresh well designed images. That`s why that seria was created in so different images to serve wide range of your emotional and mind states. This is how Antifragility works: express your feelings, gain relief and attention,  and you will be ready new results in other fields.

You can use that new attractive memes for every idea you have and gain social attention for many subjects. Among many services to make text meme with your picture that one is the most convenient

To download previous seria of new Memes see


Humor rules! Use memes to make you Antifragile impact
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 12 August 2015 at 12:22 AM No comments

Hello dear friends, today I would like to present you the nice powerful tool to carry your ideas and make social impact. There are memes - special images to put your own text:

Download fresh meme templates:



Below you can see the examples what you can do with that templates. All of it are very fresh so nobody use it before. As cats are the main trend people traditionally pay attention to the words with matched cat`s face and share it more and more. This is the very modern and powerful tool to make your impact because memes works in deep subconsciousness easily, with humor, and you can put any idea to the memes so it will be like the cat sayes something.

It is a lot os online meme generators to put your words onto your picture, for example I like that meme generator

As you see, it works for foreign languages too. Look to the examples:

1 - Motivator with humor

2 - A foreign language could make the impact of a meme much more if you put the original words at the top and English translation at the bottom:

3 - Just a funny notes for funny cat`s face works really nice to make daily relaxation for people from your social network:

4 - Chinese proverb with English translation as a motivator for daily work:

5 - If you want to make a kind of complain about being overhelmed by work, this is the funny example:

7- Another Chinese proverb:

8 - Funny saying to share humor in your social network, I bet girls like it:

9 - Motivating Chinese proverb:

10 - a kind of black humor cat`s owners use to relax from their daily cat`s deeds. Also it could be used as a mataphora for bosses, isn`t it?

All of that cats was taken from my current place, LIapades Beach Hotel, Corfu, Greece, while I am doing my Climate Change prototypes. That cat is so funny so I am making a lot of his videos in the frame of PG Cat project work. This is a free cat so I have given him name Cake. So today you have Cake smile))

Be a kind of Emotinal Intelligence leader using power of memes and cats for your own purposes. Wish you be Antifragile, stay with me, win!




Happy Wise wallpaper with PG Cat
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 March 2015 at 12:13 PM No comments

Hello everybody, today I would like to introduce you new wallpaper by PG Cat about books:
Download Happy Wise wallpaper directly

Books are essential to structurise our mind and so to gain our aims in our time of fast changes.

In our times technology can do many things, includes reading aloud texts and put oral speach into text. It is so convenient in professional work because save a lot of time. But can you imagine, it is not so good at the point of view concerns brain development? Reading and ability to compose own thoughts to a text is essential to brain development.

So, the subject is about books.

I` m sure, you know from own experience, if something remains to be lazy, it never growth. That thing concerns brain first, and of course the same about the body, emotions and mind. Even when we develop ourselves enough, it needs to have continuously trening to keep it. Just to keep. This is a sadness thing as I realise it after winter when I found my physical shape far from my summer and getting angry about it. The same about brain. people unable to perform things which are not represented in their brain morphology. In such case people could make copy-pasting or imitation, not more. In fact this is not more then monkey are doing. So, as we want to keep our human civilization, unique in animal world, and we want to see our kids growth, not degradate, it needs to evaluate education from strong position of brain work. This is a strong nesessity because of objective reasons.

When a person read book, it involve many part of his or her brain. In low range it involve just centres of recognize images and speech. But what happens when a person accept the essense of a book?

You will see how many fields in the brain became activated! Imagination, centres of associations, logic, emotions, centres of experience and memory. it needs a specific attempts to be activated. It never be when a text are reading by automatic sytem because… words is wind. That`s why we use papers, contract and special gestures when we want to make our speech voluable and make differencies. This is not about something far away, this is about our historical, evolutional, biological and human base.

if you want to develop, it should be procesed, and it should be invested with own atempts, put in own experience.

This is the treasure of books. We have a lot now. the point is to keep it, to keep reading as our system-base. So, I and PG Cat reise our voices for book of any type, from paper to e-books, just it should keep the text which turns our brain work and keep it healthy. This is all about sustainable development, isn`t it?

It needs another voices to vote for it. Use attractive images, download this wallpaper from PG Cat here

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