2 unfinished desire to born
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Although I started 5 big pictures in October a lot of extra work prevented me from finishing all of it. First two was started by rememberence of happy place I love to be.

As I recalled it into my feelings I felt it so close, then became relaxable and started to paint using both hands. It is easy as I want to put both hands into the green water, honestly said I wanted to jump imto the sea that moment. smile

The second one is still at the first stage:

When I finish the third from next seria I`ll do several experiments with colours and technigue to fulfill the idea of both pictures, hopes it will be soon, I want to touch it by painting, to recall splashes of waves, gentle green waters and sun, rocks and shining, clouds and grass, recall everything.

#16 2012, LifeHack Seria: Half-Resolved
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I`ve just finished the couple-painting to previous "Fear and Courage discussing a Problem". It`s not a diptich but has logical and spiritual connections so I name it "a couple-painting". Why not twins as several others?

Because i didn`t paint it at the same time. It was the gap about a week when O started that one named "Half-Rsoulved". If you try to feel it by name you could imagine how buddha head was half-resolved in the sea of emotions so it seems as a destruction. But if you try to feel it in the context of "Fear and couage" and imagine it in the position on a wall below  "Fear and couage" you can feel that the term "half-resolved" connectes with a problem. The top of the "Half-Resolved" is the same emotional fire colores as "Fear and Courage", but on the bottom it is blue colours of clear calm waters; and deeper, deeper in it you can found buddha, calmness inside youself.

Being calm you can resolve every problem. Being cristal sincere in your heart you could gain happiness. Overcome your fear and found how strong internal nature is, so go deeper inside, try it, and even in the beginning your problems becomes half-resolved.

#15 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Fear and Courage Discussing a Problem”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 30 August 2012 at 02:43 PM Comments(1)

Everyone know how it`s hard to face a problem. Small problems could annoyes us but the big poblem with long history turns us to feel fear and want to cover it for a long, long time, probably forever. We all hope problems`ll decrease if we cover it… it doesn`t work.

As long as we hide a poblem it goes bigger, became more complicated, produces more post-reasons and may be growths into anothers. That way  we seeds our future instinktively and practice proves it`s not the best future we all want for ourselves, for our lovers, relatives, business… for everything includs our pets.

This is a barrier between consciousness and subconsciousness inside a person. The same barrier has another people so when we try to discuss problems in case to resolve it we feel the barrier. It`s not easy to overcome it. Double barrier from two people involved is enough to make Fear. We all feel fear as we see the reality doesn`t the same as our ideal. Sometimes we could realize information we could`t accept. It could change us, made us into uncontrollable changes and we feel fear to fall into parts, to be desintegrated that way… once we want to close it and forget, or force the situation to cover… and to turn it to be more destructive, turn it to death.

However we could treat it despite of our feelings of unsecure as fa as we want to create better future to ouselves.

So it`s need a Courage to penetrate into problem, to split it into parts we feel important to save, another parts we want to grow and determine parts which need corrections or to be under controll. May be we realize parts which poisons us. That way we turns ourselves to live more healthy life, to have better future.

That AB painting deducates to the first step into resolving, first step to intergation - to have a Courage to start a discussion, to put it into a dialog and to overcome our Fear in it.


New AB Painting`ve oficially finished
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 27 August 2012 at 11:29 PM No comments

I`ve just finished my new AB Painting started before Corfu.

It wasn`t easy to concentrate enough to make last pat of the work, so my special thanks to my friend Stathis for his friendly push me to complete.

Wow! smile))

Ab Painting: just do it!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 08 July 2012 at 07:39 PM No comments

Summer! Holidays! Oh my god, I`m still alive and have a right to be lazy! So I want to do several experiments wit AB technigues to realize my ideas in future:


In the middle:

I`ll finish it later and now want to be lazy, it`s so beautiful day! smile

#14 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Ascension”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 15 June 2012 at 12:15 AM No comments

The description is short: before you gain your freedom - mental, physical or spiritual - you need to reject masks. Not only yours, but masks of old relationship and false time-lost processes too.

It`s the question how to live without musks because any siciety or social inteaction bases on a number of masks. But as you grow from it you could recognize advantages and disadvantages, revise pragmatic things and then, deing free from heavity and unfreedom, use an appropriate mask as way as you choose. This is the difference between mask-slavers and free people use masks as a language.

#13 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Time to Hatch”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 June 2012 at 12:47 PM Comments(1)

This painting is fucused on the moment a creature abandon a cocoon. This is the remarcable process takes time and it needs to be just in time to keep a ceature healhy and completely formed.


Butterfly gets out from a cocoon, a chicken - from an egg, it`s objective natural processes. A birth of a human child is more complicated because a mother is the active participant of the process, but a child typically not. But as a child growth she\he starts to ceate and then to broke own cocoon - habits, typical psychology, abilities and diabilities. When we are ready to drop old narrow clothes it`s the time to hatch, time to be free and also a moment of unsecure, may be painful at first.

But we do it as we gains growth enough to start new period of life.


Step by step, from a scetch to draw. from a draw to first colours and then to the finishing, just in time.

My #12 2012, LifeHack Seria: “Commitments”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 June 2012 at 01:10 PM No comments

Commitments is the part of our life. Sometimes you commit for one job and then it started to growth in an unexpectable size, or people starts to make troubles or extra obligations. Even if they like you, commitments could increase. So have your ever feel yourself fixed?

It seems as Gulliver bounded by Lilliputians with his hair. Even if one hair strand isn`t strong here it is thousands strands. Even if one cord isn`t thick there are hundreds of cords. And even if you are strong you could suddenly realize compassion doesn`t allow you to force the situation and give your freedom back.

What is the colours of our commitments? Dark or lite? Once I knew a guy who was totally committed with hundreds people and literary hadn`t time to breath. His life was extremely dependant to my point of view but he feels light and as I heared was satisfied. So the question how to feel about unexpected commitments depends on a personality.

My own personality made me to be straight in my obligations but also personal freedom is the base of my life. So if I have unexpected commitments I strongly check the time how to complete it perfectly and then never be back. Not easy thing because people wants me to be among them and to live their life, if you are satifly with it it`s OK. But for me  often it means too much slow timeline.

Sometimes I feel myself inprison even being at a selebration. Time never stops, a clock ticking and my projects screams for my attention. But I can`t run. I can`t insult them, so i count how long it could be before my agreements will be completed and contract will be finished. Waiting as a samurai to the end.

So the painting represents the period April-May-June I work with my graduate students. They do nothing in time and ignore any warnings. They send me their graduation works in extremely poor condition 1 week after the deadline and then moans in Skype (sometimes at 1:00 AM or later) beseeching to help them. They try to think only when I tell them to stay in a form for a second year. So they start to do something not bad I could admit as a graduation work and sign it as their advisor.

As other people works to increase their productivity that students practice to shrinks from their professional obligations trying to lie and trick. So foolish it is! I`d never sign a poor work by my advisory. They know it. But they want to try out hopes to win, win what?

Tired with so stupid waste of time. But as a Buddhist I don`t want to drop it uncompleted. So I am working to complete.

I want to say nothing more.

My commitment is nearly close. I want to finish my academic career.

I want to be free from stupid commitment for moe productive bright life.

My #11 2012; AB Marketing seria #4 “Marketing: Promotion”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 May 2012 at 10:01 AM No comments

We all live in informational century so the point of delivery mentioned in previous painting is not so important. Promotion important more so that AB painting focused on it.

Nobody knows who was the first understood how dependent people are from their wishes, emotions etc. If they want something emotionally they pay less attention about the nature of desired thing, if it too expensive or have by-effects or not good, or have another qualities. Investigations by dr. Kahneman described in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow,_Fast_and_Slow  shows it clearly. So it was the idea to make things easy using such particular qualities in business.

So it was considered to influence people to make sale easily. Promotion do it perfectly by two ways: make the illusion of extra-attraction of a product and focused people wants it by mass media. That way perception was separated from a product and pointed on something cover product with images, movement, emotions etc. It was reasonable. In informational century we live in the stream information, sometimes feel ideas more then real things. So the evolution fron delivery real product to possibility promote any product is reasonable.

The dark part is any bad product could be promoted that way, and people carried away with beautiful pictures don`t interesting is it good or bad fo them. Bad product could be promoted well and poisons people with romantic images such as smoking ads (I love film ‘Thank you for smoking’ shows how deep such influence is). It is more easy and sale-effecting to make adverts then to develop a product. It is more easy to seduce then to make something real. But life is real. Rapture of common sense always has by-effects. Under extra-attractive images we could found dr.Evil gloating and you will soon get used to it. This is the hidden part of Promotion I try to show by the painting.

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