#3 AB Painting 2013, LifeHack Seria: Past-in-Future in Now
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 12 February 2013 at 02:23 PM No comments

Time is the line with transperecy in Future and past and ideally with a golden point (from Taoists terminology) in which Perfect Human actualises  him/ herself. This is the perfect balance between parts of our past and future just to make a kind of balance to the central Here-and-Now point in which we actually live.

Although many books and wise people and commercial coachs too advices to live Here-n-Now style it`s really hard to achieve because of the difficulties to gain the perfect balance between time line points influents us. First of all, according to Art of War (one of my favourite books) a person needs to know himself and to know an enemy and so to win. How many people interesting to learn ust about themselves?.. So a huge part of influence of their Past could be hidden and so be more powerful to change lifepath.

With knowledge about own Future is the same - it consists from parts not very good designed to neighbour each others. So one part could be opposite to another, some plans could be unreal - anothers hardly to be real because it costs too much.

During our life we realize part by part, bit by bit, step by step that we are not alone in our body and sometimes strange shadows take the rule.

Sometimes we learn it from joy, but more friquently by suffer. We realize shadows of Past when we make a choice based of previous mistakes but not on the actual sitation.

Sometimes we realize how our picture of Future made us exhausted when we try to catch illusions, for example to gain glamoure magazines lifestyle.

So the moment we learn about ourselves that true who and how influent our reality and change it all time, this is the first step for the Here-and-Now Gold Point life, to be healthy, happy and free.

#2 AB Painting 2013, LifeHack Seria: Start to Awakening
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 11 February 2013 at 02:05 AM No comments

#1 AB Painting of that year named "Too Long Waiting" and the second represents the next stage of the process - start to awakening.

Such points is not an opposite ones as it seems from the first glance. Sometimes waiting is so important then we have no right to indulg own anxiety, tiredness or boredom, even to pain in asleep muscles. Such waiting have to finish just in time make internal processes completed. So the next stage could be after the previous becomes old and so gently loss of energy then next step literary explodes out it.

What is the main characters of the Awakening stage just at the point it begins? Probably it`s an explosion of relief and strong feeling of fresh energy. Old shells broked and it`s peaces fuzzes out.

But the feelings of loss, sometimes painful, comes simultaneously. Old borders covers so many things - habits, chains of smallest things, connections with surrounding, also readiness to stress. Losing that border, being open to something new flowering right now, we partly lost our immunity to pains of life. Our skin of events now is so thick then every scretch feels as a wound.

That way we confirm our price to be attended to the next evolutionary step - to be involved in something flowing in the best, as we hope, future. Pain and pleasure, statics and dinamics are the borders of Awakening.

Then, learning different state, we accept it, agree with it`s strange conditions, partly in joy - partly in pain, dinamically changing, but with one foot in solid past…

Just at the start we feel ready to sacrifice our blood to next day.

This is Start to Awakening.


Trying to Give Birth before Tomorrow
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 09 February 2013 at 02:25 PM No comments

I am trying to finish 4 new AB paintings before tomorrow LUnar New Year. Of course it impossible, but i did a titanic attempt and made two of it close to finish that night.

So it`s the reasul of very nervous December-2012 and part of January I allow myself to be lazy so this is the time to work over night and to do. It`s not so hard because as I started I know what and how, just feel a little bit strange with the poor sleeping and sometimes I can`t work because of hands trembling. It`s OK, it seems everything of that night will be finished for tomorrow, and a couple another paintings (waiting my attention from NOvember!) must be finished until Wednesday, I promise, I promise, I promise!

Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. 8-)

#1 AB Painting 2013, LifeHack Seria: Too Long Waiting
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 01 February 2013 at 09:33 PM Comments(1)

The hightest advantage to be an artist is to ba able to transform everything into Art. Things usually unpleasant becames worth to exist that way, every experience became a new project. I`ve finished my first in 2013 AB painting, of course it was the twins but that time i did it separately.

What is the essence of waiting? I see here several issues. As you are agree and feel as a situation leads by something powerful, with all authority and keeps a constructive way, I agree - such waiting could be pleasant. But that painting represents the opposite side.

As you feel yourself prisoned by unperfect forces, not skilled and out of your control, but you have to be involved, feeling squizzed and frozen one time… What`s happens if it will be longer then you could overcome without aftermath? It consists of several points, from struggle with a superior power, then angrity, then it will be anxiety how to handle things belongs to you own competence, better as good as it possible. Then it comes to the cyclone low-pressure area. Everything becomes frozen that place.

In the eye of storm you do nothing, just to be here, waiting.



It seems quiet for the first glance. But if it goes on and on, until you will lost the sense of time.

This is the place of calm. But calm isn`t good for sailing-ship. Everything becames frozen. You can feel how your muscles becomes stone, your skin lost sensitivity, and hands couldn`t be operated.

That moment God have time to make transformations, like to reload a Matrix, not pleasant feeling because you remains conscioushess being stoned, but something is changing that way.

Something is borning just in time like a buterfly from it`s cocoon, and your duty that time to be quiet and don`t move and even more

- try to feel what really happens and how new world appears, just in one step, jut in one minute from yours.

Late came to Past, Future comes to Present
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 30 January 2013 at 03:47 PM No comments

 Late year has finished, but my own New Painting Year comes just in the time I turned ouf frames paintings from 2012. It was a special moment - a specific energy likes the signal to attack after too long waiting.

I realized it by wish to renewal, then founded instruments and teared out all old year painting from it`s frames. All of them now becomes into my Past and I am ready for Future, my hear flutters witj the wind of Future, I feel the congregation of new deeds waiting for me to be embodiment, i am ready to reise my power for the mission, waiting ended.

The new start has gained, I`ve finished the first new AB  painting and second and the third will come in a week.

Waiting is ended!




Happy Birthday, Anna! :)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 08 January 2013 at 12:49 AM No comments

2012 year has finished and now I stay near the finishing of my personal year. My birthday usually based on observation of the results of the last year. Here it is with some personal pictures below for those friends who will read  the post at all.

That year I finished 19 pictures, all in big size, and 2 is still unfinished. Hopes it will be in nearest future. Also I desided to finish my academic career and focuse on arts and education pocess based on arts as representation.

That year I graduated about 50 students and teached about 30; thats enough for everyone so I satisfied with the result. That semester I  lead Management`club and read about Dr. Adizes methodology (his blog  and .) The funny thing is I made my lectures with pieces of Adizes system and just after I`d finished it one of my students met Dr. Adizes here, in Moscow. She told him that we learned about his metodology in Institute and he was pleased with it so she did picture with him. Oh! How narow that Earth is! So I hope to meet Dr.Adizes one day too smile .

Several changes starts in my professional life, for example I`ll be the author for Science TV. Hopes it will develope.

Also I gained pogress in my social activity and meet several new friends (especially by Skype). I visited China and Greece and will be happy to do it next time.

My home was redesigned and I like it new with trees and lights and shadows; especially with new organization for everything, from meditation place to work cabinet.  Now this is the place of power without a compromise and I am glad to invite my friends here.

Also I made technical renovation with new iPhone, iPad and several another gadgets to make my work more effective. A funny new possibility is to make photos of myself by reverse camera, as I don`t like photographers it was exciting so now I made several pictures of myself being free from others attention:

For the first time I guess it`s enough to my reputation so I should finish with it and publish the post and then go to sleep dreaming about my projects I want to be realized in 2013!

Thank you for your attention!



#19 2012, Business seria: Investment- bottom view
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 December 2012 at 12:18 AM No comments

That painting focused on investment which is one of the most important parts of long term business

As a majority of processes investment can be described from two positions. One is about how projects have competitions to be interesting to investor, how to pay his attention. If it seems as if we observe investment process from the bottom side.That picture is pointed in strong competition and how to recognize what project is prospective, what is just a dream of ego, what project was silently started before and now needs support to grow; what project is too much expensive, or much advertized being a zero in real volue. Sometimes it could be hard to realize in short time what a detail worth to pay attention, what is not even if it became annoying.
From the bottom side investment process could seem pretty hard. Time is important, business like a boiling sea changes all time and an investor should stay strong keeps equilibrium, in consciousness, estimating all possibilities, providing power to support projects with will to change the world.

#18 2012, Business seria: Ideal Politics
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 December 2012 at 08:42 AM Comments(1)

Politics is a built-in part of human social life. Many famous people involved from ancient Aristotel to modern politics gave definitions what exactly politics is

To summarize them I paint that piece of art called "Ideal Politics". It is pointed on a dynamics balance between all resourses involved. As politics binds to the territory it should mean rational using of resourses, it`s advantages and disadvantages, speed of renewal, particular qualities and what it contribute to a budget. Also politics includes arrangement, covered sometimes, tempoary unions based on economy interests of groups.

Also politics includes informational network. And at the end politics based on people. People is not an easy ruled substance. It`s a dynamics of interests, votes, wishes and needs, with their particular qualities. One of particular qualities is mask using. Although people blames politics to wear masks people themselves have masks and intrude upon masks to politics. Why? Because they want to be charmed by own dreams. They want to be operated by a leader they imagine and recognize as trustworthy and the mechanics  of such self-charming by masks is the same as in advertizing pocess. The one could decode people`s internal  looking-for and seemes directly for it with mass-media - that one have the best mask and therefore win. Not a real progam or real qualities but the illusion of masks. So I paint people resouses as a mask-poducers and also they changes masks because no mask could totally cover the reality.

All that things are in dynamic balance. It should be in balance so an Ideal Politcs manage to make it balanced, also be over and keep tries to look fowad to construct better future based on today situations. This is not an easy task even fo an deal one because no one could make balance and look in every directions. Even for an Ideal Politics there is a blind area and the task is to keep in strength and ready to be protected. Even an Ideal Politcs have vulnerable points because when he/she points on one direction anothers seems underminded. It`s a risk so Ideal Politics should be better protected and keeps efforts to make balance of powers described and simultaneously be able to look forward. This is the point of that AB painting.

#17 2012, Business seria: OutSourcing`s coming
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 December 2012 at 03:11 PM No comments

We live in the period of postindustrial phase of Economy and sosiety  and many parts of life are changing. That painting is pointed on a new phenomena - Outsourcing.

Internet brokes barriers of distance and informational barriers too. Suddenly we realize then it s possible to work in one project with people far away from us. As they are the best pofessionals or has another advantages to do a job we can gain better results with them then with people in our surrounding. Outsourcing becames the part of business and makes things done better, faster, cheaper, more creative. Our world develops that way as far as Internet drops barriars.

But the process doesn`t comes easily. Barriers of political borders, laws of diffrent countries and different living styles, resistance exists on own territory - everything makes interception to outsourcing development. Even if it is corect documents and proves, a really good inventions and business planing, resistance and interceptions seems like a laser guard lines covers space between current position of outsourcing and the place somebody needs it.

It`s not simple because we can`t simply ruin barriers. Sometimes we must wait to the better moment, sometimes it neds more flexibility then we expected to penetrate into a project. Sometimes time loss is so huge then becomes dengerous and unable to make correct action in poject management. Sometimes nobody is responsible for a project`s delay but circumstances exists behind our willings.

So we have a painful process of birth. Better connections makes it more easy. Resistance makes it more complicated. Differencies makes it more unclear then we expect. But the process`s coming, nevetheless one`s resist it or want it, because the world has changed and this is the only way business processes gowth.

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