ClimateChange 2014: personalities
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According to

20 women making waves in the climate change debate

They wrote: "...So here’s a list of twenty women making waves in the climate change debate, offered in alphabetical order, and without any men to get in the way. We hope it shows off some of the quiet – and not so quiet – power women do have on this

#Climate2014: the rising wave
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The world is moving.

I am ready with the project work. Right now I am finishing with photos and preparing to show my results: 11 art objects in innovative technigue in new style which was done exectly the days significant in human history.

Then it will be official presentations etc, then we will move forward.

Go, be the first in constructive actions, take your future.

Let`s work, let`s do

Climate Change 2014 Project: making the message clear
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Ok, my batteries was partly recharged yesterday so I spent the time finishing the 2nd stage of Climate Change 2014 project.


Although last flavor of the art is just to express own feelings I found it unacceptable. It is too much infant, with so lack of understanding and so poor message so I avoid such a way as it possible.

My way is clear message I understand by my own and so can explain

Creation is a kind of hard work: battery charge
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Creation is blessing, the powerful stream of playing lights. Creation is a hard work in energy terms. People who make copies just repeat  something which was created from zero. So any creation costs personal energy. Because creators are the gate between ideal world of ideas and solid world of material life.

We are the gate. We are the editors. Many hours of concentration both on idea and on

#Climate2014 : tools to promote sustainable development
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Latest Statements of Secretary General of UN Ban Kee-moon

Apia, Samoa, 31 August 2014 - Secretary-General’s remarks at the opening session of the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States: "...we are developing the tools we need to promote sustainable development across the entire world."

We all face the problem of education which is

Real time Projectwork: Carbon Economy and Unsustainable cooking
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Among different stage of my #climatechange project work this is a funny moment which concerns the subject. Today I had my program to finish 2 from 4 new painting. So I put three corns to the pan to boil it and came to work. Any ideas what I founded a little bit later?..

People ask me why I didn`t smell smoke?

First of all, I was working. If an Apocalipse came I didn`t

?Climate Chenge 2014: Developing logical line
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Hello everybody, my work day isn`t formally closed until I finish that post, so I congratulate you and myself with the first of September, the beginning of the New study year 2014-2015. So many years I was a student, so many teached in different way so the new year in education becomes a tradition.


For today I decided to reinforce my attempts and to do several basic works one by one.

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