How to learn and investigate
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It is easy to fall in love because it happens by itself. Sometimes this is the same in arts - just allow something happens and it`s enough. The best comes easily. But this is the visible part of the art process as a top of an iceberg. Most work, as a biggest part of an iceberg,  is typically hidden.


That time I would like to show you that hidden part. Because technigues I use is good

Dr.I.Adizes diagnosed problems of Greece
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Every time I read Dr.Adizes`s analyses I wonder how effective and full it is with so small numbers words. It`s amazing, because it is complicated to write shortly without any loss. He wrote:

"This weekend of June 2, 2013, I was invited to meet  with a group of businessmen, politicians, and media people to diagnose the problems of the country and to express my opinion of what needs to be done…"

Adizes system: trying to investigate
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Hello everybody, several days I was trying to realize how to paint Mutual Trust and Respect concept, which one Dr.Adizes offer me to paint. Not easy task! Actually it`s a challenge because I have no ideas how  to paint so global complicated, and also so simple and natural thing in one picture.

I used to have an idea how to paint it in 3 pictures, more easy to do about 10, but only… So it`s

Hot news: Anna`s “The Ideal Manager (PAEI)” goes to US Adizes Institute
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Hello everybody! The news is my painting for Adizes`s system now goes to Adizes Institute to US. I feel very happy Dr.Ichak Adizes like it and moreover - accept is as the representative of the idea what the Ideal Manager is. You can see Dr.Adizes and me on the picture made on the Moscow Conference 30 of May.

The reason I am so happy for it is the exceptional situation. Being a physicist by my

Brief news: The Conference of Dr. Adizes in Moscow
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Hello everybody, the break news is Dr.Adizes personally invited me to his conference in Moscow. Hot news will be later when I`ll prepare matherials, now I have to run doing business so see you next post! Who is Ichak Adizes see here

  Accept my hello and be ready to something exceptional! smile smile smile

Ab Painting#9: Adizes`s system; The Courtship Stage
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Today I would like to present you the next stage of Lifecycle Curve by Dr.Adizes - in his terms it calls "The Courtship Stage" and actually situated in the first position of the curve. Undoubtfully we all know what`s it means!

In that point a Founder of a organization, or a beginner of a family, or an inventor starts to talk about his/her ideas to attract other people to that activity. Here

Ab Painting#8: Founder`s Dream
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Ok, hello everybody, I`ve recovered and even made a secret plot during my illness, so now I should turn to the pleasant subject: How Our Dreams Starts. That painting represents zero stage of Dr.Adizes`s Lifecycle curve. Actually that stage is not represented on the curve but it is the base to everything else.

How our dreams comes? From what? To whom? What is the reason one could dreaming and

AB Painting #6, 2013: The Ideal Manager, by Dr.Adizes theory
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 25 April 2013 at 05:28 PM Comments(1)

Last year I was lucky to learn Dr.Ichak Adizes lidership theory. You can see his well known institute here  . It is not easy to collect all information about management exists to the present moment and then clean it from mass, and summarise the core elements into system.

Dr.Adizes provides leaders with the tools, resources and support to accelerate strategic change and deliver

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