#18 2012, Business seria: Ideal Politics
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 December 2012 at 08:42 AM

Politics is a built-in part of human social life. Many famous people involved from ancient Aristotel to modern politics gave definitions what exactly politics is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politic

To summarize them I paint that piece of art called "Ideal Politics". It is pointed on a dynamics balance between all resourses involved. As politics binds to the territory it should mean rational using of resourses, it`s advantages and disadvantages, speed of renewal, particular qualities and what it contribute to a budget. Also politics includes arrangement, covered sometimes, tempoary unions based on economy interests of groups.

Also politics includes informational network. And at the end politics based on people. People is not an easy ruled substance. It`s a dynamics of interests, votes, wishes and needs, with their particular qualities. One of particular qualities is mask using. Although people blames politics to wear masks people themselves have masks and intrude upon masks to politics. Why? Because they want to be charmed by own dreams. They want to be operated by a leader they imagine and recognize as trustworthy and the mechanics  of such self-charming by masks is the same as in advertizing pocess. The one could decode people`s internal  looking-for and seemes directly for it with mass-media - that one have the best mask and therefore win. Not a real progam or real qualities but the illusion of masks. So I paint people resouses as a mask-poducers and also they changes masks because no mask could totally cover the reality.

All that things are in dynamic balance. It should be in balance so an Ideal Politcs manage to make it balanced, also be over and keep tries to look fowad to construct better future based on today situations. This is not an easy task even fo an deal one because no one could make balance and look in every directions. Even for an Ideal Politics there is a blind area and the task is to keep in strength and ready to be protected. Even an Ideal Politcs have vulnerable points because when he/she points on one direction anothers seems underminded. It`s a risk so Ideal Politics should be better protected and keeps efforts to make balance of powers described and simultaneously be able to look forward. This is the point of that AB painting.

It’s much esaeir to understand when you put it that way!

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