#6 2012 Gallery:Great Silk Road-3: Serving Beauty
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 March 2012 at 04:49 PM

Let me to introduce my 6th painting of that year from The Great Silk Road seria. It names "Serving Beauty" because silk first associats wit it.

This painting is deducated to the sea part of the Great Silk Road and as you see sea and desert are putting together that place. Just imagine how strong it could be, desire for beauty, wich made people to found new ways through thousands kilomites, to keep goods from storms and bandits, to count money and keep dials, remains hope anyway… At the end people pay fortune for goods from silk and it was the last point of the great movement which started evolution of sosieties and turned mankind the way we have now.

Beauty turns  world move, dreams made people overcom borders. Just imagine it. Keep it in mind. Found beauty in yourself, in nearest place, in nearest time, and you will gain God`s power.

Thank you fo sharin that moment with me, as I made this post I have to return to my next 4 painting, so I am serving Beauty with all of my hard smile .


Lovely surreal painting! I wonder what is the medium used to paint that artwork? I can’t figure it out if it is done in oil or acrylic.

Dude, right on there brhtoer.

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