Happiness: 3d stage for New Lunar Year of the Goat
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 25 January 2015 at 02:01 AM

Making the video I want to mix two joyful bright pare of colors: red-orange and red-white. Both designs are important just it needs to mix it in good way and make transitions between them.

One of the most important things for Happy-New-Lunar-Year video was to make all movements smooth. It bases on two reasons.

First, according to Feng Shui, the positive energy flows like a wave, without hurry and sharp angles. It makes the film less active but much more positive. It concerns rithms of human brain also.

The second reason is one of the sounds with congratulations and wishes flows smoothly, sweet and cristal. To make connections between the video and sounds it needed to create very smooth trajectories for every object in the video.

I direct the 3-07 minute video with changes of different frames.

All of it contains good symbols of happiness, prosperity and development.

More development! More revard! smile

And good luck. I like that concept of Feng Shui: to attract the power of the Earth and specific luck.

What would you like to bring into our close curcles? When our relatives and friends are attractive for good, with good energy, we can make own curcle for relaxation, problem solving, and attract more and more good luck for everything in our life.

We are growing in positive energy which keeps us during changes of modern world. Having such lucky umbrella we can catch our chance more quickly and more smoothly. Having spirit of luck we can attract more luck. So, the Spring Festival which is celebrated by more then 1,5 billion people and well known all over the world, is the best moment for such synchronization.

Touch you luck feelings!

Many lively pictures represents all kinds of happines are here.

Now, making sound design witn background sounds, I am trying to synchronize sound track and smooth changes of images. The video will be presented for you next week so you will have time to evaluate it and to use it to synchronize with happiness and good luck and to share it with your friends.

In the everning I will fly to UK for a business trip, making some work for Climate Change project and working on another things. Will post about.

See you!






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