How to build a Project in Total using every minute of unique presence
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 14 July 2013 at 05:51 PM

How to use every minute? The best example was the Conference of Dr.Adizes I was invited in 30 of May 2013. My aim was to catch an essential information not only about methodology itself (as we have books for it) but about something personal, essential part of individual presence, diamonds of personal experience of the lecturers wich available only here by own eyes.

(On the picture you can see Dr.Ichak Adizes, Senior Principal Associate  made his explanation about motivation process how it described in his methodology.) Every moment was precious.

 I used both hands to make my conspectus, trying to write every detail. As usual 2 hands wasn`t enough so I did less photos but more writing matherials. Being ambidextrous I can use both hands simultaneously, but writing still more fast by my right hand. The secret is how to make creative style writing (using right brain) by right hand (using left, analysis brain). I prepared everything in advance, my notebook A4 size, colourful stickers and several pens different colours and ink-brushes too (just because I love it so much). While a lecturer made presentation I caught points of attention and composed it in the notebook. You can see how it looks like on the picture.

I used my left hand simultaneusly to make notes on my iPad mini (really good tool for it!) using SimpleMind soft to construct the mindmap described the structure of the lecture by words. Here you can see the result. This is my MIndMap I constructed to 1st and 2nd lecturers of the Adizes Institute`s conference.

This is another example from my writing at the same conference. The reason to do my job that way and not to use recorders is the necessity to catch the unique moments exists just the moment Dr.Adizes and others lecturers explained it. Everything could be the point for more deep understanding: gestures, voice, a sequence of explanation… also my own mind worked to visualize the methodology so I needed to put everything into own structure. (After 5 hours of such work I had a little headache, but everything has own price, it`s ok).

So the process seems familiar with 3D technology uses 2 kind of images and different glasses to make a picture 3D.


...and more…

Mr.Shimon Rojany, Principal Associate of Adizes Institute made a poetic speech about accounting. I`d never heard before so exciting explanation about financial part of a business. As you see, colours works as a good mark for analysis.

 I was a little bit tired at the end of the conference so I used small and funny pictures to refresh mind and to make it work.

As you see, it`s not boring! smile

Thank you for being with me!







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