How we can shape power to use it in short and long run
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 October 2014 at 12:30 PM

Today I would like to tell about two important ways to form our history.  The story of a country, a business and a personal story as well, being well constracted, with internal logical lines, being put into art frame, is one of the most powerful things in the world. The first example is New Zeland. Have a glance:

Let`s see the fact line: the epic novel by J.R.R. Tolkien caused the great film by Peter Jackson which was produced mainly in New Zeland with all of the most eciting natural treasures of the country. 10 years we was involved in the filming process by Jackson`s videoblog, following the matherials of the process, and finally watching the film (I did it with director`s movie edition more then 10 times with different purposes, both enjoy the story and to analyse it). Now New Zeland has own new story which is closely related with the reality of the country and also with millions of people who love the film. And they use it in the best way to nourish a new culture.

Do you see how the transition from the art world percolates to our reality making changes in it?


This is significant.

The process are so obvious in thet example so it is not so difficult to understand how it works in business (Mission and Vision of a company with it`s PR methods), in political (with mass media elections becames an art, sometimes more then the Lord of the Rings story), in social field, even in personal life.

Images carry information. Logical lines with images carry much more. It makes people involved to relieve the story, and being the part of their brain activity, the story more ore less becomes the part of themselves.

This is the way Art works. Sustainable way is to use it correctly.

However, the business and power aspects of that process calls people who just want to use it. We are living in informationsl world with images, so each of our Internet journey includes many influencies from others. So we need the good way to separate powerful stories which can change the world into better place in right way, and false stories which are designed to work the same way.

Today we need both powerful tools we have: our imagination, feelings and power of logic, analysis.

So my second exampl is from my yesterday visit to the Conference of Sceptic Society .

It was the full day of meeting with scientists: psichologists, biologists, science journalists and many others. They are creaating the discurs to support people who are under the pressure of information. The reports and presentations of the Sosiety includes: how to work properly as a popular sciense journalist, how to educate people, how to identify charlatans who make bold false promises using people`s feelings for their profit and many others.
Critical thinking is one of the most important things to develop our mental hygiene today, when media are full of false stories, destructive, ruling, bossing, wanting your attention and money just to fulfill other`s interests. So many use human biases  to made people make unappropriate actions.

So critical thinking is the powerful tool we all need to separate good and bad commercial proposals, for example. This is not a luxury of egg-headed scientists any more. This is our nesessary HYGIENE, exectly the same as we do for our teeth.

You can see the differencies between the first example with "Lord of the Rings" when everything is clear and we can feel safe and care, so we can enjoy everything in natural way and make it a powerful part of our own story.

Art has real power. Different kinds of art, from story telling to painting, from art of shaping discussions to art of presentation and information composing. We make our choice according to information touch us. That`s why we need to make a choice what`s brings power of knowledge to support us in our activities, and what`s just uses us by our presets, biases, for own purposes.

I am planing to make my own contribution for the great education process. Thinking about development and how to allow people to be educated the best modern way, it takes much more time to design. That`s why I squeeze my teeth and put aside my art while I am making attempts to develop a system for future purposes. It needs really good long run design before I make production. That`s why this is the delay and I allow myself just to make several Ink paintings describing the season instead of big works I am thirsting for.

This is the third example how to use arts for our actual power.

Small Ink painting in Chinese style is my own stabilizer. Only 15 minutes, and nothing could be edited, the footprints of the moment and the mood, this is enough to balance me to keep thinking, keep trying, keep move ahead.

Following our logical line of the post, what is the real part of the painting? The weather, my memory how it was when I lived in Siberia, the real snow and cold.

What is the Art, the internal power? This is the style which is symbolical but with real patterns you can recognize. This is the feelings of my brush, and the ink, and the interier of my special InkPainting place, Bamboo Cabinet.

Thinking about the project, with all of it`s complications, making MindMaps, I am able to make me partly free from all of this and so have my relax to keep the ideas powerful in short and long run.

This is the tool. The same is critical thinking. We need such a tools to be effective and efficiant in our life and to gain our aims. That`s why good examples makes support as well as it allow us to make our own curcle of people who increase our power, a media which nourish everyone.

So, for the end of the post let me make the conclusion.

Today we need both powers we have: power of imagination, Arts, and power of mind, critical thinking. Being combine properly it really helps us in short ind long run.

Analise it. Feel it when you found it safe. Make a story your own power.

Thank you for being with me,

sincerely, Anna





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