New Leadership is the core thing in our crisis times
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 November 2013 at 01:01 PM

Being in world crisis we realize thet nobody predicted it. Nobody! This is no plan how to manage it and also no prediction. Although we have Nobel Prise scientists and professors of Management in the best institutes it doesn`t help in our situation. It means something goes wrong in the system of Management education itself.

"Why are we unable to predict the future? Because the world has become extremely complex. It is not atomistic anymore. Its different parts are all interconnected and overlapping. Technology advances have sizable social repercussions, which in turn have political and economic repercussions. It is one big bouillabaisse…" Read more in Dr.Ichak Adizes today article here

So… Classical Management study is wrong. We need new Managers who will be open-minded, broad-thinking, system thinking persons who will be learning from surrounding. Also we need to be the best Manager of our life, to make better decision for ourself and to be able to understand what`s going wrong with other`s decisions. I strongly believe people can be the best Managers for themselve having an appropriate knowledge support and good environment to growth themselves among people with the same possibilities.







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