Next stage of the film: building strategy
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 November 2014 at 08:58 PM

Although I had my education in film directing years ago, today experience is rather different.

The target is to create at least 4 different formats of movies, from 90 sec inforgaphics to 15 and more minutes, with full documentary, which I will use later according to my plans.

Thinking strategically, it needs to make different tryes in a short time to work out different ideas and then to put everything into the future framework.

Sometimes it is about storytelling.

The target is to put the message in different short frames in order to make it clear:

It needs to use documental matherials also.

Although a single message of a movie could be simple, all of future movies must work for one big target.

Dynamics of video is also important:

Using different approachs I can do much more then in simple methods. Vice versa, sometimes one simple thing could make more work then others. All of this should be experienced.

So I am working not for a one film. I am creating the system which will work for my purposes for a long time. And, step by step, I am succeding the target. Step by step, step by step.





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