The Third point of the Adizes`s Corporation Lifecycle: the Infancy
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 August 2013 at 01:58 AM

Hello everybody, here we have a special kind of connection, I mean Greek Internet. So mostly I have no access. So today I would like to introduce you the third painting from the LifeCycle line, from Adizes Project, represent the Infancy point.

That stage of the Lifecycle means everything goes with problems of synchronization. IN a company when one department growth quickly, such as sales, anothers can be unable to gain an appropiate service for it because it growth in different speed.  So the situation is the same as a new baby born and first several months parents are in hurry. It was described by Dr.Adizes in his book so clear so I imagined the scream and mass clearly, based on babies and companies I know.
Then I was curious about a mental experiment: could a business be free of such problems at all if we have minimum persons involved?

For example typically I work alone so it is one peson involved and so no mass. As soon as I have my project totally understood I can do it completely. It seems the third point of Lifecycle doesn`t exist. This is the part of creation but not a business. 
 For business I need another one, may be an agent, in the case of success it can be shortage of time, may be matherials, misundestanding etc.  And then it could be screams, mass and others normal troubles of the Infancy point.
So the Infancy stage exists even for super small company: 2 persons + 1 client.

Then I turned to an idea that number of roles also important.  I tryed to decrease number of people to minimum (just one peson represents by me) but increase number of roles and put it in wrong sequence. Such things causes if I don`t understand clearly what a project could be, especially in technical terms, so roles of management start to take place in my mind and even struggle for more priority. For example A role could make something seems a good planing but E role avoid everything A created, having nothing instead. Then I lost Integration and, being unsure what to do, can do something uncorrectly or do nothing (because in such situation everything drops from my hands so it`s impossible to perform P-role).
Such process causes the same  troubles and normal problems as it was described about Infancy.

Then I tryed to think about post-industrial business where all roles are clear, only good professionals involved so everyone perform an appropriate role in right sequense. What it could be if such business have no matherial product, for example produces soft or another intellectual product? It seems the Infancy doesn`t exist in such schema.
It looks ideal.
But then I realized it could be competitors creates problems from outside, such as DDOS attacks and another troubles for which e-business is still vulneable. I`ve just recalled examples how servers crushed and what it caused to ideal post-industial businesses.

So the mental experiment shows the Infancy stage exists in any cases so it will be good to acept it and be ready to overcome.

Thank you fo being with me, thanks to Greek intenet which starts to work now, hello from the sea!





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