Tea ceremony:water and fire in harmony to keep the mind fresh
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Among many things to become more calm and have some rest, activities with water and movements are one of the more popular. It could be meditations near a lake or seashore, or imagination. I personally like all of them, but for indoor cases prefer to set a tea ceremony.

My collection of tea accessories is around 60 different items which could be combined in different tea sets.

About 20 kinds


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Happy birthday Annamain!
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Hello dear friends, today is my birthday. Many things are going as it was planed, I`m so happy about it. Observing my previous life the is an allegory from three of my 2011-2012 paintings:


Today allegory is:

Through many obstacles, so many tryes, attempts, researches, desire to grow own potential and to open new road for many people in short and long run.

I am glad it happens. It took


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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2017: Greetings and Fun
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How to make a nice greeting card looking specially great at smartphones? Try New  Greeting Card templates to put your special thoughts. Merry Xmas and New Year 2017!





More greetings here  #pgcat #pgcats #pgcatfamily #GingerandCake #memes #greetingcards #templates


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Greetings with Nice and Funny cats
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According to statistics the majority of people love holidays, the majority of Internet loves cats. Let me present you a new seria of greeting card templates, Wallpaper and ready-made texted greeting cards with funny cats:

Texted greetings in zip format:




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Strong source breaks stones
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That year is so significant to everything I am doing so it needs to make a kind of balance sheet to the previous tens of years. I was born with a vision and was developing it despite of vacuum and agressive pressure from outside. In my 14th y.o., 1986, I was drawing Windows World.

I felt it as a world full of windows and different dimentions which are linked to each others. The message was


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Seething Power
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Have you ever experience such a feeling as great river of power which was locked for a long time is seething, demanding to come into reality? Feeling yourself as a gate for new future, the source of new possibilities? I experienced this feeling from early age and I stiil have it right now.

My 14 years old pictures:

It is hard to be an open gate, having so much, withvision and still have to

The news is coming: ActiveBase Art Adventure
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This summer I was in my search of something unusual to make it a symbol of Yellow level of ActiveBase Art Spectrum. I was searching on the earth climbing on rocks, and in the sea, through heavy rains, storms and lack of internet. Just to remind it before I publish the results. Keep in touch!


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Paying respect to traditional technigues
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Hello everybody, while I am working to transfer all of mine includes studio and archives to my new place in Birmingham, I`ve found a lot of funny pictures made that year. About 60 of them is in traditional Chinese technigue Gongby. However each of them represents my wish to overcome limitations and set new boundaries:

ActiveBaseArt news: The Plan of development`s started
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 November 2016 at 04:32 PM No comments

Hello dear friends, eventually my big plan of ActiveBase Art development was accepted, all documents signed and now I am moving to Birmingham, UK, with all of the studio, datas, paintings etc. The great achievements of that year  includes Strange Object found far away in Ionian sea will be presented later. I bet you will be very surprised so keep in touch!



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