ActiveBase Art Official: a new office in a trendy place
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The new great office for ActiveBase Art and my mighty team of professionals settled and became fully operated. We`ve got quite a big space with water view in a trendy place called Custard Factory, Birmingham, the UK


Great space for my mighty team:


We have own library:


With a part of my tea sets collection:

Meditation and yoga space:

How to make Effective and Efficient ProjectWork
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Hello everybody, I`ve just started to participate one important Sustainable Development project in South Africa. I see passionate real doers who have power to make significant changes in the world.  I would like to make introduction how I do my project work and so you can learn something useful for yourself.

We all live in complicated world. People who tell you things are easy or offer you to

How to put things into right framework
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When we have something big to do, sometimes it`s complicated to dial with it. Especially in case we can`t change things if a mistake occures. So it needs right framework and right time.

Doing Corporate Lifecycle Art project in energies I found it needs to be done step by step. it needs an appropriate mood also.

How to feel energies if life around goes on in different way? This is not so rare

Adizes Corporate Lifecycle: Energies which Shape our Life
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All of our life we are influenced by natural powers. Invisible, indivertible it penetrate through our bodies as well as it shapes proceses in companies and societies. It make changes bases of natural rules and laws.

Should we deny it? It seems out of sense, the same as to deny gravitation and aging. Should we use it? Yes! As we know such forces we can use for progress the same way sailors

The first painting: movie in process
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Hello everybody, as it was planned I shoot all things I paint in order to make a film. Oh my god, how it is hard! I feel less freedom because I have to think about degree of camera, about hands in  the frame etc the same time as I paint. Sometimes I berely drop the camera onto the wet painting!

So my new gorillapod helps me a lot with different angles and positions. Two times I had fun to

Investigating Adizes Corporate LifeCycle: point0 +point 1
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Hello everybody, a couple words about Lifecycle Art project.
All paintings from the 2013 seria was made with the purposes to explain and educate people in simple way what is Lifecycle and how it changes features of visible situations from one point to another. That year I am focusing on Energies which represents the Lifecycle.
In my case painting is the language of knowledge and tool
The First of the 2014 year has finished! Great!
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Today I can claim the first painting of 2014 year and the first position in Adizes LifeCycle curve Art project has officially finished!

It was several new technigues to try and mix with my base innovative style, so the work was so interesting as a kind of investigations.

Now I am starting to paint the whole LifeCycle in Energy view and then to start with United Nations Millenium goals.


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Yesterday I started the new Coursera course Irrational Behaviour which made me deep sad because of naked truth which proves by all things I see around.

I see many things I am strongly against because it produces mass and chaos much more the right clear order.

Because they use a moment of personal power to ruin things much more beautiful and productive for many people.

Predators are acting

Adizes Corporate LifeCycle, Art Project-2013: The Last Point
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I described each part of Corporate Lifecycle last year except the  last point. The reason is normally people afraid of it, when they should be frightened by previous point, the Beaurocracy. Let`s have a glance why it happens and how.

From Beaurocracy   to the Death 

Nobody likes pain, disfunction, lack of capacity and the vision of the end. But in fact this is the description of the

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