Adizes Corporate LifeCycle, Art Project-2013: The Last Point
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 March 2014 at 11:29 PM

I described each part of Corporate Lifecycle last year except the  last point. The reason is normally people afraid of it, when they should be frightened by previous point, the Beaurocracy. Let`s have a glance why it happens and how.

From Beaurocracy   to the Death 

Nobody likes pain, disfunction, lack of capacity and the vision of the end. But in fact this is the description of the Beaurocracy point

The last point, the death seems as a something so unusual and strange people imagined much more then it really is. Just remember how a hell described in many religions so it becomes a kind of programming. That`s why it is not so easy to pay attention how to make the 9 point (Beaurocracy) shorter and prepare the 10th point (the Death) better way.

The point is how to finish a process better way. As we agree nothing could be immortal and every matherial thing governs by natural laws,to prepare to the end is the same important process as prepare to the beginning. Many common points and links are between that two positions of life. In right way it needs to meet Founders and the Idea together. At the beginning they starts to communicate to provide an Idea from ethernity to the real life. At the last point this is the link too, with another meaning.

To finish something in right way meant to remember how it was done. Sometimes in details, sometimes in general. What was really done?

At the beginning the picture is unclear. The way to implement an Idea in reality is painful sometimes. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of struggle. It can be traitory, anxiety, pleasures, strong emotions, calculations, new people, old people… All in one. Very well mixed coctail of squizzed time from the first glance. If you don`t afraid of it,  you can come closer to the answer.

In many meditative practices it calls "eye of storm".  Among chaos it will be a clear place with full understanding what was the idea in ideal world, what was it`s implementation. Right and wrong decisions reveals that way.

That time for a moment fears passes away. Then you feel freedom. From what? From fears and anxiety. No pain. No hurry. Everything has finished. Right or wrong it has happened.

That kind of freedom is the blessing the same way as clear vision a future project. That two points of the LifeCycle curve is the same.

Furthermore, when you feel such freedom and made everything done, the next visions became more clear.

That`s why good start doesn`t mean the same good result. But the ability to finish things right way, with final report to ourselve, means any future activity will be better then previous.

One glance to the Zero point (description is here ):

And now to the last point:

Everything happened. Relax. Gather your feelings. Report your result. Make a deep breath…

And be ready to start a new turn.





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