Ab Painting#8: Founder`s Dream
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 May 2013 at 01:06 PM

Ok, hello everybody, I`ve recovered and even made a secret plot during my illness, so now I should turn to the pleasant subject: How Our Dreams Starts. That painting represents zero stage of Dr.Adizes`s Lifecycle curve. Actually that stage is not represented on the curve but it is the base to everything else.

How our dreams comes? From what? To whom? What is the reason one could dreaming and then has a power to build the dream, and anothers just dreaming to whole life? Dream comes when we are relaxible, feeling good, in safe. Our internal screen of mind is empty and ready to mirror something from deepest subconsciousness. Something wants to be born by you will. We all starts from emptiness. Just be prepared to it and keep your mind clear, waiting, feeling, ready to be excited by something so new.

This is no differencies if you are stay at the beginning to be a founder of corporation, or a small company, or a founder of a new family, or a n artist dedicates life to make dreame visible. The same way meditation works. Feel relaxable, be in silence and then your personal Dream, the one brings your energy to overcome every obstacles - started to appear. Feel it. The treasure moment. Great ideas comes that way. Ideas to chenge the world, and ideas to change your life, the Source is the same. You will recognize it from simple dreaming by it`s energy and attractivity just for you. As you will feel it not clear, you feel it relativeness to your soul.

... So such dreaming is peaceful, charming and brings enegry. Try it. Life goes right way while we can dream.

...In my case dreaming comes to reality not one by one, but in a big company. I have to work in full concentration for many hours, see nothing, feel nothing except the Project Line, just having it`s birth right now. That`s why I like to think in a big project terms.

Dr.Ichak Adizes en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adizes  investigated many laws in Managemens, pointing it as more then just laws for companies, but for  families, groups and many others processes. So we can apply that tool to our benefits in many fields of our life.

Lifecycle curve by Dr.Ichak Adizes contains 17 points, you can see it on his site www.adizes.com/

Than LIfeCycle turns from Courtship (see it in my next painting). But the real start important to be noticed is Zero point, in which impossible comes to possible, and we are much more then we used to be before.

That point is sucred. That`s why I am not gong to show you how the painting growth step by step. Keep you own dreams the same way - just feel it in several strokes, feel it`s energy, with trust and respect, and then give it chance to be real

This is our human power in the border of divine power which creates future. Dreaming. To allow dreams be. And to ‘be patient to use it`s power.





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