2016 Gallery

Unidentified Stone Object (USO) Genuine Profile.
RAW format. Live report.

In summer 2015 during my art adventure in Ionian Sea, I had found a strange object inside a big rock like cube with 3-meter edge. I had to swim underwater and climb with just bare hands and feet to reach it. The rock was natural but the object inside seemed too much regular as if something artificial was melted into the rock at the times of mountain formation.
That time storms had prevented me from the detailed research, and in summer 2016 I was back and made photo, video and paintings in my Genuine Profile format: special canvas, salted sea water from that place, special color included particles charged with magnetic field which can be visible in X-rays.
Ideally the photo of USO should be projected to the painting.
Genuine Profile is my new art format which allows to transfer features of a real object on canvas to be the part of artistic idea.
It was hard work to make this painting because of wind, waves, sun drying acrylic based colors right on my brushes. In addition, the USO was situated inside a natural cleft of the rock with unpleasant angle so most of the time I moved very carefully and was afraid to lose my equipment or tools.
Especially to that case I invented new format: RAW format Art to catch the essence of live report from real event. That`s why I decided to keep folds on canvas and do not add another color to that series of paintings. Some of the lines made with regular acrylic, the shape of the USO`s cleft made with X-rays visible color. All lines of the painting is Genuine Profile of the Unknown Stone Object. In my philosophy, the discovery of USO in the natural rock is the symbol of human endeavors to create new ideas from chaos

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