Whatever you do - do it perfectly
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Sometimes looking hi-resolution TV or pictures of nature I think about perfection. Perfect beauty of nature is so penetrative, so clear and so powerful then we can recharge ourselves just observing it. The way rocks curving around waterfalls, the way shells became pink inside…

If you are a cat owner you can see how perfect  whiskers moves… Little things. Perfection of nature means our

China Adventure: TianTai Buddhist Temple-4
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Our memory is strange thing. Once it can be as clear as a good film. Another time it`s like a shadow of past. Then it seems like an index in file catalog marked with day and month. The same is with my memory about TianTai.

It was just 2 months ago but so many things happened so I realized the memory drown. It isn`t good because it save important things so I start to observe the best picture

Divine beauty
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Nature represents divine beauty  much more then anybody else. As long as natural places remains pure and safe we can see how math and ohysics represents by gentle curves and  shapes and rules… see divine rules by own eyes. It`s amazing.

Water in TianTai mountings changes it`s colour from transparent to cloudy, then to light jade and than to bright jade colour, the same as bamboo stems. It was

Fall in love with Green-Green
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Love is feeling associates with people. Butit makes broad minding as a main character so love could be with everything surrounds you. I fall in love with green, green bamboo and jade waters of TianTai mauntains. Such a divine beauty, so elegant, so perfect.

I could spent ages just starring how bamboo growth, how it rustles playing wth winds and how waterfalls caress my eyes with streams comed

China Adventure: TianTai Buddhist Temple-3
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TianTai Buddhist temple was one of the most impressive places I`ve ever seen. So fine shadows of green, gray, and shining of waters! I wished to stay here for a month, without any technical devices, just with my brushes.

That visit I dedicated to work, to shoot film and fotos, so I had no really meditative time being alone. Hopes it will be possible once in future! But I forced my mind to

China Adventure: TianTai Buddhist Temple-2
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TianTai Buddhist Temple forms a village around it includes hotels, fields and houses. I was told that temple and monastery has a considerable influence to the Chinese society because of it`s history and buddhist`s school. So it is a lot of piligrims in special days.

The picture above shows the central chancel: Buddha in the centre represents by two statues. The big gold represents the

China Adventure: TianTai Buddhist Temple-1
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My visit to China started TianTai mountings, one of the place Chinese Buddhism started. The first day of our visit we spent in the temple.

TianTai Temple is the beautiful complex with several buildings, from plases to rituals to places to pray and meditate, also it includes place monks live and garden. All buildings rounds by wall with small river along the front part of it. When we entered

Shanghai and Middle Autumn Festival
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Good day, friends, after about 10 days of silence I have to reveal what exactly happened in that period. First of all it was the full moon festival traditional for Asian countries names "The Middle-Autumn". It is special cakes for that day.

According to chinese legend Moon Fairy Chan-E lives on Moon with White  Rabbit who cook the Essense of longevity. So beautifully designed images of the

Hello from Shanghai!
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Hello friends, I am in Shanghai now, preparing to move to TianTai mountains tomorrow morning. The weather is so sweet then it is pleasant to shoot the film.

I am trying to be good with my camera, keep in mind screenplay of future film and bless my friends help me to be in wonderful places here.

The easiest way to post pictues is Instagram, it could publish it on my Facebook page although

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