Antifragile Approach: South Korea, and you own chance to attract attention
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Hello everybody, today one friend told me, he started to collect different PG cat`s, both Climate motivators, Wise motivators and Wallpapers the same way he collected baseball stickers in his childhood. Nice idea! I would like to mention, here it is the first place to publish the PG cat`s line about different nations.

The Wonderful wallpaper is below, get it!  All of the pictures will be

Antifragile Achievements: Dutch Great Experience
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Holland is the country with deep long history of sucessful struggle with unfavourable conditions and historically smart sustainable decisions. Having lack of land, they develop everything with modern technologies and now are at the edge of  revolutionary solutions.

That`s so impressive when the country with lack land and sun become a lider in clean energy. They are developing new technologies

Revolutionary solutions examples: Japanese floating solar power plants
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Every country has own achievements in Antifragil sustainable solutions. Undoubtfully, every step in that direction is important to keep the direction of changes and to encourage others to make own steps.

The information for that new generation Infographics was sent to me by my friends

Human mind is so powerful so we

Antifragile development:  density of Information in work
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What we are doing caring about Climate Change and new clean technologies? We are thinking about our future. There is no planet B or plan B. So young people are naturally connected with the subject. Our vital interest is to nourish new Green sustainable culture in safe soft way.

This is the best tool for it. The growing number of specially designed Climate Motivators for Instagram and social

Antifragile Sustainable Culture: use Climate Motivators
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Hello everybody, that`s something new for you: Climate Motivators. It allows more people to be involved in Climate actions and prepare new Sustainable culture in very soft, natural way. Cats are the chief pets to gain public attention in Internet, and cats are naturally sustainable creatures. So let`s delegate PG Cat to carry the message:

More are here

New Stage of the Catamaran: how to nourish Sustainable culture
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Hello dear friends, today I would like to present you the very new stage of my Catamaran project work. All of that are targeted to the development of human society to gain happy sustanable future in our age of changes. New sustainable culture is growing that way. New design, new solution, innovative multidisciplinary approach with modern Infographics.

PG Cat is the Right wing of

Antifragility: making Mind Maps
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Hello everybody, today I would like to point out the important instrument to every Antifragile project, from business to personal life. At the cutting edge of changes it is dangerously risky and fragile to think in one direction only. Our feelings and instincts don`t help and even work against. So everyone who want to gain own aims should try Mind Mapping.

Today it is a lot of perfect tools

Making steps forward: How to protect Authors and Investors
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Hello everybody, just to raise my head from the last stage of 1st step projectwork, and to separate future posts from the past, here it is some of my curren?t activities I can show. That`s too many. Too much. And I succeed it. This is the price of being innovators, the true price of true creation.

If somebody tell you, all things is simple, it could be different cases. First of all, check if

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