Making Unique: How Science and Art serve society
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Hello everybody, my posts was delayed because of too much project work I shoudn`t describe right now, so it needs a right order to tell about. For the beginning let`s talk about a particulat path in life. The pics are from my UK trip to play role of symbolical illusrtations.

You know, everyone prefer to be original, a unique creature. It works from our genetics: every human have a unique

My project is catamaran, Antifragile construction with double effect
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Hello everybody, just a couple words before the story about each painting in the project. As I am qualified to manage it, this is my personal duty to help the world to step in the new path for Antifragile future for all. That`s why I am doing Catamaran project, with one wing in Art and the second in public activity in soft way.

A catamaran  is a multihulled vessel consisting of two parallel

2015 Gallery`s opened!
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2015 Gallery`s opened!

clic the pic

The Process`s s started: Art Olympia International 2015, Climate Change and PG Cat
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Today is the right time to reveal the beginning of the new story which will lead to great changes perfectly reflecting our time. For that strategy I participated Art Olympia 2015 International Open Art Competition Paris (for all Artists outside of North and South America and Japan) with my official Statement and works designed especially for that case in Fabriary 2015:


My Artist`s

I am from Geek culture
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Obviously! Exectly!


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