The Process`s s started: Art Olympia International 2015, Climate Change and PG Cat
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 05 May 2015 at 02:45 AM

Today is the right time to reveal the beginning of the new story which will lead to great changes perfectly reflecting our time. For that strategy I participated Art Olympia 2015 International Open Art Competition Paris (for all Artists outside of North and South America and Japan) with my official Statement and works designed especially for that case in Fabriary 2015:


My Artist`s Statement:

We are living at the cutting edge of changes.  For the first time in history, human activities are changing the world in global scale. Big companies, governments, communities, cultures, local people and individuals - everyone faces the necessity of the transition from local to global interests. How it could be done? Now it`s time for new solutions! Time to integrate art and science in skillful, respectful collaboration and let them serve the global purposes together.

I am artist since I was 5 years old, also I am Master in Physics, Ph.D.Ecomony, have substantial experiences in business management same as volunteering in social projects.

I`ve developed a new concept of art which allows it to deepen it`s role in s human society. It is global aim,  which can serve for the sake of each country. It fits the UN Millenium development goals. With this power we can allow changes to progress in the most productive, sustainable way.
Two of my paintings was designes as the logical model of Universe: two subsystams, Objective and Subjective interferes with each others.
1 - The Big Picture- Climate Change and PG Cat
2 - The Small picture-PG Cat and ClimateChange
Look at the screen for my Artist Statement and the descriptions of the both of the paintings:

Just to note it briefly the first time, both are created in unusual technigue I developed to represent very new concept of information. (I`ll describe all the details a little bit later).

Now I am near to finish the majority of my innovations, prototyping it and then to collect all of relevant datas into the new direction of Arts as I wrote in my Statement. That`s my historical mission as others founders of new directions did. I am different from them just in one position: all I am doing have a good proved base by science approachs and a good moral position for constructive future in short and long run.

Just now I would like to show how collective subconsciousness work to write the screenplay of human history, and how we could read it by our possibilities.

Look at this. Confused Kitten, the new selebrity of Internet

It is just 8 months old and carry the same idea with the same face expression as my PG Cat. They both was born that Febriary. Confused by life changes PG Cat:

Our future is near.

We can read it. we can embodyment it the way we feel right. And the first people who do it became a historical figures, with names in history.

Historical forecast and back-casting, when we plan our future based on real today events and put our best efforts to make all we want to see, all we take as the right for us and our hairs.

Out-of-subject, subjective art is out-of-date, it lost it`s potential long ago. time to make historical changes for the sake of the best today and the best for tomorrow. Today it is the seeds I carry for the long years of my biography, years of education in science, business and arts, years of practice and communication, 16-hours per day work and insights.

I will make it spread to growth among young people who want changes, who have something new to say concerns the actual knowledge and life, trends, and to businessmen who have their ideas to be historically presented by arts in professional way, in good collaboration.

I want to make a new professional union between Arts, Science and Business to benefit with that new direction in arts every country.

That`s really important: by my global approach I always careDon`t attach me to the geography I am staying now, as well as to the country I was born by a chance.

Don`t apply to me sthereotypes and common roles. I am out all of it.

So now I have to say about things which is stable.

I am the person who cares about global process, I am a World Citizen accumulating the genetics by my body; education, soul search and mind set of East and West. Knowledge and meditation, religions and common sense, theory and pragmatic in practice. With all of my friends from all over the world.

And now, today I have the base to claim it clearly.

This is the way how true arts and Science works.

The process`ve started in official way. Stay with me and be the first who will benefit and win!





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