2010 Gallery: Energies

Physicists tell us that universe consists of matter and energy. For me energy is the most powerful one. Similar to force lines indicating the energy structure, black lining paints uncover and shape my initial idea, and colors create force cloud around it. This gallery shows what`s hidden!

Every creative person strives for a perfect realization of his or her ideas. For years I couldn`t picture what I saw, and lack of necessary and right technique is the reason. How could I picture the energy flow? How to show chaos and all that is behind chaos? How to give way to colors energy filling the space inside those force lines? How to visualize the true nature of what I want to express? Colors and power of idea have to impregnate my entire picture â? but how to implement it?

Conventional techniques using oil and acrylic colors didn`t fit, so I started to evaluate my own new one, at the same time looking for new materials and testing them. This process took me several years of continuous search, tests and experience. I felt like Edison inventing his first bulb. At the moment I can admit success of the new technique. Using it I can record energy flows and ideas online. In this gallery you`ll find imprints of the ideas, which came through my soul and hand out to the canvas.

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