2017 Gallery

Current Genuine Tree Profiles

Currently I am working on 10 ActiveBase Arts I started in August 2017 during my Corfu holidays. Two of them will move to Holland, another two will go to Corfu, Greece. Others are free of obligations at the moment.

Hidden Story of Unidentified Stone Object

In summer 2015 during my art adventure in Ionian Sea, I had found a strange object inside a big roc. In summer 2016 I was back and made photo, video and ActiveBase Art paintings in my Genuine Profile format: special canvas, salted sea water from that place, special color included particles charged with magnetic field which can be visible in X-rays.
Some of the lines made with regular acrylic, the shape of the USO`s cleft made with X-rays visible color. 2017 series of ActiveBase Arts was painted above GRP USO the way you should make own endeavours to realize what`s lines belong to USO, and what`s painted above. Of course, in X-rays the real USO GRP becomes visible, but you might find it exciting to use your mind as a kind of X-rays.

>>> More about USO GRP

Metaphorical Genuine Tree Profiles

This series describes transitional processes in general meaning and my own resent experience. In our times of drastical changes constantly happen in global scale it is crucial to learn how to separate natural stages of transitions in order to be proactive and quickly adopt for it. I encrypt that information in the lines of that series.

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