Annamain`s mission


My name is Anna Chudnovskaya. I am a passionate artist, scientist, writer, researcher; both handed, ambidextrous and all of my life I have been trying to deal with all of this. It means a kind of healthy balance with high level of productivity. As the result, in one field I am Earnest, and in other I am not so.

1 - I am Earnest

Being an Inter-disciplinary specialist I spent more then 15 years making synthesis with Natural science, Social science, Humanitarian Science, charity, business and Arts. My mission is to invent new art movement, with new philosophy and new artistic techniques designed for Information Age to harness challenges of turbulence times.
As the result I created ActiveBase Art Spectrum concept, philosophy and technique and have proven it with more then 120 ActiveBase Arts.

2- I am not so Earnest

Love and Humor are both important. They produce a kind of pure energy so I am trying to keep all of them in my work and in my life. Most of the time I live in Birmingham, UK, and summer I spend in Corfu, Greece.

Annaís CV is available to download here.

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