Sustainable Development

ActiveBase Art Exhibition
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Hot news: we are preparing my exhibition in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK, where I am going to have a lot of space and at least 6 months with project rotation. AS we are now in contact with great partners in collaboration about Green actions, my following projects will be quite diverse. 

Sustainable Development, Clean Energy: We support!
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Hello, dear friends!  ActiveBase Art Adventure have started and I am in search of something unusual to prototype Yellow level of ActiveBase Art Spectrum. During this we are working to support Sustainable Development Goals by our bright motivators and wallpapers:



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Happiness is pure energy. People in stress are loosing and people in happiness are gaining energy. This is the only criteria between right and wrong, especially in our fast changes times. 



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Nations approve historic global climate accord
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Representatives of 195 countries approved a landmark plan to combat climate change on 12 December.

Read more in Nature

Historical Climate Summit in Paris`s started
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Historiclal changes aren`t easy. They are just unevitable and reasonable. To make the transition in the most soft Antifragile way it needs to use every chance to attract people`s attention. Let`s do it!

More climate motivators

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Sustainable development: compare resources
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Numbers hide more then show sometimes. That`s why it needs to make right base to compare different issues, and pictures is one of the most powerful ways to do it.

We all are living in limited resources so it is the nesessity to build new culture about it to prevent waste.

Human beings: war between wild biology and genuine human brain
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 October 2015 at 12:03 PM No comments

Today we have the great problem: how to harness climate change and make our path to the better future. The bigger problem behind is how to use brilliant possibilities of human brain instead of wild biological evolution driving by food chains. Human should generate better decisions, but instead biolgical drivers are still the chief.

Biological drivers are simple. Food (money), sex and

Sustainable Development: Positive changes in Antifragile Way
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Density of information make significant changes without struggle. Subconsciousness Collective is changing by images much more then by words, because human are visual creatures. Simply sharing Climate motivators you can make that changes in Antifragile way, so people feel safe in climate actions and life choices. Go green, go solar, go smart.



Matched Wallpapers:



How we can make the world a better place by 2030
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We have all of the technologies to make the world better place today. The point is how to pass through ignorance and to turn on human minds, which now stuck in past century habits and life style. You can’t realize what`s your possibilities if you don’t know what they are. Share images and learn about SDG from TED talk

For more  images HERE  

The right decision is near,

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