Spring: the best time for Everyday Greetings with fun
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Spring is the best time to make Everyday Greetings, creating bridges between people. Everyday Greeting Templates with our Princess Ginger is the best to show your care, simpathy, humor, love, or to motivate youngsters (doughters). Put your words and let the picture do it`s positive impact, create social network, develop relationships in easy way:







Good Fortune Greetings to attract good luck for the whole year
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Lunar New year is not a single day. 2-4 weeks of new Year, till 10 of March, people make greetings with positive symbols to attract good fortune, health and wealth to the whole new year. Such a good  chance! Do it with our new seria of Lunar New Year Greeting Templates, build your social network, attract happiness of any kind! GreetingList




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Valentine`s Day: Brand New Greeting Templates
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Valentine`s Day reflects a wide spectrum of  feelings: sympathy, care, love, trust, respect. It is so vital to show we are caring about. As the majority of internet love cats, here there are 10 brand new Greeting Tamplates. Add your words, for example from LoveWords List , or use ready texted greetings:




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Art Investment: ActiveBase Art Infographics
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That year we have a lot of holidays all together, so it needs to make a bookmark to the serious things will be continued. All posts and subjects are connected. All of the matherials are working together within Catamaran Project, ActiveBase Art. No boring numbers, ActiveBaseArt Infographics#4:


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