Sustainability is wisdom, wisdom is sustainability
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If we ask ourselves, what is really sustainable things produced  by mankind, you can see: it is culture, wisdom carefully preserved in proverbs, arts. All of this things became stronger with time passing. Click the picture below:

Today I would like present you Chinese proverb about education: "Jade must be carved and polished before it becomes an ornament, man must be educated before he can

A Meeting with True Friends
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Hello everybody! While I am working on two project simultaneously it is so important to keep some moments of life which is so sweet. This is my meeting with friends.

Today the word "friend" is so frequently used, starting from Facebook and social network, so it is not so clear how to call our true friends. Definitely it needs a new words, close to "soulmates" with less sexy shade.

So, my true

2015 Happy wallpaper for Growth
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Hello everybody, today I would like to present you the second concepf of happiness: growth. Click the image to download:

Everything changes. All living processes aregoing in two directions, up and down. We are changing with time, having our aims gained and overcoming challenges on the roads we choose. Everything is in dynamics, even if we want to stabilize it, sometimes to freeze. So the most

2015 Happy Wallpaper
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Hello everybody! Do you know the meaning of red color in most human cultural all over the globe& it is the same:  from ancient times, red color recognized as color of life, joy, happiness, energy, new start. At the first several days of new year it is good to attach ourselves to it. Click the image below to download:

Here it is a new wallpaper, especially for Happy-New-Year period. Symbols of

Happy New Lunar Year! Be happy! Be Lucky! Be Healthy! Be Successful!
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Dear friends! My sincere greetings with New Lunar Year, with wishes of strong health, prosperity and good fortune for everyone! Be stable in your positions, sustainable in your aims and gain more in upcoming New ywar with Good Fortune!

Happiness anf Joy to you, your family, colleagues and friends!

... and the same in light modern style for youth and kids! smile

The best warm wishes to everyone!

The end of the Lunar Year: developing the Bridge
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Hello everybody, tomorrow will bw new Lunar Year and I am happy to confess, the projectwork is going on in good shedule. Such a relief! At the present stage I am ready to make transition to the new year with new levels of aims and gain all of it.

This is the feeling of spring, new ascendense, blossoming, so special to LUnar new year which calls Spring Festival. A little bit more and all

The end of the Lunar Year: creating the Bridge
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Helo everybody. Have you ever imagine how important are our calendar events? It make our 75-years long race divided into natural stages we could count and evaluate. It is important to do it t the end of each natural period to keep moving and get new level in aims to the next period. Now I am creating the Bridge from 2014 creation to 2015.

New level of technology. New level of filming. New

Happy Valentine Day! Updated :)
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Sending Love: Happy Valentine day for everyone!


Every day worth to send you love in any good way you choose.

#‎Valentine‬ ‪#‎Feelings‬ ‪#‎Cats‬ ‪#‎Greetings‬ #PGCat


Welcome New Lunar Year is Modern style, lol
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Dear friends, here it is Happy-New-Lunar-Year greetings in  modern style. Funny, lively, available in two versions (full and mobile), in two languages (English and China).

2015 Chinese New Year Best Wishes (Full version, English) by PG Cat  

For everyone who are in search of something fresh to have fun and make joy to your friends. And after all, for everyone who loves cats! smile

2015 Chinese

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