A Meeting with True Friends
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 25 February 2015 at 07:14 PM

Hello everybody! While I am working on two project simultaneously it is so important to keep some moments of life which is so sweet. This is my meeting with friends.

Today the word "friend" is so frequently used, starting from Facebook and social network, so it is not so clear how to call our true friends. Definitely it needs a new words, close to "soulmates" with less sexy shade.

So, my true friends have visited me resently. At the beginning we all concentrated in one place. Then one moved to China, Shanghai, I am flying  somewhere between UK, China, Greece and Moscow, and one of us is moving between scientific institute and field researchs, in forests. In such a moving life it is so rare moments when we can be together.

We are discussing some practical issues, philosophy things which is important to move the life on, our new experience It was so nice to drink togather Japanese tea calls "matcha", with some cakes and cheese!

We didn`t stop with Japanese tea and made some Chinese tea, everyone with special cup selected by themselves from my tea collection. Milk oolong tea and several others, and we was enjoying the special taste of our meeting here.

Such a nice things is so important. And so rare. It becomes a treasures.

Wish you to taste it in every detail!

Going to projectwork, being refreshed with this memory,







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