Root Gallery: Universes

Imagine Universe full of windows and portals to other worlds: universes of stone and ice, of powerful energies and soft fogs, universes of the lords and potentates who form and support new worlds codes with their power. In this gallery you`ll find these portals to other spaces and times.

It`s a very special gallery. I`ve started it in 1989. I was 18, it was rough time of total deficiency...It was impossible to purchase good paints and brushes, but also impossible to use bad ones. Even canvas were difficult to find but I felt I had to paint - despite everything!

One day my mom received pass for one occasion to get into the special artist`s store. It was a real paradise! I`ve got painter's case, oil colors, brushes (I`m keeping them until now). I still didn`t have canvas and found another solution: I used plywood covers for post packages, sawed plywood board into pieces. Even very small ones were put in production, and so this series started - my first real oil paintings, every with its own history. Now they became access codes as open as links in the Internet.

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