Happy New Year 2015!
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Dear friends,

today is the edge between last year and the new one. It shapes our experience into pieces so we can count it and remember clearly.

All things we was doing during last year form steps to the new one.

This time it is good to feel what was exciting and important last year. The same way to catch, what was the new steps we succesfully passed. And remember what efforts we did to

Sun above clouds
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Hello dear friends,

last several days was full of activities. The last days of a calendar year are not easy as everybody realize things wasn`t finished.

That days I was concentrated to the next stages until my filming program crushed and brings the result of hard day work to Neverlands, then my laptop stuck with something and I was unable to finish the second film.  After several hours of

Wish you the best! :)
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Dear friends, this is the edge of the year which marks with Christmas (if you celebrate it) or the European New Year celebration. This is an important milestones to segment our time into more effective and efficient way. It makes us in short and long run. This funny video represents something about it:

The message of the video is  the natural diversity of choices.

Starting from traditional

Three days before Xmas
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Hello dear friends, this is the edge of the year, which is the right moment to celebrate the good results from the pasing year and prepare to the new. Thinking in constructive way, a whole result of the year should be positive for everyone. We are alive despite of everything. It means, we can make a choice how to put our hopes and wishes onto reality, counting current changes. I always stay on

The first film - report about the Climate Change Project in general
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SWOT matrix and Climate Change project: the power together
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Hello everybody, itt seems this is the last post about the project in general. Last post I wrote about the logical structure of the project which is SWOT analysis  in form I developed during my professional science work. The point is, everything is in changes.

First of all, the best decision exists in every situation. Just people don`t care to check it. But having a good tool for express

Climate Change Project: the logical structure
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The logical structure of the project is important. It means, every painting works to be a thought provoking vision in order to support progress and found new ways and new smart decision. Thet`s why you can see here, in Section I, representation of SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis is much more powerful tool then in usual usage. About 7-8 years ago, during my professional Management career, I

Step by step and we are near the gate!
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Hello everybody! I want to express my deep gratitude for those friends who like my new Facebook page www.facebook.com/ActiveBaseArt

The difference between people who do things and other is not so big at the beginning. Just make small things for support, small steps which actually costs nothing but help the wheel of changes turns, overcoming inertia… this is the deeds which drive the world.

Facebook page: the next stage of ClimateChange project. Welcome!
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Hello everybody,  here it the next step of Climate Change Project: the Facebook page. I would be very appreciate you to like the page


I would like to know you more so you are welcome to be my Facebook  friends


Thank you for your attention and kind support which keeps me going. See you!

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