Step by step and we are near the gate!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 05 December 2014 at 12:22 PM

Hello everybody! I want to express my deep gratitude for those friends who like my new Facebook page

The difference between people who do things and other is not so big at the beginning. Just make small things for support, small steps which actually costs nothing but help the wheel of changes turns, overcoming inertia… this is the deeds which drive the world.

I remember everyone who do it that days, the first days. It is the real support to help to reach the first milestone in public activity.

Now I can concentrate to another nesessities and move things right.

The point is to support several branches which drive the project in total, in different ways.

The first film is a quick report what was done, the unique circumstances which can`t be repeated, that`s why everything in the ClimateChange Project in total belongs to the ubique period of human history.

The first 11 paintings forms the Section I represents facts of our history.  HUman race is still young, we are growing. And to grow in good health we need to touch the basics of our development. To recognize our child deseases and to evaluate it right way. The Keeling Curve shows how quick our devepolment is comparing with long history of the Earth.

Rising Carbon Empire represents how much we did raising from caves to space.

And the seed of future disasters, our today challenges. All is here, side effects which was ignoring and now became visible.

Although you can see a simple smooth line of Lifecycle in the books, the real lifecycle is full of challenges. it is not smooth. Adizes`s theory of development concerns what exectly happens durin development, normal and abnormal problems and how to avoid pathological.

This is the core idea: any development, any growth has own problems. It looks smooth just an abstract picture to make explanation simple. However the simplicity doesn`help us, it covers the fact everyone in every activity has challenges of development.

Knowing that idea we learn how to predict and overcome it.

This is so important to have right model, that`s why I put the right wing of the Lifecycle to that seria.

Next post I will continue the explanation, then it will be the first film and the next steps. Thank you for beibg with me, and don`t hesitate to like my Facebook page





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