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Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 December 2014 at 01:47 PM

Dear friends, this is the edge of the year which marks with Christmas (if you celebrate it) or the European New Year celebration. This is an important milestones to segment our time into more effective and efficient way. It makes us in short and long run. This funny video represents something about it:

The message of the video is  the natural diversity of choices.

Starting from traditional celebration which is one of the bones of human culture, it points on more modern interests and then becomes a celebration of dance. Just movement and dance. It seem as a wish to joy life itself  the most natural way we all have in our bodies: movement. Rhitmic movement is the base of life. Until we can do it, we are the living, active persons, who can overcome obstacles and make attempts to improve our lifes and put our ideas into reality. It shows, dance are good in good company also smile

In addition, as many people in Internet I love cats, and here it is the cat, as I see he is my collegue in filming. Funny! smile

This time, at the edge of past and future, I wish you the power from your internal sun, the best from all of the external sources available, and to nourish your personal power to joy. This is so important, to keep feeling of joy despite of all circumstances and all serious things. It drives our recovery.

So this is the wish to keep the essense of life and  to have a good company to it.

Dance Dance!  smile





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