Sun above clouds
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 December 2014 at 03:51 AM

Hello dear friends,

last several days was full of activities. The last days of a calendar year are not easy as everybody realize things wasn`t finished.

That days I was concentrated to the next stages until my filming program crushed and brings the result of hard day work to Neverlands, then my laptop stuck with something and I was unable to finish the second film.  After several hours of attempts I confess the situation happens and drop efforts to overcome it until my IT genius FreeCat be back to save it.

So I`ve realized, I have my plan with 29 videos with just 2,5 ready and I am deadly tired from all of this.

So I`ve got the point, this is the time to relief. This is my relief.

It will be two films about that fabulous part of Climate Change project I`d never publish before. The point is, that paintings was done… very special level of mastership and this is the first such a project in the world.

From the first glance you can get the fact, it was done on the open air, so what`s unusual?


Everything is unusual in that art work. This is the first NatureClose art work in the world and was done in Liapades bay, August 2014, with all video support includes underwater. It is important? Yes.

Everything aroun the story of a piece of Art, from circumstances to personality of an artist is important. In Arts the story of an object forms the position of the object in Art hierarchy. That`s why…

... the full story will be soon.

Right now I desire to make a breath and to cool my eyes and to keep my mind strong while I am deadly tired and have to do so much work which nobody could do instead of my. That`s why I don`t allow myself to paint in order to save the special mind set to program films correctly, although I hate it somtimes, it is effective and efficient. All I have to do is to keep my feelings secure and just to have a glance how sun is shining above clouds and such a brigh inspiring world I will touch right after I do all nesessity technical solutions and final products.

I wish you to have your own Sun above Clouds to keep your mind and soul in times you need to work hard in order to gain your aims.

Thank you for being with me! Will see you once more before 2014 pass.








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