Happy New 2014 Year!
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Dear friends!

Today is the last day of 2013 year. How do you feel it?

Next day will be the rare conjunction of the first Solar month day and the first Lunar month day. So this is the best time to make wishes!

I want to congratulate you with New 2014 year and wish you to be healthy, with strong good family, with best friends and soulmates!

About surrounding I wish you to turn all changes to

Life stream
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Dear friends! When we live our life we are in the stream. Sometimes it is not so easy to make a break and realise what exactly is going on and what is the period of LifeCycle we are passing.

In real life we have no possibilities to stop, sometimes no chance to have a break, even to make a pause. So what we can do?

That moment we need to understand so the only way to do it is to have a glance

Merry X-mas! :)
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Whatever you do - do it perfectly
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Sometimes looking hi-resolution TV or pictures of nature I think about perfection. Perfect beauty of nature is so penetrative, so clear and so powerful then we can recharge ourselves just observing it. The way rocks curving around waterfalls, the way shells became pink inside…

If you are a cat owner you can see how perfect  whiskers moves… Little things. Perfection of nature means our

#9 Point of Corporate Lifecycle: the Bureacracy point
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Hello friends, Today I would like to present you "Bureacracy point"  painting

Transition from   to   Is easy.

When I investigated inner space of human fears it was a special one presented in many horrible movies.
It includes several typical characters represents in all human sosieties as an Archetypes.
Living mummies. Ghosts.Zombie.
The worstn nightmares I used saw.
It was an interesting
#8 Point of Corporate Lifecycle: Salem-city
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Hello friends,

Today I would like to present you "Salem-city" painting.

It was no problem to imagine it because such point of Lifecycle used to be a big part of life in previous times and it remains for today in several organizations. It seems sometimes Salem-city starts before Aristocracy comes to exists. I observed it as the back side of Aristocracy on the lower positions of
Joy & Happiness
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I worked hard in Saturday and Sunday, and most part of the night having several great ideas to try. So today I slept about 4 hours, the weather was sucks and I desided to visit a huge spa complex for thermal relaxing. It was so goooood!!!

So drastic contrast between snowy-wety streets, dark sky (actually darkness without sky) and deep blue waters of the spa complex!

A brought my small camera

Art Project “Adizes Corporate LifeCycle”: going to the film
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Hello everybody, Anna is here to update her blog! Oh my god, I didn`t make new posts that week! Too many things to do, too much to learn! Now I feel a little bit free finished "Stable Point" painting, the most complicated. So now I put my mind in charge to think about the films I want to make.

I realized many things I want to tell about by movie. A short ones, of course. But I want to make it

The sunset: Aristocracy point of the LifeCycle
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Hello friends! Several words about next painting! When I started to visualize Lifecycle points in simple style with human figures I had the target to pay attention to the dramatic transitions between life points.

From leadership acting in Prime   to the superior position in Stable     

the transition to Aristocracy is dramatic


Painting energy will be later, it will be correct to the
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