Art Project “Adizes Corporate LifeCycle”: going to the film
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 December 2013 at 06:26 PM

Hello everybody, Anna is here to update her blog! Oh my god, I didn`t make new posts that week! Too many things to do, too much to learn! Now I feel a little bit free finished "Stable Point" painting, the most complicated. So now I put my mind in charge to think about the films I want to make.

I realized many things I want to tell about by movie. A short ones, of course. But I want to make it work for people see it.

So it will be not just a movie about how paintings was done. I desode to put another content inside that task. The same content which allows me to put together the best ideas change the  world, visual thinking and learning process. This is the philosophy behind my activity. Not just a peace of art - but Art and Knowledge which plays roles for the sake of people observe it.

So it takes time. I am sure to create several movies and present it in 2014, in January. So many things to tell about, so many possibilities. So I force myself to think about several projects simultaneously using internal possibilities of human brain to calculate several streams of information in sunconsciousness with controle of the mind. Now several movie projects become more clear. However I have to think about more to cut out unnesassary details and alow important details to be clear.

So now I collect 7 main projects in one book to control the process and to write ideas immideately it comes to me.

Sure it will be soon! Thank you for being with me!






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