World Culture Pro: Antifragility in proverbs
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In our times of changes everyone needs reminders to prove your choice. We live in the world of information put into pictures, so here it is several Antifragile Infographics:


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Projects require a lot of work. Let`s add some fun!
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OK, I am in Birmingham full with project work. That time it`s great to have some mind relax with humor and to share it among collegues:


Lots of PG cat`s MEME TEMPLATES for your own emotions and thoughts

View from the high dark sky
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So many things looks different in night time. I am just from airplan, look how Heatrow airport (London) looks from 700 metres above:

It looks like a galaxy with stars among stars in deep blue and violet shadows. So amazing, so poetic.

Sustainable development: compare resources
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Numbers hide more then show sometimes. That`s why it needs to make right base to compare different issues, and pictures is one of the most powerful ways to do it.

We all are living in limited resources so it is the nesessity to build new culture about it to prevent waste.

Hard times require extra-attention and own Antifragile strategy
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We are witnessing how the world boiling. Social institutes in old forms are under the pressure of changes. That time extra-attention became your own duty. It means to save things you believe and to develop better world, keeping own Antifragile strategy. Three universal basics for it:


Meme templates to say what you really want

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Winter`s coming, let`s have some Antifragile fun
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Antifragility growth from our body and mind set. To gain power to make changes it needs to pay attention to our wild nature. Memes with cats remind it.  In fact, cats are the new hero of our times, so everything you  want to say gains more attention with cats, especially with that special one, modern, funny, creative:


More PG Cat`s meme templates for your own thoughts   


Art Investment: Unique Personal Experience Fingerprints
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Today many people base their works just on photos from Internet, using printing or projections and paint something above. Spoiled by cheap production and so financial success by PR, too many stuck in trivial copy-cutting. Despite of that, in art investment still one the most important positions for estimate is the biography, unique personal experience of an artist.

The differences between

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