Lunar (Chinese) New Year: make greetings, get social network attention
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Lunar (Chinese) New Year is near.  PG Cat`s Special Greeting templates are ready to build your social network. Add greetings of Health, Welth and Good Fortune from our List and send it to friends within 15 days 8-23 of February to gain good fortune in the Year of Monkey! ActiveBaseArt Infographics will be continued after the holidays.





Special Greetings with love
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Let`s prepare for upcoming Valentine day. New seria of Greetings with funny cats carries love message. Pure energy of love flows around, making people happy and shining. Add you text, for example from LoveWords List and send to your special!



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Want to gain success? Take funny relax!
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It is scientifically proved, cats bring us feeling of relaxation and joy. That`s why the majority of Internet love cats. For a small break between  ActiveBase Infographics  welcome to Nice&Wise Everyday Greeting Card templates. Add a couple of simple words, without any reason, for example from Love Words List send to a nice person and you will be rewarded smile





Art Investment: 2015 Catamaran Project as XXI century new Art movement
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Hello everybody, my birthday will be in a few days so here it is the results of the year: Catamaran Project. The main purpose is to support positive changes, to manage it in constructive way in global scale and create new possibilities. Let`s see the Infographics:

ArtInvestment articles: Keep in touch, stay with me, win with me!

Art Investment: UNESCO financial analysis Infographic
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Speaking about social progress we have to pay attention to numbers, especially in financial flow. Creativity is not just a hobby for strange people, it is one of the driving forces behind everyday life, generating resources. Here it is financial analysis in general by UNESCO:

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