World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-2
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 July 2015 at 03:51 PM No comments

Hello everybody, today I am glad to continue share of wonderful results of cross-cultural approach. Similarities between so distand cultures is so amazing so we can literary touch the essense of Antifragility which is the core of every culture.

China is the great source of core ideas which formed  the whole East region.  Greek civilization is the core of European mentality.


Pope Francis: The Encyclical video and the influence to the world, part 12
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Hello everybody, today our black monday with new PG Cat`s motivator about "Pope Francis: the Encyclical" video and it`s influence to the world. Our question for today is why religions are so important, even for atheists. Let`s discover it.

The scientific reseachs show why people have so great struggle between right behaviour and the another one, which is more pleasant, easy and causes so many

World Culture pro: similarities between China and Greece-1
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Hello everybody, while I am doing my Climate Change prototypes, I founded about 150 Greek proverbs for Pg Cat`s World Culture project. I was wondered founding the same proverbs in Chinese and Greek culture:

Chinese proverb is the same:

The point is, some ideas in general format are rooted deeply in our common subconsciousness collective.

Climate Change project in progress: moving to Corfu, Greece
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To make some light colors to the line of "Pope Francis: The Encyclical" motivators here it is something new. I and PG Cat are moving to Corfu, Greece. I will be doing some researchs, prototypes and special paintings, and PG Cat will be glad to meet his friends in Liapades Bay.

Everything`s going on and on in good speed, planes to investments and more Climate activities is structurising well

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